My Top Standards Are

Clothing & Valet

Languages: English/Hebrew





I was born in Framingham, Massachusetts in October of 1991, the third of four children. My mother and father emigrated from Israel. Being raised in a loving Jewish and Hebrew-speaking household, family connection and bonding was a priority for us. On Friday evenings, my mother would cook a meal, with every family member sitting around the dining room table ready to welcome the Sabbath, the holy day of rest.

My father is an established medical engineer, while my mother has operated her own catering business for the last 28 years. I started helping my mother when I was 15, where I first learned the ropes of service in the homes and estates of some of the world’s most ultra-high net-worth families. Culinary knowledge and presentation are truly vital factors when displaying an array of cuisines for different palates. I learned the skills of proper hors d'oeuvre presentation, fine dining expectations, and how to adapt to guests different personalities and flavor profiles.

After high school, I served in the Israeli army patrolling the Gaza strip. Discipline, trust, and keen attention to detail are invaluable qualities that I learned as a soldier, values I carry with me into private service. After the army, I worked as a manager at a delivery startup in Boston, where I continued to hone my administration and communications skills.

During my four-year management of an ultra-high net-worth household, I crafted myself as a trusted member of the family. I maintained my Principal’s everyday household diets and menus, managed estate renovations, scheduled all estate staff and events, vendor management, private jet travel, and yacht charter travel. I negotiated new car purchases, personal shopping requests, security and surveillance planning and many other daily tasks. I am well-groomed for the fast-paced and ever-changing life of a wealthy family or individual.

Dedication, the will for excellent service, and an attitude for success are engraved in my blood. With a strong catering and service background, as well as my time spent in the Israeli military, I have the skills and awareness necessary for this industry, especially when it comes to harboring long-term, professional relationships.

Given the fact that both my parents served in the Israeli military, as well as myself, discipline, trust and keen attention to detail are invaluable qualities in life that will bring fruition when exercised over long periods of time followed by extreme persistence. The characteristics that I have developed over the years from a culinary and service perspective will always be second nature and will continue to contribute to my successful management of private estate functions and all its facets.

I am looking to manage the estate of an individual or family and I’m willing to relocate anywhere. Thank you for the opportunity.


Top Standards

Technical Skills Synopsis
• Experience with scheduling and calendars
• Maintains expenses, budgets, and overall daily administrative tasks
• Skilled with Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and Outlook
• Skilled with managing spreadsheets for various needs
• 8 years managing vendors, contract negotiation
• Establishing new systems and processes to increase estate efficiency
• Experience with deep cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and barracks rooms, private venue halls, exclusive clubs, estates, during and after events
• Knowledgeable with hands-on cleaning, including top-to-bottom, left-to-right practices
• Implements zoning for housekeeping staff
• Trains housekeeping staff and creates schedule
• 13 years of experience at my family catering company serving at private estates, high-end venues, and private clubs
• Knowledgeable with proper sanitation, presentation, and service ethics
• Familiar with preparing and serving different types of cuisines
• Responsible for training catering and culinary staff
• Comfortable working with a private in-home chef to assemble menus daily, weekly, and monthly
• Knowledgeable with formal and informal dining setups
Clothing & Valet:
• Capable of taking proper care of suits, pants, shoes, and other high-end items
• Knowledgeable with folding, packing, unpacking, and organizing clothing
• Responsible for ironing, pressing, and steaming clothes
• Knowledgeable in shoe shine and all facets of shoe care, including shoe trees
Grounds & Property:
• Coordinates with grounds and property team to maintain four acres of lawns, gardening and mulching needs
• Responsible for walking property daily for maintenance needs and work
• Implements landscape vision of principal with the landscape team
• Coordinated maintenance schedules and task sheets
• Responsible for coordinated upkeep of appliances, door knobs, A/C systems, security and alarms, TVs, WiFi, smart home tech, and indoor and outdoor renovations
• Knowledgeable with Nest, Sonos and Apple products, Google Home and Alexa
• Selects and manages vendors for any repairs or maintenance concerns
Transportation & Travel:
• Responsible for driving Principal to work, business meetings, or other events
• Excellent with creating travel itineraries and scheduling travel necessities
• Arranged private jet transportation and chartering
• Coordinated yacht charter events for Principal and family
• Coordinated all travel events
• Negotiated vehicle purchases costing more than $200,000
Safety & Protection:
• Received training with military weapons
• Comfortable working in an estate or home to create a plan to secure the estate and proper planning of protocol for all security-related facets

Personal Care:
Guest Care
• Oversaw weekly care of guests at estate, including readying their bedrooms and providing them with local venues and top restaurants
• Coordinated special care of guests with dietary restrictions, special diets and other preferences
Pet Care
• Oversaw proper feeding and kennel cleaning of Principal’s 10-12 dogs he was breeding
• Created feeding schedules and daily cleaning task sheets
Child Care
• Responsible for coordinating care for three children, including moving out of the apartments, taking them to the gym and driving them to other states
• Capable of coordinating with the nanny to arrange swimming lessons, biking trips, and outdoor fun
• Comfortable working on schedules and household staff to attend to children’s needs and desires within the home
• Excellent with mentoring, leading, and inspiring teens and young adults

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