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The Midwest Book Review

The Midwest Book Review Watch Review April 2009 Issue Selects “Reviewer’s Choice:”  Mrs. Starkey’s Original Guide to Private Service Management.

Established in 1976, the Midwest Book Review publishes the following monthly book publications specifically designed for community and academic librarians, booksellers, and the general reading public



Looking for Tuition Dollars?  Scared about the economy?  We here at Starkey are here to help.  We have secured some private lending institutions who are familiar with Starkey’s reputation in the industry and were excited for an opportunity to assist our students.  Also with the new year comes the new MGIB and its benefits for our military students.  As always we continue to work with Vocational Rehabilitation.  Looking for scholarships or grants…..check out  Once your profile is established, will email you on a weekly basis on scholarships available to you, deadlines for applications, and the amount of funding provided.

It is important for every student to exhaust every resource available to each of you. For any help on the resources available to you, please contact the Admissions Department at 303.832.5510 or 303.994.7407



Education 2009

January 2009 classes are underway and we are pleased to be back in the Classroom.  The first class of the year was a patented Systems Course for Household Management.  Students were from all over the country, from Estate Managers to Enlisted Aides for the top ranking general officers of our Military.   As instructors,  it is always gratifying to have highly motivated and professional students absorbing the Service Management Model.  Our classes were intense with students bringing their thoughts to the marketplace of ideas.  From crafting a Service Vision to mastering zoning the physical structures we can truly say they “got it.”   We believe the students left at the end of the week with a new direction and will be able to begin the process of organizing their environments.  A saying to live by is  “Don’t Agonize—Organize!”


Discussion of the Week, Feb 1 - Feb 5, 2010

We’ve recently started a discussion of the week with Class 109 and we would like to invite you to join the discussion!


Are morals and ethics societal based (rooted in society)?  Are values based on personal or cultural/societal influences?

Class 109 Replies:


Starkey Connections

At Starkey we are committed to our students and graduates, and the ability to network and resource with each other.  Therefore, as part of our commitment, if you are interested in connecting with other graduates within your city, state, geographic location, and or country, please contact us.

In addition, we will be reaching out to the members of our community as part of our newly formalized Mentorship Program.  Starting with class 102 (graduation is March 6, 2009) we will introduce our recent graduates to seasoned professionals in the industry.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Admissions or Education at Starkey International.


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