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Admissions is going strong this fall!

We are enjoying the beautiful crisp air, the changing aspens, and a full class to start on September 28th! It’s now time to start focusing on our last class of the year. We are offering one more 1 week systems course starting October 26th – October 30th, 2009. This course is for experienced household managers and personal assistants who want to bring the Starkey software into their Principal’s estates. If you are interested in more information, please contact me at your earliest convenience as these seats are filling up quickly!


Donald Jardine



5 Weeks to Go!

5 weeks to go! The countdown has begun and we are thrilled, energized, and optimistic about the future here at Starkey International Institute. Our classes our filling up quickly, both in Denver and Washington DC. If you have ever thought about starting a new career as a Certified Household Manager, there is no better time than right now to come on board! We have clients who are actively searching our Starkey Graduate database to choose the right graduate for their home! Our clients choose us because Starkey International Institute delivers ‘service as an expertise’.

Donald Jardine


Dear Graduates and Friends

Julie and JuliaI recently went to the newly released movie featuring the life of Julia Child, Julie & Julia!  For those of us who have ever had a dream, and struggled many years to achieve it, it was downright inspirational!  I loved it.  It’s important not to take one’s self too seriously, but after 30 years in Private Service and now achieving age 60, it’s hard not to take some time on the subject.  What I saw in the movie was an ambitious young woman, seeking to find her gift in life.  Ultimately she found her calling writing about cooking with the great and very humorous Julia Child as her muse.   I decided right then and there that while I have written many texts and manuals in the field of my passion, Household Management and Service, I have not often written from my heart.  To that end, I am beginning today to do so.  I hope you like what you read, and will respond if you feel inspired to do so!


Housekeeping Made to Standard

Starkey International has taken years to fine tune our approach to Housekeeping and Housekeeping Standards.  One of the basic requirements of setting up a  housekeeping system is that it must be successful in every environment and it must be to your standard!  The Secret is it must also be time oriented.  To accomplish this, we have developed baselines for each of our ten Standard Categories. Our housekeeping baseline is:

It takes 4 hours to clean 2,000 square feet to average standards.  A higher rate of Housekeeping Standards requires more time.


Cooking Smart for the Private Chef

By former Presidential Chef Bill Althoff

Did you know that as a baseline it takes 2 hours to prep, prepare, serve, and clean up one average meal for 4 persons?

Excerpt Original Guide to Private Service Management, Starkey International

 The Super Grain

Perhaps many in the world have never heard of the grain—Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah).  Farmed for thousands of years it is the grain of the pitseed plant grown in the Andes Mountains since the Inca civilization.  It is known as the super grain of today.  You can find it at your local grocers in the rice and cous cous section of the store.  It cooks similar to the way rice does,  it is recommended you do not rinse it.  I like to cook it with chicken broth instead of water. You can season it with a wide variety of spices, I like to add saffron or my favorite is to cook it until it is almost ready and add my favorite sautéed vegetable in the pot. 

So if you haven’t heard of Quinoa, try it.  It pleases all palettes, it is gluten free, meat free and tastes great.



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