Top Standards:
Clothing & Valet






Personal Statement:
I was born in northeast Poland, the elder of two children. Both parents demanded constant perfection, and to compete with my brother, I put extra effort into everything I did. I was brought up in a Roman Catholic tradition that taught us the importance of an honest, good, and humble life. We also value respect for others and accepting all individuals irrespective of race, color, or creed.

Because both my parents worked, I had to do daily housekeeping duties from the time I was 9 years old. My father is an electrical technician who worked at a rail station. My mother followed in my grandmother’s steps to become an executive assistant at a local bus transportation system. She was very hospitable and frequently planned conferences, events, and family gatherings, and I’d help by setting the table, arranging dishes or flowers, or cleaning. It was my mother’s skill that inspired me to pay attention to organizing, planning my work in advance, and emphasizing things in order of importance. I also learned not to postpone my duties, and respond as soon as possible to text messages or emails.

I attended the Teacher Training College in Ostroleka, Poland, where I learned English and basic French. At the age of 22, I flew to New York to enroll in English and computer courses. While living in New Jersey, I soon developed the wish to become a Registered Nurse. I attended Middlesex County College and started to do prerequisites for their nursing program. I continued requirements for nursing education in Miami and worked for a family with three active children. I was a housekeeper, personal assistant, and family attendant at their three properties. At that point in my life, I discovered my passion for organizing and taking care of clothing, as well as my eye for detail.

When I moved to New York, I realized that nursing was not the path I wanted to pursue. While assisting as a kitchen helper in Southampton, New York, I had an opportunity to see mirrored service during a fundraising party for 30 people that made quite the impression on me. And after working for various families with different expectations, I found myself interested in entering the Private Service industry. I attended the Starkey International Institute for Household Management in 2015 because I wanted to acquire more knowledge and deepen my skills.

After taking some time off to get married and have three children, I am ready to jump back into Private Service because I enjoy it so much and it’s time for me to utilize my skills.

As a loyal, discrete, detail-oriented, gracious, patient, and computer-literate person, I can see myself enjoying, pleasing and fulfilling others’ needs, assisting in their daily routines, and making an overall difference in their lives. I am bright and resourceful and would be an excellent role model for children.

My top four Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping and Clothing & Valet.


  • Able to use the Starkey System that identifies, defines, and organizes service expectations, and customizes service to the Principal’s personal needs
  • Tech savvy with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, internet, Skype, messaging apps, and all office equipment
  • Experienced working with a family office
  • Able to develop employee manual with rules, regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Experienced manager of household and family calendars
  • Addresses daily/weekly/specific requested tasks
  • Familiar with maintenance records, warranties, and collectible inventories (paintings)
  • Develops lists of medical histories and medicines
  • Familiar with vendor/architect/designer supervision and negotiation
  • Creates inventory lists for items that were purchased
  • Organizes files for receipts folders
  • Identifies yearly projects
  • Familiar with writing proposals and invoices in QuickBooks


  • Capable of zoning a home and creating customized task sheets for cleaning within an environment
  • Knowledgeable of proper housekeeping methods and capable of training staff in them (top to bottom, inside to outside, back to front, left to right, etc.)
  • Expert organizer with a meticulous eye for detail
  • Able to estimate the number of hours needed to be spent by each staff member
  • Capable of assisting and training in detailed/deep cleaning based on Mrs. Starkey‘s Fine Housekeeping Standards
  • Knowledgeable of the level of skill needed for specific tasks and able to suggest the qualified staff members to tackle the work
  • Capable of hands-on cleaning and training of different surfaces: marble, stone, tile, hardwood, windows, glass doors, metal doors, and gates
  • Knowledgeable of specialized cleaning products
  • Capable of caring for sports equipment (hockey, tennis racquets, and golf clubs)
  • Laundry expert and can train/supervise in sheets and linen ironing: mangle usage, pro steamer, and Rowenta pro iron
  • Supervises and trains staff in cleaning the fitness room and equipment
  • Trains staff in proper care of crystal, chandeliers, and china
  • Trains staff in proper master bed-making, folding towels, and placing pillowcases

Clothing & Valet:

  • Creates inventory of clothing and tracks dry cleaning
  • Develops a laundry plan for your house including sorting, washing, drying, and ironing (suits, office shirts and blouses); folds and puts away garments
  • Able to identify proper usage of chemicals and proper storage
  • Experienced with using the mangle ironing machine, pro iron, and steamers
  • Expert in the care of specialty fabrics (silk, wool, sport, organic cotton, cotton, and rayon), shoes, and leather, including hand washables
  • Capable of sewing buttons and performing small repairs
  • Rotates clothing for seasonal storage
  • Meticulous eye for detail and neatness of closets
  • Skilled at packing and unpacking for business and leisure travel
  • Skilled at maintaining Principal’s luggage in excellent condition
  • Experienced with clothing/merchandise exchanges and shopping for the Principal and family
  • Personally passionate about clothing and fashion