My Top Standards:


I am part of a large family with five children, a career military father and a gentle Southern mother.  Although my parents are deceased, their legacy of instilling strong character, integrity and an incomparable work ethic have contributed to success in every facet of my work and private life.  While I consider Michigan my home, I have lived all over the world, and regularly communicate with my siblings to discuss family issues and catch up as friends.  Early on, I worked in the mortgage business; I reported to 3 company vice presidents and was responsible for the management of their sizable loan portfolio.  Direction of support staff through effective communication along with strong organizational skills and attention to detail helped our team achieve our goals.  These organizational skills along with the fastidious nature of my personality have been the key to my success in the world of business and have ultimately translated to my success in managing households.  Growing up, military service was my way of life, and now as an adult, Household Management service is my way of life.

As my career in Private Service has evolved, so has my family.  I cherish my time with my wife and children, and am fortunate that my wife is able to stay home with our children and provide a loving, nurturing environment for them.  Quality of life is very important to me – both in supporting my Principal’s quality of life, as well as having quality time with my family when possible.

I have been employed in a variety of Private Service positions, both as a Household Manager and as an Estate Manager.  Through all of these positions, I have preferred to keep my hands-on perspective.

I have assisted in all facets of management from working with vendors to supporting a variety of household staff.  This has included hiring caterers and supporting entertaining.  When asked to take on additional responsibilities, I view the challenge with enthusiasm – I always rise to the occasion and make sure the task is completed and lives up to or exceeds the expected standards. 

Earning my Household Management Certification at Starkey International allowed me to more clearly identify the strengths I possess and also acted as a conduit directing me to a specific career in private service.  When determining the area where the most satisfaction was derived, serving people’s needs always comes to the forefront.  I greatly enjoy being in a position that allows the utilization of my organizational skills and attention to detail, leading staff and taking that extra step to provide satisfaction for my employer in anticipating needs and “making a difference”. 

Administrative – I am highly adept at organizing office files, paying bills, developing and resourcing good employees and vendors, supporting daily household operations while keeping an overall household calendar for all daily, weekly and seasonal Housekeeping, Maintenance and Property & Grounds needs. Much communication tends to happen electronically, which I do very well.  I also excel at caring for valuables from furniture to artwork.  I have recently been part of a team at our property that developed an entire Maintenance Matrix covering all engineering and care needs for our property and grounds.

Housekeeping I have always enjoyed living and working in a very clean and organized environment.  I feel a sense of immediate satisfaction seeing a space go from messy or unorganized to clean and orderly.  Because of my hands-on nature, there is no task to large or too small for me to tackle.  I am comfortable training staff and upholding standards throughout the home.  I have learned that developing customized zoning and task sheets immediately raises standards within a home.

Maintenance I consider myself to be a “Jack of all trades” and capable of problem solving in a variety of situations.  I have performed basic maintenance tasks in all of my positions, as well as in my own home.  My maintenance skills have been honed over the years while maintaining large estates and properties both through hands-on tasks as well as managing vendors for larger or more complex projects.  Implementing task sheets and maintenance schedules has become second nature to me, and I enjoy seeing projects through from conception to completion.

Technical Skill Synopsis:


  • Direct and interact with staff to communicate standards of estate
  • Perform all HR Duties relating to staffing of estate staff (hire-extensive background, criminal, credit and drug test, termination, payroll, annual reviews) benefits administration
  • Select and manage benefits for yacht crew
  • Administrator for yacht and airplane entities
  • Manage all aspects of personal, property and business insurance for Principals and LLCs
  • Update insurance coverage as needed
  • Maintain inventory of all jewelry, silver and artwork purchases
  • Schedule and oversee extensive list of vendors
  • Act as liaison between builder and principals during large scale construction project
  • Work with attorneys, accountants and financial advisor team as needed
  • Assess and purchase all provisions for estate.
  • Process all mail, review all personal and LLCs invoices for payment
  • Manage all personal and business bank accounts
  • Update household management manual/task sheets as needed
  • Responsible for appropriation of funds for all operating expenses
  • Arrange movement of capital as needed
  • Manage annual foundation donations
  • Created and managed Household Management Manual and task sheets for all positions, to ensure accountability and consistency with service delivery on estate.
  • Conducted weekly staff meetings to address service delivery challenges and status of all maintenance and projects.


  • Created customized zoning for cleaning of multiple properties
  • Provided Housekeeping staff with task sheets identifying morning and evening daily graces, specific supplies to be used and frequency of cleaning for each zone
  • Research and implement most effective means of maintaining collections in home
  • Purchase all cleaning products/tools and monitor efficacy, revise as needed
  • Regularly review housekeeping “diary” of completed task sheets and do zone “walk” to ensure that all standards and preferences are being maintained


  • Created extensive “in residence” and “returning to home” grocery shopping list
  • Assess and monitor changing food preferences to be communicated to chef
  • Monitor standards of cleanliness of kitchen and all utensils
  • Interact with healthcare advocate and chef to assist Principals with implementing changes in diet as recommended
  • Assist chef in maintaining “specialty” item food inventory and rotation of fresh foods
  • Purchase culinary equipment as needed
  • Worked with Principal to create and implement a weekly menu and efficient shopping   practices with chef
  • Request special dietary needs of guests at home and on yacht to be communicated to chef
  • Presented “light” menu for evening/post work late night meals
  • Shopped and prepared approved items as requested
  • Maintain extensive cook book inventory

Clothing & Valet:

  • Creative at packing for short and lengthy trips
  • Understands fabric and seasonal wardrobe changes 
  • Skilled at basic “short order” repairs
  • Experienced with basic laundry, resourceful with spot removal and dry cleaning direction
  • Track all items when outside cleaning is needed
  • Enjoy and am comfortable with fashion style from traditional, modern to formal elegance
  • Experienced in creating a desired “look” for the occasion


  • Trained in formal dinner service
  • Assist the Principal in planning events ranging from large party with live entertainment, videographer, dinner service, educational-catered luncheons and small “intimate’ themed yacht parties.
  • Work with Principal in making event menu, floral and entertainment selections
  • Maintain record of all entertainment details-guest lists, menu selections; vendors chosen, attire, program and all billing invoices
  • Assist all overnight guests with ground transportation and overnight accommodation while attending events
  • Provide support to chef with order and inventory management of all household wine
  • Act as master of ceremonies and serve at events upon request

Technical Skill Synopsis (continued):

Grounds & Property:

  • Schedule and attend all meetings with Landscape Horticulturist and Principal to have consistent scope of all projects
  • Contributed to extensive written, structure and grounds hurricane protocol manual
  • Worked with liaison to create all physical structure maintenance task sheets
  • Review garden and maintenance diary to ensure standard compliance
  • Schedule and direct all outdoor service vendors as needed
  • Maintain date/time log for all vendors on property


  • Responsible for cleanliness and scheduling of maintenance/service for all vehicles
  • Document all maintenance and expense of all vehicles on excel spreadsheet
  • Work with liaison to monitor all maintenance through creation and utilization of task sheets: HVAC, electrical, water filtration system, pool
  • Select, schedule appointments and manage service vendors for repairs on appliances, personal devices and all structural elements on estate
  • Seek multiple bids for maintenance/repairs on large scale projects
  • Communicate with Principals regarding maintenance repairs on personal use boats

Transportation & Travel:

  • Assist Principal with selection of new vehicles
  • Manage maintenance and cleanliness of all personal use vehicles
  • Negotiate; finalize purchase and appropriate funds necessary to complete purchases
  • Communicate with necessary personnel to schedule use of yacht and airplane
  • Arrange all travel specifics-dates of private jet use, departure/arrival times, ground transportation (rental or hired driver-car), hotel and restaurant reservations, maps, local attractions, pertinent contact information and medical advocate/family/friend notification 

Safety and Protection:

  • Co-wrote hurricane emergency plan, clearly outlining all employees’ responsibilities
  • Created task sheets incorporating fence, gate, alarm checks into daily graces
  • Trained staff on alarm/emergency protocol
  • Monitor alarm system, functionality of gates and cameras
  • Designated as 1st to respond on security monitoring call list
  • Assign individual alarm entry codes to identify entry/exit in secured structures
  • Adhere to Principal’s requirement of maintaining a 2 gate barrier between security dogs and staff or vendors
  • All employment applicants undergo an extensive criminal and credit background check and drug screen

Safety and Protection (continued):

  • Require a signed Confidentiality Notice of all employees
  • Resource for the understanding of the protection that comes with implementation of   adherence to strict personal boundaries.
  • Maintain heightened awareness of security on or off the estate

Personal Care:

Child Care:

  • Provide supervision in lieu of nanny or parents
  • Manage social calendars including school activities and events
  • Provide transportation to and from activities

Pet Care:

  • Managed care of 5 large breed guard dogs
  • Created care, feeding and medication schedules to be used by supporting staff members 
  • Performed regular validation of care by review of schedules and post vert visit records. 
  • Ordered/maintained inventory of care supplies.

Guest Care:

  • Attend to personal needs
  • Provide for all required amenities and supplies prior to guest arrival
  • Provide transportation to and from airport and surrounding attractions
  • Create detailed itineraries

Elder Care:

  • Act as shopping companion
  • Par inventory for all medications
  • Interact with medical advocate team and health care providers
  • Schedule all appointments with doctors, specialists, physical therapists, etc.