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Financial Planning and Assistance

When planning for education, a student’s key concerns are the timing, placement opportunities, and overall cost of the program. We strive to keep the program as affordable as possible, while providing the best Private Service education available anywhere. All financial questions can be discussed in detail with our Admissions Director.


Government Programs: Grants/Scholarships

Students may be eligible for financial assistance through Unemployment Benefits or Vocational Rehabilitation. Students may also be eligible for funding under the G.I. Bill through Veterans' Affairs Program. The Colorado State Approving Agency approves Starkey International for Veterans Education and Training.


Payment of Tuition

Flower ArrangementWe will make every effort to support you in obtaining the necessary funds to receive training for your career choice in Private Service Management. Each student should plan to put away at least three months’ living allowance to accommodate eight-week programs and at least two month’s allowance to accommodate four-week programs. Full curriculum tuition and Starkey residential on-site housing costs are due and payable 21 business days prior to the start date. When students reserve a place to live onsite at the Starkey Mansion, the fee for this housing is not refundable. Refund Policy for tuition is state-regulated and listed later in this catalog. 

There are three basic ways a student may pay for their educational expenses:


Housing, Food, Transportation and Attire

Housing considerations are made separately from enrollment decisions. The Denver-based Starkey Mansion is a 1901 Historic Georgian residence. Spacious bedrooms occupy the second floor of the Mansion and have built-in closets and well-appointed baths. These beautiful suites are available to ten live-in students on a first-come, first-served basis. For off-site housing please contact the Admissions Department for suggestions. Students interested in living at the Mansion should reserve space by remitting a non-refundable deposit well in advance of expected class start date. As a part of the educational experience, all students are expected to participate in the preparation of meals and the care of the house on a rotating schedule.


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