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Starkey in our 38 years of Household Management Education and Placement have become experts in placing our Graduates with the right Employer.
We have integrated our patented Service Management System in our Placement process for both Employers and our Grads.  This process enables Graduates to identify the perfect position for them, and Employers to know specifically for who they seek.  It's called our Personal Statement process and it is offered in our Relationship of Service Programs.
This has made our Graduates savvy about specifically what they bring to a potential Employer, and what will make them happy in their position to stay for many years.

Employers, ask us about our customized Placement Process! 

Starkey International is now almost 40 years strong... having created service terminology for private homes, patented a service manage system again unique for private homes, written 18 text books to grow knowledge, and placing 95% of our Graduates... we invite all those in private service to get educated... grow our profession by growing your knowledge.  Employers prefer educated professionals in today’s market!  Happy New Year!



Starkey is now recruiting for the following positions.


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