Top Standards

Personal Care



I was born and raised in Central Wisconsin, the youngest of six children. My father was a physician,
my mother a nurse. I had a privileged upbringing; however, my parents were very strict, teaching us
kids a strong work ethic. As soon as we kids were old enough to pick up a rake or a dust cloth, we
were put to work around our own home. There was no gratuitous weekly allowance for us; we had to
earn our desserts, and along the way we learned independence, self-respect, and to notice and respect
others’ hard work and integrity.
My professional background can be broken in to three separate careers: the first was in advertising,
the second was in food & beverage/hospitality management, and the third is in private service. I
worked in high-profile advertising media planning for 8 years. Though I excelled advertising, I did
not find the work satisfying. It was strictly numbers-crunching and terribly impersonal. Much good
came from it, though—agency work taught me about corporate communication and social polish.
A career counselor helped me see that hospitality was my calling. I enrolled in
hotel/restaurant/culinary school to prepare me for a new career. After two years of training, I spent
13 years working in different venues—hotels, resorts, country clubs, and even movie studios—
learning different business models of hospitality. This vocation fit me much better than advertising;
however, I still wanted to employ my skills in a more personal environment—namely, private
One can see that I have worked in several different private service positions. No two household are
alike, yet each situation in which I have worked has been an invaluable learning experience. I now
truly do what I love.
Enjoying work is one thing, but is my work/management style effective? I believe it is. I am not a
clock-watcher and take no issue with getting my hands dirty. I have done it all—cleaning gutters and
kennels, digging irrigation ditches, pressure washing hardscapes, deep cleaning kitchen appliances,
snaking clogged drains, you name it. No task is beneath me. That said, I never ask anyone to perform
a task that I have not done myself. Lead by example.
I try to learn as much about each facet of house management, be it wardrobe maintenance, plumbing,
or landscape services. It gives me an opportunity as a manager to find opportunities to improve
productivity and to determine if staff and vendors—are working at optimal levels.
Still, work ethic and technical knowledge are moot points if I don’t possess the communication and
organization skills to effectively lead. I firmly believe in written communication, creating manuals
for maintenance scheduling and for daily weekly procedural tasks. Properly composed,
unambiguously worded manuals establish expectations. Manuals, coupled with in-person training,
daily briefings, and QA follow-through are key to ensuring a happy routine for homeowners and
providers alike.
My colleagues tell me I organize to a fault. I alphabetize spice racks, and organize clothing using the

R-O-Y-G-B-I-V color coding. I assign cleaning cloths by color—right down the line. It is simply in
my nature to find a place for everything, and to put everything in its place.
Finally, I pride myself on being an easy person with whom to work. A positive attitude makes all the
difference, and as a manager, I believe it imperative to create an environment in which staff looks
forward to coming to work. Respect staff. Respect vendors. Make all involved understand the
importance of their work. Allow them to contribute ideas. When I come to a new property, I don’t
impose a pre-conceived agenda. I take the time to learn the history of the workplace, to find out
what works and what doesn’t, and then—and only then—do I introduce new
approaches for change. I am not a pushover. I do not hesitate to counsel and discipline staff if so
I will stop here about my work/management style. Suffice to say, I am hard working, am highly
organized, try to make work as much a joy for others as it is for me.
My top four Standards are Administrative, Culinary, Entertaining and Personal Care:

I have strong HR skills including hiring, scheduling, reviewing, disciplining and terminating
employees while conforming to Federal- and State-mandated labor laws. High-net-worth
individuals are vulnerable financial targets and, my awareness of labor law and the
seriousness of harassment/discrimination minimizes their exposure to legal liability.
Additionally, I was chief-in-charge of event logistics, requiring huge amounts of pre-planning
in the hospitality venues I worked. Conveying diverse guest expectations to all personnel
concerned requires an extraordinarily well-organized multi-tasker who can anticipate
Principals’ needs. Familiar with Word, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook and Internet research. I
have experience in writing training manuals. I can type 100 words per minute and can create
Excel spreadsheets for preventative maintenance, scheduling and revenue reporting.

I received an exceptional culinary education and I consider myself to be a proficient
household cook. I know kitchen operations from purchasing, to stocking, to prep, to plating,
to serving and to clean-up. Previous employers have expressed their pleasure with my
cooking. I wish to further develop culinary skills and serve my next employer.

Event coordination has been the focus of my career in hospitality. I have overseen 1,000+
weddings alone. This does not include the thousands of other events including charity balls,
golf tournaments, multi-day corporate conventions, as well as in-home soirees. I also worked
in event sales ensuring that all departments involved were properly informed of their required
services. I have excellent knowledge of etiquette and table service to include French Service
and Russian Service. I have a Level 1 Private Sommelier certification, and have used it to
manage my previous employer’s 6,000+ bottle wine collection.
Personal Care:
Working in hospitality is all about personal care and about sincerely caring for your guests.
Either you have the knack to please others or you don’t. The main points are to anticipate, to
meet, to exceed and to remember guests’ needs. The skills to do so with polish came from
years of working in high-end properties and from my own upbringing.

Technical Skills Synopsis:
• Capable of writing training manuals and company policies; make complex instructions
• Speak/write Spanish very well
• Excellent numbers-cruncher, capable of developing spreadsheets to present
information in numerous formatted reports, including household bills, inventories,
scheduling/labor costs, inventories, etc.
• Trained in the patented Starkey Household Management Model
• Properly clean antiques, art, china, silver, crystal, chandeliers, etc.
• Strong understanding as to the proper timing and methods of general cleaning and
whether staff is operating in an efficient, effective manner
• Capable of creating task sheets and zoning a home for cleaning
• Create meals for up to 10 people
• Extremely flexible with short notice meals and menu changes
• Keep Principal’s favorite foods and beverages on hand at all times
• Maintain cleanliness and sanitation in a kitchen at all times
Clothing & Valet:

• Excellent closet/wardrobe organizer, categorizing and storing clothing in a user-
friendly fashion

Technical Skills Synopsis continued:• Create inventories of clothing along with home furnishings
• Familiar with basic laundering and ironing
• Plan and oversees banquet events for 2-300 seamlessly
• Professionally set tables and buffets for banquets
• Trained in American plated, French, Russian and English styles of service
• Certified level 1 wine sommelier
• Excellent bartender
Property & Grounds:
• Power-wash hardscapes and siding, bringing them back to life
• Skim and vacuum swimming pools with particular thoroughness
• Maintain daily hardscapes using leaf blowers, wet-dry vacs.
• Manage grounds keeping staff and vendors
Security & Protection:
• Walk the property and note security and safety needs, such as expirations on fire
• CPR certified
• Recognize gun and firearms safety in the home
• Work with Creston security systems
• Maintain maintenance records and filing systems for all household related products
and equipment

• Excellent window washer with plenty of experience dismantling/cleaning/re-
assembling chandeliers

• Schedule and manage maintenance vendors in a way that maximizes Principals’
Transportation & Travel:
• Maintain insurance, registration, licensing and vehicle maintenance records
• Drive a standard transmission vehicle
• Familiar with domestic and international travel and protocol
• Oversee packing/unpacking of clothing or household items
• Interface with private boat and aircraft crew


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