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Career Opportunities for Starkey Graduates

What to Expect as You Begin Your Career

Personal ChefStarkey Certified Graduates can typically expect annual salaries between $50,000 and $130,000, plus benefits and housing depending upon experience and education. Entry-level salaries will depend upon individual backgrounds and salary histories. Graduates from the Certified Manager’s Program can expect beginning salaries from $50,000 plus benefits and housing depending experience and education. Couples can typically expect shared entry-level salaries in excess of $100,000. Additional benefits may include health insurance, separate housing, and various other perks such as a 401K plan, travel expenses and use of a household automobile. The most likely Employers of Estate and Household Managers are high net-worth, multi-home estate owners. These Employers include busy entrepreneurs, CEOs, Public Officials, and those from the Private Investment world and Retired Billionaries. For the Butler-style Household Manager positions are available in luxury hotels and residential retirement communities.

The Day in the Life of the Estate and Household Manager, Personal Assistant, or Hotel Butler is varied according to title, style of service, geographic location, and employment position.


Technical Skills Self-Assessment

The following is a Technical Skills Self–Assessment Matrix. This Matrix will be discussed in various formats during the course of the four and eight week programs.

Taking the service standards listed on the left side, please evaluate yourself on a scale of one to ten (one being low ability and ten being high ability). This form is a self-assessment tool to determine where you see your present skills now, and then you will re-assess the same skills at the end of the program.

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Employment Assistance for Graduates

Starkey Employment AssistanceStarkey and Associates, Inc., the sister company to Starkey International, has set the standard in the Private Service Management placement industry since 1981. Assistance and placement information and ongoing placement opportunities are available at no cost to all alumni in good standing.

As a matter of professional ethics, Starkey International cannot and does not guarantee placement to any graduate, nor will Starkey solicit placement opportunities for Employer-sponsored or active military students.

Our Placement Department is committed to finding the right and rewarding employment opportunity for each Certified Graduate. Starkey’s “criteria” for placement is based on a mutual evaluation and matching process of the position requirements and Employer’s values, matched with the personal characteristics and technical skills of the Graduate.


Pre-Admissions Inquiry Release

This form must be signed by a Notary and mailed or faxed to Starkey International.

In connection with my application for enrollment in the Starkey International Institute for Household Management, Inc. (SII), I understand that investigative background inquiries are to be made on myself including, but not limited to, personal interviews with my neighbors, friends, previous employers and acquaintances. Further, I understand that you will be requesting information from various Federal, State, and other agencies that maintain records concerning my past activities and may access information relating to my credit, criminal, driving, civil, worker’s compensation and other experiences. These reports may include information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, reliability, and education (including school transcripts).
I authorize, without reservation, any party or agency contracted by SII to furnish the above-mentioned information. I hereby consent to your obtaining the above information from any licensed agents or services. I understand to aid in the proper identification of my files or records the following information is necessary.

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