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Mr. Matthew Gilchrist

Matthew GilchristDirector of Information Technologies

Matthew Gilchrist was born in Texas moving to Colorado in 2008. As the son of two retired school teachers, he was raised with the discipline and structure to soon Graduate from Regis University with a degree in computer science. Matthew brings 14 years of experience designing and supporting IT systems by leveraging a balance of proven technical skills, practiced leadership, and a passion for IT, all with an artist’s eye for excellence.

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Mr. Dale Eiden

Mr. Dale EidenExecutive Chef and Private Service Training Instructor

Born in Evanston, Ill. to a large family, Mr. Eiden began cooking at the age of 16. He was considered the cook of the family as he took over the preparation of holiday meals for his mother, a devoted German cook. Mr. Eiden attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, graduating in 1975. He has enjoyed a long storied career in the culinary world highlighted by owning the well-known Greenbriar Restaurant for 17 years. He began sharing his deep knowledge of food and service in 2003 through teaching. Chef Eiden brings a thoughtful, science based, culinary expertise and a hands-on well-honed entertaining teaching style to Starkey International Institute and its students. His passion is motivating students to be the “best of the best”!

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Ms. Juliet Xu

Ms. Juliet XuStarkey China Representative / Private Service Training Instructor

CHM / B.S. in Chemistry

Ms. Xu is proficient in both English and Mandarin.

Ms. Xu has been consulting and educating about the Starkey International Institute and our Private Service educational curriculums since the year 2000.  She has focused her efforts in high end hospitality and residential community developments for wealth in China.  She is a Starkey Certified Household Manager and a regular instructor for Starkey in China.



Ms. Helga Day

Private Service Training Instructor

Ms. Helga DayHelga Day has been with Starkey International® since 1983. She began as a member of Mrs. Starkey’s Housekeeping team, keeping both private clients and Mrs. Starkey in order! She grew and prospered within the Starkey organization and educational institute to become its fine linen and valet care expert. You will find Ms. Day at all formal dinners monitoring the table linen, and also educating Starkey students in the decorative art of floral design. Born in Berlin, Germany, Ms. Day has a rich background in hospitality both in Berlin and at Denver’s prestigious Brown Palace Hotel. For the past 26 years she has continued to bring the old-world knowledge of caring for very fine things.

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