Quality of Instruction

Starkey's Quality EducationOver many years Starkey has learned what it takes to actually put together a high quality of Private Service education.  It’s a grand puzzle.   Educators must have a high level of service management in their backgrounds and have specialized and proven abilities in at least three of the primary areas of service including: Administration, Housekeeping, Culinary, Clothing, Entertaining and Personal Care.  In addition, there must be adjunct educators in Property and Grounds, Maintenance, Transportation and Travel, and Safety and Protection.  Starkey has chosen two 30 year veteran service experts to lead its educational programs, including one with diplomatic presidential household and culinary service in their background and the other with a five star housekeeping and personal care expertise.  In addition, we have identified twenty adjunct educators and presenters to complete our curriculum of experts.  Our full time Personal Statement educator has a Master’s Degree in Industrial /Organizational Psychology and Career Counseling.  The facility must be appropriate for Private Service; our culinary support, classrooms, and computers must support the students.  The financing must be in place to serve our potential students, and our educational text books and service management tools must be seasoned and correct.   Our residential housing must support the student’s quality of life so that they might succeed.  Finally, our availability of positions and the type of positions must be appropriate for our level and the ability of our Graduates, both new and seasoned.  Our placements must be successful, fulfilling, and long lasting!   It has only taken us 30 years to get it right!

The Starkey Capstone Course

Starkey Correspondence CourseIn 1994, just four years into educating about Household Management, Starkey realized that their Household Service Management course was primarily technical skills-centered.  The “management” in Household Management was missing!  For the next several years, in cooperation with each Student Program, Veteran Butlers, and Estate Managers - and with our Employer Clients from around the world – Starkey announced the inception of The Starkey Service Management System.  The “System” was fine-tuned and ultimately tested by the U.S. Air Force Enlisted Aides serving their Generals and with our many employer clients and their Household Managers over the years.  It was finally patented in 1997 both domestically and abroad.  In 2009 the “System” was integrated into a sophisticated and multi-dimensional software program, StarkeyHQ Service Management Software.  This Service Management “System” is the capstone of all of Starkey’s Service Management courses.  This Patented Management System for creates and manages the highest standards of Service in all required areas for any service environment:  residence, estate, private villa, resort, cub, lodge, yacht, or jet.

Starkey’s 40-hour, 5-day Service Management “System” and StarkeyHQ© Software Program highlights Starkey’s patented Facilities Management System.  It is designed for veteran Household and Estate Managers and Family Office Concierge providers interested in knowing how to develop and customize a service management plan and utilize the management tools for service.  Starkey’s Service Management Software is invaluable for identifying and tracking Client or Guest Expectations in the Service Marketplace and in the Household Management profession. It presents all the management tools essential to Service Management.  This course is uniquely offered now at our Starkey campus and as a Correspondence Course!


The Starkey “System”:

  • Provides a working foundation for identifying and meeting unique service expectations.
  • Introduces Service Management Terminology and Household processes.
  • Provides essential Service Management Tools for Managing Service Expectations.
  • Organizes and upholds unique Service Standards and Expectations on a Daily Basis.
  • Offers a Daily Calendar and Staff Schedules and Housekeeping Tasks.
  • Organizes Entertaining Events
  • Tracks Inventory, Expenses, and Collectibles.
  • Customizes a Service Management Plan.


New Milestone in Private Service

The Relationship of ServiceService Management as a career path has entered a wider and more sophisticated range of possibilities in recent years.  From an educational perspective, many within the hospitality and hotel sector have voiced that “we have created the best of the best in physical environments, but only have begun to broach the real education of our service providers.”   We have reached the ceiling in our service management educational abilities, and are now seeking new, revolutionary educational offerings to teach us what “The Relationship of Service” really is.  What must be put into place to accomplish “Genuine Service Relationships” that will consistently meet and exceed the needs of our Guests?

Starkey’s cutting edge expertise is much needed throughout the Hospitality and Private Service industry.  Starkey’s new and highly progressive, 255-hour, 4 week Service Management Program focuses on sharing what Starkey has developed over the last thirty years with serving the High-Net Worth world and our seasoned Relationship of Service skill.  Service must become “Service as an Expertise”!  This is essential knowledge for all those seeking to make a difference in the hospitality profession and quickly rise to the top.  This is essential new knowledge for General Managers of Boutique Hotels and Private Clubs and for all those working directly with Guests, including Concierges in hotels and those within the growing Senior Service Residential Communities, and of course for technically centered Butlers who serve the high-net-worth.  This proven knowledge provides the missing service management expertise within the hospitality Profession.

Service Management Styles

Unique Service StyleAll Potential Students who are called to the Private Service Profession as a Career Path come with different skill sets and unique personalities appropriate for service.  As a result, Starkey developed an innovative process called the Personal Statement Exercise, now included in each of our in-house course curriculum to help Students identify their individual “Service Style.”  This in-depth process contains a variety of personality assessments, technical skill indicators (including Starkey’s Technical Skills Qualifier), classroom exercises with peers, introspective writing, several interactions with our placement team, and exercises in improving interviewing skills.   At the end of the Personal Statement Exercise you will know your Style of Service and the most appropriate position for you.  You might begin the process of identifying your Service Style by asking yourself the following questions:


  • When did you first know you were right for service as a career path?
  • What are your top three morals, values and ethics and why?
  • Family Tree:  Where were you born, what style of family were you raised in?
  • What role do you play in your extended family?
  • Of Starkey’s 10 Service Standards outlined, what are your top three and why?
  • What is your communication style?  What is your work Style?
  • Where do you want to be in your career path in five years?

If you have trouble answering these questions, you are not alone.  However, learning the answers to these questions will change your perspective as to why you are in Service.  Plan to take our Personal Statement Exercise in one of our Service Programs to see Who You Are, and What Position is Right for You in the Service profession.  Don’t get caught being pigeon-holed as a Butler, or a Domestic when Household and Estate Management is right for you!

Unparalleled in Service Management

Starkey is a 30 year, world recognized brand known for our commitment to excellence and survival in our changing economy to provide a sophisticated education in the management, technical skills, and the placement of our 1,300 Graduates in private homes.  Starkey has always made meeting the expectations of the High-Net-Worth Employer our first objective.

Our full, 360 credit hour, eight week Household Management Program opens doors to those seeking to enter the unique world of Service Management in Private Service.  Starkey takes each student, provides a high quality of Household Service Education, and positions them to succeed.

  • We teach how to identify specific service expectations, customize, and set up a Service Management Plan in any Service Environment.
  • We position each student to fully understand themselves and how to succeed in the overall Service Management community in our Personal Statement Exercise.
  • We have developed and internationally patented multiple Service Management Tools unique to Private Service to bring a real management expertise to our Students and our Employer Clientele.
  • We teach the language of service, the essential technical skills in 10 service management categories, and the service etiquette, protocol, and diversity required in service management.
  • Placement plays an active and vital role in our educational process in meeting weekly with our students; staying in touch with our new and seasoned employer clientele to make sure Starkey stays abreast of what is expected; and in directing education in the new and progressive areas developing within the Service Management Profession.
  • The Institute is set in a gracious 13,000 square foot residential mansion that simulates real and functional service management in operation.  Purchased in 1994, our 1901 Georgian, southern style residence is on the Colorado historical registry.  The Institute presents 4 floors including a lower level where we positioned our classrooms, a wine cellar, and laundry center.  The main floor has a traditional library, a large formal living room, and a dining room with terrace doors that lead to our beautifully landscaped gardens.  The Institute also boasts a brand new, fully equipped and spacious kitchen (often filled with current students and Graduates who have come back to visit) and a Butler’s Pantry, which organizes our multiple patterns of tableware for the 10 formal dinners held yearly as part of each curriculum.   The mansion has five beautifully appointed bedrooms with baths on the second floor, utilized for our students while in training.  We converted additional bedrooms on the third floor into our corporate offices including our Placement Division.
  • Our educators have combined over 100 years of Service Management in their professional expertise to share with our students.  Mary Louise Starkey started her journey 30 years ago when she decided to take domestic service out of servitude and create a professional expertise to serve the high-net worth.  Seeing the need for a new level of technical skills development and language to define service led to the Starkey International Institute opening in 1989.  Additionally, she has personally authored the texts including a training text for the US Air Force.  She continues to develop new material to publish and new service curriculum for specific segments of population and hospitality.  All her materials are protected by trademark, copyright and patent.
  • Our exceptional educators and staff include:
    • a Retired US Air Force Colonel and former Director of Personnel at the Air Force Academy
    • a Retired US Navy Senior Chef who served three U.S. Presidents at the White House, a U.S. Vice President, and a King and Queen from Jordan
    • former Director of Housekeeping at the nationally renowned and 5-star Brown Palace Hotel
    • a Placement Specialist with a Masters Degree in Psychology and 5 years experience in Human Resources
    • a CFO with 34 years experience in Accounting and HR matters
    • a very talented IT Director who is earning a degree in Anthropology
    • a US Army Veteran obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice and Human Services
    • a Chief Strategy Officer who has his Juris Doctorate, graduated from the Starkey Service Management Program and has 18 years in business growth, marketing and franchising.


What We Look for in Potential Students

Starkey Potential StudentOur Admissions Department, led by one of our own Graduates, helps define career paths on a daily basis.  We are not for everyone seeking to enter the Private Service Profession.  Our standards are high; we believe: “When you succeed, Starkey succeeds, and when Starkey succeeds, so do our Graduates.”  Our Admissions Coordinator has a criminal justice background and works to assure that those that come to Starkey are serious students with a heart to serve.   Starkey seeks potential students who have a minimum of an AA Degree, are at least 26 years old, are leaders who possess a service heart, who bring to the table “real management” abilities, are computer savvy, and have multiple styles of communication and organizational abilities that meet the varied needs of our clientele.

All of our Graduates are expected to be able to manage other staff, be hands-on with the appropriate technical skills, have the right etiquette, and demonstrate people savvy and mature behavior to succeed in a variety of Private Service environments.  We hold your hand and help you to specifically define your individual career path, and to know that you are right for Service.

Dress Code for Starkey Students

Certified Household Managers Four and Eight Week Participants

As much as possible, we try to relate your dress code to actual job situations in Household Management.  Occasionally persons relax this dress code once placed and quickly begin to lose their professional edge.  Begin to practice the discipline now.

Below is the required clothing you will need while attending the Starkey International Institute for Household Management.

Daily Class Attire


  • Slacks - Khaki (suggest a minimum of 3)
  • Shirt - Long sleeved white straight-collared shirt is mandatory (no Oxford shirts with button down collars)
  • Shirt (Daily Graces) - Short Sleeved white polo style shirt (suggest a minimum of 2)
    • No patterns or designs
    • A small logo over the left or right upper area is acceptable
    • This is worn with khaki slacks
  • Neckwear - Conservative necktie
  • Blazer - Solid navy blue
  • Shoes - Brown (must be able to polish)
    • Please note: All shoes must be non-scuff and have soft soles.
      • The intent is to create as little noise as possible while walking on hardwood floors or during serving at formal dinner exercises
  • Belts - Brown
  • 8 week students - Plain white Chef's jacket


  • Slacks/Skirts - Khaki (suggest a minimum of 3)
    • If desired women may wear mid-calf length, khaki skirts
  • Shirt - Long sleeved white
    • Must be tucked in and ALL buttons except for top button must be fastened
    • No short sleeved or sleeveless tops or dresses
    • No blouses
  • Neckwear - Small conservative neck scarf in a solid color or conservative pattern may be worn
  • Shirt (Daily Graces) - Short sleeved white polo style shirt (suggest a minimum of 2)
    • No patterns or designs
    • A small logo over the left or right upper area is acceptable
    • This is worn with khaki slacks
  • Blazer - Solid navy blue
  • Shoes - Brown (must be able to polish)
    • Please Note: All shoes must be non-scuff and have soft soles
      • The intent is to create as little noise as possible while walking on hardwood floors or during serving at formal dinner exercises
  • Belts - Brown
  • 8 week students - Plain white Chef's jacket



Formal Attire (Required)

Gentlemen & Ladies:

  • Slacks - Black
    • Plain - no print or flared bottoms
    • Pleated front is acceptable
  • Shirt - Long sleeved white straight-collared shirt (no Oxford shirts with button down collars)
    • Please wear undershirts gentlemen - preferably round neck with sleeves
  • Vest - Black
    • Plain - no patterns, designs or silk back
    • Poly-blend
  • Shoes - Black
    • Non-scuff rubber soled
  • Socks - Black or nylons for the ladies
  • Bow Tie - Black
    • Plain - no patterns or designs


Interview Attire


  • Conservative styled suit - A dark two-buttoned, three-buttoned or double-breasted is acceptable
  • Military Enlisted Aide - Should wear their uniform as appropriate for all interviewing occasions


  • Conservative styled suit - A dark two-buttoned, three-buttoned suit is acceptable
    • No short sleeved or sleeveless tops or dresses
    • Please be conscious of 'over-stylish shoes'
    • No excessively high heels or 'statement makers'
  • Military Enlisted Aide - Should wear their uniform as appropriate for all interviewing occasions


Graduation Attire

  • Civilian Graduates should wear their interview attire for graduation ceremonies
  • All military persons are required to bring their uniform to wear at graduation ceremonies


Perfumes and Other Scents

  • Refrain from using any perfumes or scents while in class or while serving at the formal dinner exercises
    • This can be uncomfortable for people with allergies
    • This should also be a priority when considering entering private home service, as you would most likely be asked to fore-go such cosmetics in the work place


Jewelry and Grooming


  • Jewelry
    • Limit to rings, wristwatches or inconspicuous necklaces
    • If your jewelry collection includes items or visible piercing in other areas, you are asked to refrain from wearing these during class times or entertaining exercises
  • Hair - should be conservatively combed, trimmed, and styled
  • Facial Hair - avoid



  • Jewelry
    • Limit to conservative earrings worn only at the bottom of the ear lobe
    • A conservative necklace or rings
    • If your jewelry collection includes items or visible piercing in other areas, you are asked to refrain from wearing these during class times or entertaining exercises
  • Hair - Long hair should be pinned back and off shoulders
  • Make-up - Should be worn in a conservative manner

Starkey International Enrollment

The Starkey MansionPotential student applicants are encouraged to visit the Starkey International Institute at the Starkey Mansion and meet with the Admissions Director, Education Director, and Placement Team, as well as visit a class in session. During on-site interviews, the applicant is provided a mansion tour and is invited to talk with current students and graduates.

Potential students are encouraged to apply to the Starkey International Institute well in advance of class start date to secure a place. Private Service is a world recognized career path and classes fill up quickly due to limited size. Waiting lists are maintained for future classes. Note: On-site housing at the Starkey Mansion is available on a first-come, first-served basis. A non-refundable fee for Mansion housing is required.

All applicants must complete the following:

1. An on-site or telephone interview with the Starkey Institute Admissions department.

2. An on-site or telephone interview with the Starkey Institute Placement department when applicable.

3. Applicants must complete an Admissions Package. Upon acceptance into the program, a Student Expectations and Guidelines Handbook will be sent which provides the Starkey Vision and Code of Ethics, Personal Image of the Private Service Manager, general procedures, confidentiality agreements and leisure time activity locations, student counseling, grading, airport services, banking and other information pertinent to attending the Institute.

The Institute does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin. For further information, please call our Admissions Office at 1-877-STARKEY (782-7539).

Payment of Tuition

Flower ArrangementWe will make every effort to support you in obtaining the necessary funds to receive training for your career choice in Private Service Management. Each student should plan to put away at least three months’ living allowance to accommodate eight-week programs and at least two month’s allowance to accommodate four-week programs. Full curriculum tuition and Starkey residential on-site housing costs are due and payable 21 business days prior to the start date. When students reserve a place to live onsite at the Starkey Mansion, the fee for this housing is not refundable. Refund Policy for tuition is state-regulated and listed later in this catalog. 

There are three basic ways a student may pay for their educational expenses:

Self-Sponsored Tuition:

Students may pay their own tuition or in cooperation with lending or credit institutions. Financial Aid is available for students for Starkey training through a private lender. Please contact the Admissions Department for private lender information. Starkey International is a SLM Corporation approved Institution.

Employer-Sponsored Tuition:

Students currently employed in Private Service may have their tuition paid in full by their employer. In this case, Starkey International coordinates with the employer to pay special attention to a given expertise or technical skill within the curriculum.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement:

Some students may be eligible for employer tuition reimbursement benefits. Students should contact their work supervisor or human resources department to determine whether tuition reimbursement is available. Tuition reimbursement does not eliminate students’ responsibility to pay tuition before the start of each term.

Government Programs: Grants/Scholarships

Students may be eligible for financial assistance through Unemployment Benefits or Vocational Rehabilitation. Students may also be eligible for funding under the G.I. Bill through Veterans' Affairs Program. The Colorado State Approving Agency approves Starkey International for Veterans Education and Training.

Housing, Food, Transportation and Attire

Housing considerations are made separately from enrollment decisions. The Denver-based Starkey Mansion is a 1901 Historic Georgian residence. Spacious bedrooms occupy the second floor of the Mansion and have built-in closets and well-appointed baths. These beautiful suites are available to ten live-in students on a first-come, first-served basis. For off-site housing please contact the Admissions Department for suggestions. Students interested in living at the Mansion should reserve space by remitting a non-refundable deposit well in advance of expected class start date. As a part of the educational experience, all students are expected to participate in the preparation of meals and the care of the house on a rotating schedule.

Each student will purchase his or her own personal care items. Laundry facilities and some amenities are provided for those students residing in the Mansion. Transportation is not provided but typically is shared by students for off-property activities. The Mansion is located on a bus route and is a five-minute walk to shopping, movies, the performing arts center, and many restaurants. Specific in-class clothing and attire is required. Upon acceptance, you will be advised of the expected dress code. Contact the Institute’s Admissions Department for details.


Household ManagerThe Starkey Mansion is located in the center of Denver, Colorado, just one block from Colorado’s State Capitol building. Architecturally the Mansion is very secure, which is enhanced by our security alarm system. Individual keys are provided to each student. Security codes and procedures will be discussed with the students upon arrival at the Institute. Safe working practices are stressed from the first day of school and throughout the entire program. First aid kits, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguishers, and hardwired smoke detector alarms are located throughout the Mansion. Exits and evacuation procedures are discussed on the first day of class and are posted in the Mansion. The Mansion is a non-smoking environment.


Students are encouraged to talk with the Director of Education or other members of the educational staff about any concerns while at the Institute. Starkey is committed to our students, and to their success. Our staff will listen and work to help you resolve any challenges that may be interfering with your training.