Top Standards:





Personal Statement:


I was born in Fort Worth, Texas where my father’s family had lived for four generations. My mother was from England. My parents raised my older brother and me in Dallas/Fort Worth where my father took a position to be near his parents. We moved to Hastings, Nebraska when my father entered medical school for his Physician Assistant practitioner training. I was two years old when my parents divorced. My mother continued to raise us as a single parent and full-time housekeeper for a prominent bank president and CEO in our small town.


My paternal grandparents were extremely hard working. My grandfather worked his whole career in the Morton Salt mines in Grand Saline, Texas. He was fragile, but even so, by the time he retired he had built a ranch that encompassed hundreds of acres. As a child growing up, I spent many summers on that ranch bailing hay, tending to the cattle, working with horses and doing the chores so necessary to the running of the property. It was here that I got my first experience of the value of hard work. When I wasn’t in Texas, I accompanied my mother to her work. There she taught me how to cook and clean and I discovered that I enjoyed what I was doing, that it didn’t seem like work to me.


My maternal grandparents were from London.  They relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia when my grandfather took over as pastor for a local church. He travelled all over the world as a part of his ministry, eventually deciding to become a missionary to Africa, a place that had touched him the most on his travels.


Despite coming from two different cultures, my grandparents on both sides demonstrated a similar commitment to their beliefs, high moral standards and values of integrity, generosity and hard work. My father's parents were simple country folk who believed in a strict upbringing. My mother’s parents were very “British.” They were extremely proper in all areas of their lives and very proud to be British. Both my maternal grandmother and grandfather reflected the culture and society they had grown up with in England. It was essential to my grandfather and mother that I learn the British traditions and etiquette that were so important the two of them.


I was seven years old the first time I heard my grandfather preach. It was then that I was inspired to orient my life’s work around service. His constant giving influenced me to do the same.


The day I turned 16, the legal age for work in Missouri, I got my first paying job. Working after school until midnight every day, I saved my money to buy essentials including clothes and books for school that my mother was not able to afford. I learned the importance of saving and thrift and the sense of accomplishment I felt from seeing the results of my hard work.


My core values are loyalty and tenacity. I learned loyalty from my mother who never wavered in her belief in me. Tenacity I learned from the results I achieved by never giving up in the face of what appear to be insurmountable obstacles. Those two values are how I was able to leave my small hometown to attend Pepperdine University and to build a corporate career beginning first with Nestle’ USA for several years.  This was followed by an extensive career in entertainment with Scripps Networks Interactive where I was recruited to launch new lifestyle TV Networks, followed by Household Manager/Chief of staff, which is where I originally knew it was the right path for me since watching my Mother and Grandfather be in a service career.


I have a service heart that make me a good fit for service. I have high self-esteem, honesty, the ability to communicate effectively and detachment from judgment. My work style is a blend of Household Manager and Chief of staff to be relied upon as trusted advisor and private confidant where I can serve as administrator of personal and business needs of the Principal and of his/her family, including private matters.


My communication style is one that contributes to a positive active work environment. I am assertive while maintaining a calm outward demeanor. I express myself effectively to those I work for, with or work for me. I am able to stand up for my point of view while respecting the rights and beliefs of others.


My top priority is to work for the right Principal to bring and offer my service and loyalty.  Loyalty has always been my top priority in all my positions I have held, in addition to my strong work ethic.  I bring my British European etiquette, protocol and style I was taught growing up.  It’s with anticipation that I’m able to build a strong trusting relationship with a Principal I can support in all areas to assist him/her with their lifelong dreams and goals and to support their lifestyle which will improve their quality of life.


I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and the Philippines. I have dual citizenship in the US and UK.












My top three standards are Administrative, Housekeeping and Entertainment.

Administration:  One of my greatest strengths is my depth of knowledge of both Mac and PC operating systems. I can use most applications effectively including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). I have advanced skills in Excel that can be used for household budgeting, scheduling for the Principal (“Day in the Life,” etc.) and staff, inventory and event planning. I have more than 20 years of management and supervisory experience leading teams of ten or more.


I have managed vendors, contractors and service providers, built and managed budgets, secured estimates, reviewed and accepted bids and negotiated contracts. I have first-hand experience as a real estate developer in acquiring and renovating residential properties including demolition of existing structures down to the studs, designing the interior and exterior and managing the team of contractors that provide the labor. My experience also is extensive in managing investments and growing financial portfolios.  Every detail matters, from strategy to budgets to design, execution and managing a staff within all areas.


Housekeeping:  I am organized and meticulous with a keen eye for detail. I have excellent planning and execution skills that I apply to everything from maintaining a neat and tidy household to cooking, cleaning and laundry. I have the ability and am comfortable training the housekeeping staff, while upholding the home to the highest standards. I am very methodical in my cleaning style and have learned and function best by utilizing Zoning and have always relied heavily on Task Sheets for almost all of my work within the household. I function best in an exceptionally clean and organized environment and focus on creating that environment for others.


Entertainment:  I learned to entertain for large and small private events for donors and other groups while working for the CFO and Director of Real Estate Operations at Pepperdine University where I was enrolled as an undergraduate and took on an apprentice position while attending the University. At Scripps Networks Interactive, I was responsible for the complex strategy and planning of the high-profile events that marked the launch of our new networks. I created and managed events ranging from elegant and unique small private dinner parties to large-scale engagements for 50 people or more in different settings, cities and venues. In my time with the Food Network, I had the opportunity to work with world-class chefs including Emeril Lagasse, Giada De Laurentiis, Tyler Florence and Wolfgang Puck in putting together first-class private dinners and events, so I am comfortable engaging with high-profile culinary creatives.


Over the past 12 years, through personal and professional experience, I have coordinated numerous detailed dinner events. From selecting the ideal venue to designing invitations to choosing five-course menus based on the chef’s top recommended dishes, I have the skills to create high-quality, memorable special occasions. Due to my position at the Food Network and my past service position, I have worked with various high-profile culinary chefs and have created many elegant and unique ballet of services. Because of my extensive experience, I am able to care for my principal’s entertaining needs to the highest level. By mirroring previous events from my portfolio, I have the talent to create something extraordinary for the principal, as I understand the importance of entertaining special guests and have access to renowned chefs for inspirational entertainment events.

Because I have experienced the best of both the American and British cultures, I am able to apply the lessons I learned to provide the highest standards of service.


Technical Skills Synopsis:  


  • Recruit, hire and manage staff in accordance with state employment laws.
  • Identify and supervise vendors and construction sub-contractors. Negotiate contracts.
  • Create tracking system for budgeting.
  • Create inventory tracking systems for high net worth items within the home such as paintings and other valuable items.
  • Develop employee manual that includes rules, regulations. Implement relevant policies and procedures.
  • Utilize PC and MAC, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) Internet, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and a variety of MAC Apps.
  • Build a medical profile for Principal and family.
  • Utilize Starkey System to identify and organize the Principal’s service expectations.



  • Superior organizational skills and use of different programs to keep organized, in addition to having a meticulous eye for details.
  • Train staff in master bed making.
  • Train staff in proper care and cleaning of silver, glass, and china.
  • Train and supervise in cleaning different types of flooring such as, marble, tile and hardware, while also demonstrating the type of cleaning supplies needed for each including bio green cleaning products.
  • Coordinate cleaning and upkeep of Principal’s homes in various locations.
  • Recommend the level of skill needed for specific positions and evaluate each service staff using the Starkey Technical Skills Qualifier.
  • Zone the home, building tasks sheets for Chef, Housekeepers, Nanny.
  • Restock all cleaning supplies and assure a month’s supply is on hand at all times.



  • Maintain food and beverage inventories in all areas of the property.
  • Know where to shop for specialized foods and beverages.
  • Prepare weekly and special menus for Principal. Supervise selections of ingredients according to allergies and dietary restrictions. Work with chef for specific dishes and occasions.
  • Keep Principal’s, profile up-to-date for preferred snacks.
  • Prepare and cook simple meals including special diets and preferences as needed.


Clothing & Valet:

  • I have a great personal interest in clothing and fashion for both men and woman, based upon age, designers and styles. I know high-end fabric care, particularly suit fabrics and designers such as Emilio Zegna, William Fioravanti, David Lance, Jon Green, Gieves, Hawkes and H Huntsman and Sons
  • Pack/unpack for Principal based on business and/or leisure travel requirements.
  • Identify suits and clothing appropriate for business presentations and meetings.
  • Identify high quality fabrics for made-to-order suits, shirts and ties.
  • Basic hand-sewing skills for buttons and hemming pants.
  • Keep large walk in closets organized and seasonal clothes rotated.
  • Identify and schedule clothes for dry cleaning and pick-up.
  • Select and pack carry-on bag with back-up clothing selections.
  • Deliver and pick up exchanges of clothing, merchandise and other items for Principal, family and guests.
  • Shop for particular requested items at specific stores.
  • Work with personal shoppers.



  • Proper and appealing presentation of food and ballet of service for special events.
  • Creative flower arrangement and flower vendor selection.
  • Greet guests, family and entertain when needed.
  • Select entertainment for special events. Select venues and vendors. Work with event planners. Shop for event appropriate departing gifts for guests.
  • Identify and select chefs for special events including access to Food Network chefs.
  • Utilize the Starkey entertainment planner when planning events.
  • Provide American plated and English Service Styles.
  • Create and keep on file all sourced and vetted vendors, service personnel, and florist for last minute events.
  • Write up overview of large and small events and manage/assist kitchen staff and other household participants in organizing and servicing those events.



Grounds & Property:

  • Early morning and nightly interior and exterior walk through of the primary home.
  • Supervise pool and hot tub cleaning. Test chemical levels.
  • Operate and perform minor repairs to sprinkler system.
  • Year-round care of high-end wrought iron patio furniture.
  • Select and maintain plants and flowers for the interior and exterior of the home.
  • Organize and maintain garage space.
  • Plan hardscape/landscape projects based upon previous work with architects and contractors
  • Choose and budget for seasonal flower bed changes.
  • Travel in advance to Prepare secondary properties and grounds for Principal’s arrival.



  • Maintain accurate vendor lists. Assure all open invoices are paid on time.
  • Maintain warranties and maintenance manuals. Determine when extended warranties are necessary.
  • Maintain Smart Home technology.
  • Assure outdoor technology and lighting is working properly.
  • Create and maintain maintenance check lists for all system maintenance and household equipment.
  • Assure all fitness equipment is working properly, while training and supervising staff on proper daily cleaning.


Security & Safety:

  • Maintain easily accessed emergency contact information for all relevant and critical providers.
  • Perform scheduled check of smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and access to ladders in case of necessary use.
  • Operate security system alarms and cameras.
  • Keep first aid items available and informing household of where it is located.
  • Schedule and test back-up generators.
  • Place flashlights and batteries in strategic locations throughout the house.


Transportation & Travel:

  • Extensive global travel experience booking air, hotel, restaurants and entertainment events as both a household manager and corporate executive. Familiar with many makes and models of luxury vehicles including appropriate maintenance.
  • Arrange private travel and accompany Principal at most all times.
  • Verify all passports are up to date and relevant visas are current.
  • Pack and unpack for business/leisure travel.
  • Run errands, pick up groceries, etc.
  • Arrange for pick-up and drop-off with driver based on weekly and daily schedule.
  • Travel in advance to prepare the home for Principal’s arrival.


Personal Care:

Guest Care:

  • Schedule guest itinerary including trips to museums, parks and other guest preferences. Make reservations for restaurants and special entertainment events.
  • Identify food preferences.
  • Supervise guest meal service.
  • Arrange for flowers and other small gift items for placement in guest rooms.
  • Create a summary of guest preferences to familiarize the staff with how best to assure the guest’s comfort.

Pet Care

  • Take dogs, cats or family pet to vet and detailed groomer.
  • Maintain lists of medicines and administration times when necessary.
  • Prepare dogs and cats for transport, while walking dog(s) as needed.
  • Wash and dry dogs and cats using designated pet cleaning shampoo.


Elder Care:

  • Administer doctor-required medications as necessary.
  • Care for elder in early or late stage dementia. Can work with doctors and nurses on the care and medication needed for dementia patients. Have many years experience, as cared for my mother with dementia and have great length of experience
  • Sit and engage with elders.
  • Prepare all administrative activities for eldercare: Make lists of daily activities, therapy, medicines and administration times, doctors’ appointments, visiting with friends.


Child Care:

  • Administer medication.
  • Bathe and prepare for bed.
  • Identify and install safety features throughout the house.
  • Assist children with homework.
  • Supervise children throughout the day and evening.
  • Prepare meals for infants and children.
  • Secure parental permission for play dates or sleep overs.
  • Play with and read to.



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