Estate Manager/Indianapolis, Indiana

Busy family with 2 school aged children and a dog, seek a Certified Starkey graduate to help support their lifestyle. They have 22,000 sq ft home with 5 acres, located on a beautiful lake, they travel a great deal. Top standards include Administrative for 50 some vendors, Housekeeping, and Maintenance!  Excellent salary.  Live out! 


Estate Manager/Austin, Texas

Busy couple seeks good Starkey trained manager to keep daily operations going. Manage vendors and Housekeepers. Work with the chef when entertaining weekly.  A sense of urgency will make this principal smile. 12,000 sq Dr home, beautiful grounds. Excellent salary, live out.


Household Manager/Salem, Oregon

Busy mature couple seek the support of a Starkey a household/estate manager to manage their compound in Salem. Children a grown, developed Grounds and Property, new remodeling projects and household operations are all part of this most interesting position. Live out, excellent salary.


Household Manager/Chef Boulder, Colo

Single mature Entertaining but very active woman now seeks a Starkey Grad to support her busy life style. Administrative, Entertaining, and Property and Grounds will wonderfully meet her needs. This is an eclectic and most interesting position. Must like helping nature grow!
Live in or out… excellent salary.



Household Manager/Little Rock, Arkansas

Family with school aged children with a staffed home seek a Starkey Grad to manage daily operations, supervise vendors and travel ahead to their home near the beach to set it up in summers. Administrative, Housekeeping and clothing and valet top standards. Family offers great salary and benefits. Live out.



Estate Manager/Dallas, Texas

Busy family with three homes (one small ranch) all throughout Texas seek the support of a Starkey Graduate as their go to person. Administration, maintenance, and entertaining top standard skills. Wonderful family. Live out with excellent salary.