2019 RTA Reunion Event

Calling All Starkey Graduates

What's New at Starkey!

RTA Reunion & Starkey Mansion Restoration.
A Weekend Experience of Meeting Up With Old Friends and Making New Ones!
August 10th and 11th 2019 at the Starkey Mansion



Saturday the 10th.

Saying Hello! Mansion tour restorations and hugs
10:00 am until to 2:00 pm
A Coffee brunch and more.


Sharing Memories at the Mansion and in the Journey of Serving!
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm Wine and nibbles.


Sunday the 11th.

Sunday morning Congratulations with Promises of continued Success in Service!
10:00 pm-2:00 pm Brunch

Old pictures please! From your memories at the mansion... laughter and more.


August 10th and 11th 2019 at the Starkey Mansion

1350 Logan Street
Denver Colorado

Reserve a hotel at Warwick, Brown, Hilton, and many others. Hotels in downtown Denver are all within walking distance.

Donate a minimum of $25.00 to RTA for this event, all proceeds go to student scholarships,
you will get updates for future events through our RTA newsletters and much more!

RSVP Today!

December 2015 Newsletter

Starkey greetings to our "family" and friends! We are wrapping up an exciting 2015 and looking forward to new offerings and opportunities in

Starkey greetings to our "family" and friends! We are wrapping up an exciting 2015 and looking forward to new offerings and opportunities in

First and foremost, we would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You and warm Holiday Wishes to all of our graduates, clients, and prospective
students. It is your support and belief in the value of Service that allows us to do the work we feel so passionately about.

We would like to congratulate our Graduates who have been placed in the fourth quarter of 2015 - Connie Heinrich (Philadelphia),
Kevin Stafford (Naples, FL), Travis Burton (Denver), Lamar Ramsey (Denver), Aurora Hernandez (Montecito, CA), Felipe Valls (Las Vegas),
James Roper (Chicago), Stuart Mettler (Chicago), Nana Khetaguri (New York City), and Brian Childs (Houston). Congratulations to Principals
and Graduates!

As we look forward to 2016, we are expanding our course offerings and including short term "Intensive Training" courses to help our Graduates
and other household staff to hone their skills and, in some cases, acquire new skills. These programs are currently open for enrollment -
we encourage you to consider giving the Gift of Education, either to your staff or to yourself!

Our Culinary/Sommelier Intensive program will give students an in-depth look at preparing meals for the private home, managing pantries and
food inventories, and how to work on your Principal's agenda to meet their culinary needs. We will also look at Old World and New World wines,
participate in region-specific tastings, and discuss the marriage of food and wine. Students will also get an overview of wine cellar management,
software for managing inventory, and purchasing wine for the private home. Registration is now open for this wonderful course, taking place in

The Housekeeping/Laundry Intensive program will build on Graduate and other Household Staff's knowledge of zoning and task sheets to give a
more in-depth understanding of how to care for fine linens, specialty care surfaces, and high-end cleaning products. We will also look at
Valet skills - helping Principals pack for travel. This skill is highly sought after for Principals who travel frequently and need to know
that their belongings are being properly cared for in the travel process. Registration is now open for this February course offering!

-SCHEDULE OF COURSE OFFERINGS 2016- Certified Estate Manager Program

255 Hours, Four Weeks
Janurary 11th - Feburary 5, 2016 (Class 153)
March 7th - April 1st, 2016 (Class 154)
May 9th - June 3rd, 2016 (Class 155)
August 22 - September 16, 2016 (Class 157)
October 24th - November 18th, 2016 (Class 158)

Certified Household Management Program

360 Hours, Eight Weeks
July 11th - September 2, 2016 (Class 156)

Culinary/ Sommelier Course

40 Hours, One Week
Culinary Course, Feburary 15th- Feburary 19th, 2016
Sommelier Course, Feburary 22nd- Feburary 26th, 2016

Housekeeping Laundry Course

40 Hours, One Week
Housekeeping Course, Feburary 15th, Feburary 19th, 2016
Laundry Course, Feburary 22nd - Feburary 26th, 2016
Housekeeping Course, December 8th - December 10th, 2016

Customized Private Education and On-Site Training Programs available upon request

Student Holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Starkey International will be developing a Social Media presence in the coming year, culminating with a long-awaited "Restoring the Art"
Conference exclusively for Starkey's family of Graduates. We will be organizing special education offerings. We will be tapping into
special education offerings and resources, as well as giving Graduates an opportunity to share their successes in the Private Service
industry with one another.
Here we go - Fall 2016!


We thank you, our Graduates, Clients, and Friends for all of your well-wishes and support over the past year. We are looking forward
to a bountiful New Year and the opportunity to meet many new clients and students.


Happy Holidays, with great respect!

Mary Louise Starkey - First Lady of Service


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Starkey’s Formal Dinner


Class # 153...yes, we have completed one hundred fifty-three programs at Starkey. This class' formal dinner was superb with notable guests Terry Vitale, publisher of the regions Entertaining Colorado Expressions magazine; Missy and Louis Pieker from Castle Marne, Denver's premier Bed and Breakfast; NYC Steve Candland owner/partner of London's Angela Mortimer agency; and as always, a manager from our Brown Palace Hotel attends, and with Executive Chef William Dexter.

The question for the evening of of entertaining and etiquette was: Share your most desired New Year's Resolution. Co-Host and well-loved Lloyd Lewan and The First Lady of Service, Mrs. Starkey toasted and entertained all!

Testimonial: B. Drummond

There are no words to express how ridiculous these accusations are. This seems like an act of an individual that wants to shame and misjudge a woman that has worked hard to make her name and brand in this country, a woman that has been the aide of and for so many members of the African American community and many others from various countries myself included.

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Testimonial: J. Bates

Starkey International, is the best Estate and Household mngmt program in the country and arguably the world. As a graduate of both the standard and advanced course; as a practicing manager of a 50k sq ft primary and multiple residence operation; having a degree in hotel/restaurant mnmgt and been in military service for 24 years I feel fairly qualified to make these following statements.

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Testimonial: Johnathan RG

You are one of the most the most amazing person I had meet in my life, kind, caring compassionate, I experience this wonderful thing I have learned a lot from you is sad you are experience this situation, as a person of color make no sense for me , we love you Mary Louise Rohl Starkey
Johnathan RG

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Testimonial: T. Brown

Mary Louise Starkey has changed countless people’s lives,many colors,races,poor,rich -she has purpose and is kind helping our great military and the USA and many other nations....she is a family lady raising wonderful children and helping friend,relatives
T. Brown

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Testimonial: J. Stravoscoufis

"You and your team showed me so much kindness and understanding. You also taught me skills that I use every day in every environment...you and your team were a big inspiration in my life and a force for good. I would like to thank you for all your effort and true friendship you showed me. You are a class act and I cherish my memories at Starkey all the time."

J. Stravoscoufis, Starkey Class of 2004

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