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Will go anywhere for the right position

I was born in a small town in the far Northern part of Namibia, Africa. I am the older of two children; my sister is four years younger. We were raised Christian and our values were enforced from a young age: respect the elderly, never address people ten years older than you by their first name, respect and learn about other cultures and when you give someone your word, keep it. My father was the Vice Principal of a Technical College with mainly Oshiwambo students. My mother was the secretary to the Administrator of the region. My sister and I were raised by an Oshiwambo Nanny and she taught me the Oshiwambo language. Most of my friends were young Oshiwambo boys who taught me cultural games and how to fish, catching catfish during the rainy season. We grew up during the famous Bush War between South Africa and Angola with a strong military presence where we lived. I would do “vehicle patrols” with the soldiers who were like big brothers. My dad would take me on hunting trips and camping trips in the bush for a couple days a month.

At age seven, we moved to Windhoek, the capitol of Namibia, where my father started his career in politics. Life changed dramatically for me. Since he was a public figure and in the spotlight constantly, we were taught proper etiquette and how to conduct ourselves at functions with our parents, both formal and informal at the house where we often met with cabinet ministers and dignitaries. I traveled the country with my father for public meetings and could stand my ground talking politics at age eleven. We attended numerous social, informal functions at the Major of Windhoek’s house as well as the Administrator General of Namibia’s State House.

I was raised in the city and worked on the family farm during vacations where I was taught to respect nature and life. Life on the farm was very informal, but with structure and schedules for everyday tasks that taught me a strong work ethic. I was taught multiple maintenance skills needed for the upkeep of the homestead and property and grounds including minor electrical work, plumbing and basic construction. My hands-on approach would ensure that my Principal’s standards were maintained to the highest level and things were working properly at all times.

After school, I studied Business Management and pursued a career in the corporate world working for various prominent companies in Managerial positions which honed my administrative skills. In 2004, I started my Tour /Safari business from nothing, doing tours in Southern African Countries. I had to negotiate rates and contracts with accommodation establishments and vendors, train tour guides and give premier service to my clients seeing to it that their every need and want was taken care of. Most of my clients were high net worth families and catering to their individual needs and making a difference in their lives provided
a great deal of satisfaction. I quickly established myself as one of the preferred tour
companies for various travel agencies.

I also completed my Certification as Executive Protection Specialist and worked as a licensed Chauffeur in Denver, driving high net worth families and fortune 500 Presidents and CEOs. I have found that being of service in a variety of capacities has been a true reward and my training at Starkey International has allowed me to see that having a true service heart is what will permit me to perform above and beyond the expectations of my Principals.

My strengths include being highly structured and task driven, the ability to remain calm under pressure and seeing the details that are so important in making sure my Principals’ world is exactly as they wish it to be and to make a difference in their lives. I have good business sense and can be out of the box thinker on diverse levels. I know how to take in all the necessary information to strategize success. I am a good household cook; I can take the initiative and have the confidence necessary to prepare recipes according to my Principal’s tastes.

My top four Service Standards are Administration, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Safety & Security.

• Experienced in staffing, interviewing and training staff
• Do reference and background checks
• Knowledgeable of budgets & accounting for the household
• Comfortable with vendors, negotiating rates, getting references, management of vendors
• Computer literate; Internet, Google, e-mail, apps
• Filing household documentation in chronological order
• Inventory & purchasing of cleaning materials
• Trained in the Starkey Household Management System
• Able to keep detailed maintenance records & warranties of equipment
• Concierge support, making reservations, developing itineraries

• Able to zone a house & create task sheets for cleaning
• Can create cleaning schedules when a specific area of use needs to be cleaned
• Adept at scheduling cleaning activities so that they don’t interfere with the principals schedule
• Able to train staff how to clean and the method and tools to be used

• Capable of managing and supervising support vendors
• Can create a catalogue of warranties, manuals and how to care system
• Can implement a maintenance management system
• Number of large appliances
• Knowledgeable of maintenance standards of home / estate

Security & Safety:
• Certified protection specialist, bodyguard
• Knowledgeable of audio/visual systems and gates
• Trained chauffeur; etiquette and emergency responses to situations
• Police / Fire Department relationships
• Able to set-up a safe room in the residence with all amenities to live in the space for a long period of time
• Disaster Management; trained by FEMA to manage natural disaster sites
• CPR Certified
• Defibrillator Certified
• Self Defense Certified Through Executive Protection Training
• Weapons handling: Certified through Executive Protection Training
• Fire Extinguishers trained by FEMA
• Estate Security


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