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Starkey Correspondence Courses Now Available!

Starkey Correspondence CoursesStarkey International has re-structured our most popular courses into “Correspondence Courses” to make the critical knowledge that Starkey has developed over the many years in Private Service available to those that cannot attend here at the Institute.  Starkey has learned that while real service knowledge and your ultimate employment must be trained face to face by one of our Private Service instructors here at Starkey, the organizational concepts and service philosophy of Service Management can be taught and understood through our new Correspondence Courses.  They are:

Note: Candidates seeking to be placed by Starkey's Placement Division, Starkey & Associates, Inc. must apply to the Placement Division to become eligible.


The Certified Service Management System and StarkeyHQ Software Program

Program Offered at Starkey Mansion, On Location, and as a Correspondence Course

StarkeyHQ Software

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Starkey’s 40-hour, 5-day Service Management “System” and StarkeyHQ© Software Program provides a Service System and StarkeyHQ© Software Certification only. This program highlights Starkey’s patented Facilities Management System and Software. It is designed for veteran Household and Estate Managers and Family Office Concierge providers interested in knowing how to develop and customize a service management plan and utilize the management tools for service. Starkey’s Service Management Software is invaluable for identifying and tracking Client or Guest Expectations in the Service Marketplace and in the Household Management profession. It presents the management tools and identifies possible expectations in 10 service categories. StarkeyHQ© Software included in this course offering.

The Certified Service Management Program comprises 40 curriculum hours in 5 calendar days. This Program NOW is also offered in an At-Home Correspondence Program. StarkeyHQ© Software and Original Guide to Private Service Management included.


Nanny Management Workshop

"The Nanny Management System has become my daily bible... It has helped me to become the professional that I desired to be."  - Marni Kent, INA Nanny of the Year 2002

Starkey Nanny Manager WorkshopIf you are a parent or a Nanny who wants the highest level of care for your family, this could be the most important workshop for healthy Parent/Nanny relationships that you have ever found! Nannies have long been placed in positions where the expectations of Parents have not been fully understood.  Regardless of the hours of education Parents have provided to their Nannies, "seat of the pants" daily work schedules have become the norm.  This fact continues to keep parents frustrated and the nanny profession in an often unprofessional and burnt-out paradigm. 

Starkey International's Nanny Manager System Workshop for both the Nanny and the Parent is a two and one-half day comprehensive Nanny Management course that focuses on customizing Parent's service expectations. The course presents a systematic process for identifying childcare expectations, family standards and favorites and other essential professional information, and then organizes these expectations into actual Day in the Life schedules.  The Starkey Nanny Management System professionalizes Nanny Employment, and positions the Nanny to be consistently successful in their career path.