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The Starkey Capstone Course

Starkey Correspondence CourseIn 1994, just four years into educating about Household Management, Starkey realized that their Household Service Management course was primarily technical skills-centered.  The “management” in Household Management was missing!  For the next several years, in cooperation with each Student Program, Veteran Butlers, and Estate Managers - and with our Employer Clients from around the world – Starkey announced the inception of The Starkey Service Management System.  The “System” was fine-tuned and ultimately tested by the U.S. Air Force Enlisted Aides serving their Generals and with our many employer clients and their Household Managers over the years.  It was finally patented in 1997 both domestically and abroad.  In 2009 the “System” was integrated into a sophisticated and multi-dimensional software program, StarkeyHQ Service Management Software.  This Service Management “System” is the capstone of all of Starkey’s Service Management courses.  This Patented Management System for creates and manages the highest standards of Service in all required areas for any service environment:  residence, estate, private villa, resort, cub, lodge, yacht, or jet.

Starkey’s 40-hour, 5-day Service Management “System” and StarkeyHQ© Software Program highlights Starkey’s patented Facilities Management System.  It is designed for veteran Household and Estate Managers and Family Office Concierge providers interested in knowing how to develop and customize a service management plan and utilize the management tools for service.  Starkey’s Service Management Software is invaluable for identifying and tracking Client or Guest Expectations in the Service Marketplace and in the Household Management profession. It presents all the management tools essential to Service Management.  This course is uniquely offered now at our Starkey campus and as a Correspondence Course!


The Starkey “System”:

  • Provides a working foundation for identifying and meeting unique service expectations.
  • Introduces Service Management Terminology and Household processes.
  • Provides essential Service Management Tools for Managing Service Expectations.
  • Organizes and upholds unique Service Standards and Expectations on a Daily Basis.
  • Offers a Daily Calendar and Staff Schedules and Housekeeping Tasks.
  • Organizes Entertaining Events
  • Tracks Inventory, Expenses, and Collectibles.
  • Customizes a Service Management Plan.