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Quality of Instruction

Starkey's Quality EducationOver many years Starkey has learned what it takes to actually put together a high quality of Private Service education.  It’s a grand puzzle.   Educators must have a high level of service management in their backgrounds and have specialized and proven abilities in at least three of the primary areas of service including: Administration, Housekeeping, Culinary, Clothing, Entertaining and Personal Care.  In addition, there must be adjunct educators in Property and Grounds, Maintenance, Transportation and Travel, and Safety and Protection.  Starkey has chosen two 30 year veteran service experts to lead its educational programs, including one with diplomatic presidential household and culinary service in their background and the other with a five star housekeeping and personal care expertise.  In addition, we have identified twenty adjunct educators and presenters to complete our curriculum of experts.  Our full time Personal Statement educator has a Master’s Degree in Industrial /Organizational Psychology and Career Counseling.  The facility must be appropriate for Private Service; our culinary support, classrooms, and computers must support the students.  The financing must be in place to serve our potential students, and our educational text books and service management tools must be seasoned and correct.   Our residential housing must support the student’s quality of life so that they might succeed.  Finally, our availability of positions and the type of positions must be appropriate for our level and the ability of our Graduates, both new and seasoned.  Our placements must be successful, fulfilling, and long lasting!   It has only taken us 30 years to get it right!


New Milestone in Private Service

The Relationship of ServiceService Management as a career path has entered a wider and more sophisticated range of possibilities in recent years.  From an educational perspective, many within the hospitality and hotel sector have voiced that “we have created the best of the best in physical environments, but only have begun to broach the real education of our service providers.”   We have reached the ceiling in our service management educational abilities, and are now seeking new, revolutionary educational offerings to teach us what “The Relationship of Service” really is.  What must be put into place to accomplish “Genuine Service Relationships” that will consistently meet and exceed the needs of our Guests?

Starkey’s cutting edge expertise is much needed throughout the Hospitality and Private Service industry.  Starkey’s new and highly progressive, 255-hour, 4 week Service Management Program focuses on sharing what Starkey has developed over the last thirty years with serving the High-Net Worth world and our seasoned Relationship of Service skill.  Service must become “Service as an Expertise”!  This is essential knowledge for all those seeking to make a difference in the hospitality profession and quickly rise to the top.  This is essential new knowledge for General Managers of Boutique Hotels and Private Clubs and for all those working directly with Guests, including Concierges in hotels and those within the growing Senior Service Residential Communities, and of course for technically centered Butlers who serve the high-net-worth.  This proven knowledge provides the missing service management expertise within the hospitality Profession.


The Starkey Capstone Course

Starkey Correspondence CourseIn 1994, just four years into educating about Household Management, Starkey realized that their Household Service Management course was primarily technical skills-centered.  The “management” in Household Management was missing!  For the next several years, in cooperation with each Student Program, Veteran Butlers, and Estate Managers - and with our Employer Clients from around the world – Starkey announced the inception of The Starkey Service Management System.  The “System” was fine-tuned and ultimately tested by the U.S. Air Force Enlisted Aides serving their Generals and with our many employer clients and their Household Managers over the years.  It was finally patented in 1997 both domestically and abroad.  In 2009 the “System” was integrated into a sophisticated and multi-dimensional software program, StarkeyHQ Service Management Software.  This Service Management “System” is the capstone of all of Starkey’s Service Management courses.  This Patented Management System for creates and manages the highest standards of Service in all required areas for any service environment:  residence, estate, private villa, resort, cub, lodge, yacht, or jet.


Service Management Styles

Unique Service StyleAll Potential Students who are called to the Private Service Profession as a Career Path come with different skill sets and unique personalities appropriate for service.  As a result, Starkey developed an innovative process called the Personal Statement Exercise, now included in each of our in-house course curriculum to help Students identify their individual “Service Style.”  This in-depth process contains a variety of personality assessments, technical skill indicators (including Starkey’s Technical Skills Qualifier), classroom exercises with peers, introspective writing, several interactions with our placement team, and exercises in improving interviewing skills.   At the end of the Personal Statement Exercise you will know your Style of Service and the most appropriate position for you.  You might begin the process of identifying your Service Style by asking yourself the following questions:

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