My top three Service Standards:






I was born in Maine and raised in a Navy family. During my childhood years, I called Cape Cod, New England home. Early in my life, I felt the desire to follow in my father’s footsteps to serve our Nation and enlisted in the Air Force. Winston Churchill is quoted as saying "without being of service, one cannot truly exist” which captured the essence of my desire to be of service. In addition to serving, I wanted to improve myself professionally as well as personally. I wanted to travel and experience cultures and foods of other places. I have had the opportunity to live in various States, the United Kingdom and Germany. I also proudly deployed for a tour in Iraq with an Air Force Special Operations Unit. Initially, I excelled as a Human Resource Manager until following my true passion into the culinary and household management realm.

I have been an Enlisted Aide for over 9 years to senior military Principals and bring a unique blend of service, compassion and confidentiality. Over the years, I have embraced my true calling as a service-hearted professional. I have extensive experience in household management to include entertainment planning and execution, as well as overseeing grounds and household maintenance and I am a proven Chef. I have directed events from small gatherings of international dignities to large-scale productions of over 1000 guests.

In my most recent position, I served as the Senior Enlisted Aide to the Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy. I was responsible for complete oversight of the largest and historical estate the Air Force owns at 10,847 sq. ft. My combined experience will allow me to meet my Principal’s expectations and more.

I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and I am a dedicated runner. I would be well-suited for a position in New England as I am familiar the lifestyle needs and have many personal connections in the area.

My top three Service Standards are Administrative, Culinary and Entertaining.


  • Nine years of household management experience
  • Supervision of other staff
  • Manage all vendors including landscapers, maintenance and entertainment
  • Organizes daily and weekly task schedules
  • Create household management manuals - zoning, task sheets and preventative maintenance schedules
  • Liaison with office staff as required 


  • Pro Chef 2 Sous Chef certification from The Culinary Institute of America
  • Passionate chef who is comfortable with fine dining, home-style and nutritional styles of cooking
  • Focus more on organic, clean and healthy cooking with a concentration on local and sustainable
  • Created organic, vegetarian, kosher, gluten free and Paleo meals for clients
  • Daily cooking for families, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Planned and provided meals for political, formal and business dining
  • Understanding of cost and budgeting the menu


  • Coordinated hundreds of events to include events for guests from 10-1000
  • Extensive experience in providing special events with outside vendors and in-house
  • Understanding of flower arrangements
  • Highly proficient in all aspects of entertaining including social protocols required by high profile national and international guests
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