Restoring the Art

Restoring the ArtRestoring the Art® is a Colorado Non-Profit 501 (c)(3). Restoring the Art® has been guided over the years by an advisory board made up of Starkey Alumni, Household and Estate Industry Veterans, Butlers, Military Enlisted Aides, Private Chefs, Personal Assistants, Employers, Luxury Hotels, Private Service Schools, Placement Agencies, and Vendors who serve the Luxury Marketplace. In recent years, RTA has focused on Starkey Alumni with yearly gatherings to learn and grow together.  We have hosted wonderful 9 course dinners and garden parties at the Mansion with all our patrons, alumni and friends. We have experienced wonderful stories about the Queen from our British guests; gained perspective from the Director of Service of the Ritz Paris; tasted special wine and spirits from the finest wineries around the world; and have been introduced to the finest of luxury products.  

Today, RTA also provides educational funding assistance for incoming students. In appreciation for Starkey Benefactor and Patron support, Starkey gratefully acknowledges and honors them; and for Starkey Graduates, Starkey challenges all to grow educationally to their fullest potential.

Starkey International Household Service Association

Starkey International Household Service Association is an international  group devoted to the education and professional growth of the Private Service Profession.  It is primarily comprised of Starkey’s Certified Graduates from around the world.  It was created in 1991 to support and provide educational resources to Household and Estate Managers, Personal Assistants, Butlers, and Housekeepers serving in Private Service in homes and estates, on-board yachts, concierges, and other service centered venues.  We began in 1991 with the industries first annual conference, “Restoring the Art.”  As an Association, we have gone on to host multiple national and international conferences, have consulted with groups around the world in developing their household service educational programs, and recently created a  funding source for student scholarships seeking to attend Starkey International Institute.

Announcing: Connecting Starkey Grads

Starkey Graduates are now close to 1,500 in number and almost 25 years old in quality and experience. Congratulations to each of you. I am most proud of the work we all have accomplished. You have   raised the bar and changed the way Private Service is delivered.Starkey continues to be asked to find ways of connecting you to one another. While we have opted to support DEMA in their conference   efforts, and not continue Restoring the Art gatherings, we do feel those educated at Starkey have the ability and need to share with each other. If you have an interest in connecting with other Graduates   for sharing knowledge, discussing the merits of available national resources, or if you are just feeling isolated and wish to connect privately with others from your Graduating class or in your current   employment location, please follow the attached link to formally register your interest.

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Your information will continue to be private unless another Graduate requests your specific information or expertise. As always, our Starkey Graduate List will never be dispersed in any other way. Connect with your fellow pioneers and experts in the world of Private Service!

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to those who serve!

Mary Louise Starkey and the Starkey International Staff

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For Patron and Private Service Professionals

Dear Patron,

As you know Starkey International has been in the forefront for 30 years for creating a Household Management Profession specially to serve the high-net worth.  We have educated and placed Starkey Certified Household Managers (1,300 in all) throughout the world in positions at all levels of Household and Estate Managers, and as Military Enlisted Aides.  

In the past, the Starkey Institute has been able to accommodate all loans for tuition for qualified candidates for our education and certifications through a funding source called Sallie Mae. In the economic correction, Sallie Mae cut their loans to 3,000 “small” private schools including Starkey International across the US.  As we place 95% of all our Graduates, we had enjoyed a ½ of 1 percent default rate of these loans over many years.  Though the number of interested students seeking to enter the profession has increased, loans are not available to the majority of these potential students. This has drastically cut our student body to 1/4th of its regular size.  As a result, the number of educated Private Service-Household Managers has vastly diminished in the last few years. Unimaginably, not having enough educated professionals available, will again give rise to a servant mentality in this country.

To preserve this essential service profession and continue our passion of “Service as an Expertise,” we are seeking help from those whose lives we seek to make a difference!  Those who understand, appreciate, and obtain the benefit from the art of personal service that Starkey has long been the torchbearer.

We invite you to sponsor a student and make a charitable donation of any amount to our 501(c)(3) Colorado non-profit funding source, Restoring the Art, to help provide loans to those wishing to enter the profession.  We would be most grateful for your support!

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Mary Louise Starkey

Mary Louise Starkey
CEO Starkey International