Starkey Estate Manager/Chef
My top Service Standards are:

Personal Care

Prefers the west.

I have always had a Service Heart. From a very young age, serving others was instilled in me by my family. We did a lot of volunteer work for our Church and Community. We were also part of a large family so helping each other out and trying to feed large groups always required a lot of teamwork. We were also taught how to be independent, roll up our sleeves and get the job done. If we didn’t know how to do something, we learned.  I have been fortunate to learn something new every day.  Growing is a part of life and I like to take advantage of that gift.  Conquering new challenges is a great reward. The quest for knowledge still exists today.  That is one of the reasons I have degrees in Art History, Ancient Civilizations, some Nursing and as a Paralegal.  There are just too many fascinating things in the world to be ignored!

The quest for knowledge still exists today. That is one of the reasons I have degrees in Art History and Ancient Civilizations along with some Nursing courses and as a Paralegal. There are just too many fascinating things in the world to be ignored!

As an adult, I have been fortunate to hold a variety of jobs in different fields from Intelligence work in the Military to restaurants and even developing assessment tests with ACT and NCS. I always wanted to be a Butler from a very early age. Fortunately, I was able to pursue that dream. It was pure coincidence that I discovered Starkey over 15 years ago. It was a time in my life when all the stars were in alignment. I have been fortunate to be able to combine my education and experiences into this esteemed profession.  Utilizing my varied background, I am able to multitask and organize the varied duties of running a household. I see myself as the “Stage Manager” who is coordinating the myriad of activities that happen behind the scenes.

Having a system and routine are helpful, but being flexible and open are also necessary. I understand the need to be on the Principal’s Agenda. I am also well-versed in the concept of Need to Know, and Maintaining Classified and Confidential Information as required from when I held a Top Secret Clearance with the US Navy.

I have strong Administrative skills, technical and mechanical know-how, unobtrusive service skills and anticipation, wine knowledge , proper care of Art, Furniture, Silver, China and Crystal, and a knack for floral arrangements. I also work within budgets, cut extraneous costs when appropriate and make efficiency a top priority.  However, the comfort and standards of the family always come first.  Maintaining Boundaries and Confidentiality with Service, as well as Teamwork, should be paramount for any Household Staff Member.

Organized Chaos is the best way I can describe what life is all about.  I believe that a home should be an Oasis away from that chaos.  It is my job to make it so.

I have been fortunate to learn something new every day.  Growing is a part of life and I like to take advantage of that gift. Conquering new challenges is a great reward. Organized chaos is the best way I can describe what life is all about. I believe that a home should be an oasis away from that chaos. It is my job to make it so.

My top four service standards are Administration, Culinary, Entertaining and Personal Care.


Administration: I am experienced in working with both PC and Apple products and computers as well as software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. I have experience in networking and internet related setup and maintenance. I have strong organizational skills and know how to maintain household and family calendars. I am capable of doing internet research, have worked with QuickBooks, putting systems into place, maintaining petty cash records, sorting and processing mail. I have experience in maintaining all records and expenses of re-decorating a 12,000 sq. foot home.  I also have experience in wine cellar management.

Culinary: I am an accomplished household cook and can prepare from French Bistro style to American Southern and Vegan cuisine. I have experience cooking daily for small and large families and a variety of special diets. I can modify recipes to personal preferences or special diets to include cooking for those with intestinal sensitivities, heart healthy diets or allergies. I possess both Food Handler Safety and Alcohol Awareness certifications in Nevada and I am knowledgeable about wine, beer and spirits.

Entertaining: I find great joy in coordinating and executing all types of events from casual family gatherings to formal cocktail parties and dinners. My prior experience as a wedding planner and party consultant will ensure that every event goes off without a hitch. I can create beautiful flower arrangements and themes party decorations for any occasion and will make sure my Principal’s expectations are met and exceeded. I can execute formal dinner parties, casual entertaining events, appetizers for cocktail parties, even catering Thanksgiving Dinner on a Private Plane for 10.

Personal Care: I have very good Personal Care skills to include Elder Care, and Guest Care

I can purchase, organize and dispense prescriptions and supplements; I have researched best Medicare Supplement Plans. I have experience in post stroke care and subsequent physical therapy to include maintaining Medical Records, attending Medical Appointments and was the Primary Care Giver in the home. I have cared for pre-teens with Cerebral Palsy on weekends while in the Military and cared for a teenager with Cerebral Palsy in the home. My Guest Care skills include assisting guests with luggage and any special dietary needs, preparing guest rooms with flowers, specialty bedding (Down Pillows or Hyper Allergenic) and any other needs. I maintained a supply of toiletries in case anything was forgotten when

Top Four Standards Continued…packing. Provided Ground Transportation to and from airport and any events, maintained a list of local restaurants as well as their menus for quick reference, maintained a selection of Local Interest and Entertainment brochures, provided maps and directions, assisted with Dry Cleaning, Laundry and minor repairs to clothing and Shoe care and polishing as needed.