DSC 1823


    English Name Chinese Name    
(62)       Li HUANG     1016091544
  Miaomiao WEI 隗苗苗  
  Muling LIU 刘慕玲  
  Haiying WANG 汪海英  
  Tao XU 徐涛  
  Weiren LIU 刘维仁  
  Jun XIE      
    Peng WU      
    Rong PAN      
    Xianjiao GUAN 管先姣    
DSC 1729   Ling FANG     201301211604521422
  Zhuying HE 何祝英  
  Yuchen GUO 郭昱辰  
  Ren YANG    
  Guohua YUAN 袁国华  
  Kui XIA    
  Lingdi ZHANG 张灵娣  
    Jie SHEN      
    Yuqing Li 李钰清    
IMG 0590   Hanqing SHAO 邵汉清   DSC 1823
  Hongbing LIAO 廖鸿冰  
  Yihua HU 胡艺华  
  Chiping Chen 陈赤平  
  Yu  LI    
  Xin WEI    
  Xia HE    
    Ping YANG      
    Wenjuan LI 李文娟    
    Yan WANG      
1204060707   Hongqin HUA 华红勤   Onyx wedding
  Honggang CHEN 陈红岗  
  Fengzhu GUO 郭凤珠  
  Ming QI    
  Yuhai YUAN 苑玉海  
    Xiaoxiong AI 艾小雄  
    Bo HONG    
    Lan WANG      
cup-whiteJPG   Xinyu LOU 楼欣宇   Starkey 009
  Yuping HU 胡玉平  
  Lifang AN 安利芳  
  Feng Xiao    
  Mengyu ZHANG 张萌雨  
  Yi YIN    
  Juntao Zhang 张俊桃  
    Shuzeng Xin 树增    


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Testimonial: B. Drummond

There are no words to express how ridiculous these accusations are. This seems like an act of an individual that wants to shame and misjudge a woman that has worked hard to make her name and brand in this country, a woman that has been the aide of and for so many members of the African American community and many others from various countries myself included.

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Testimonial: J. Bates

Starkey International, is the best Estate and Household mngmt program in the country and arguably the world. As a graduate of both the standard and advanced course; as a practicing manager of a 50k sq ft primary and multiple residence operation; having a degree in hotel/restaurant mnmgt and been in military service for 24 years I feel fairly qualified to make these following statements.

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Testimonial: Johnathan RG

You are one of the most the most amazing person I had meet in my life, kind, caring compassionate, I experience this wonderful thing I have learned a lot from you is sad you are experience this situation, as a person of color make no sense for me , we love you Mary Louise Rohl Starkey
Johnathan RG

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Testimonial: T. Brown

Mary Louise Starkey has changed countless people’s lives,many colors,races,poor,rich -she has purpose and is kind helping our great military and the USA and many other nations....she is a family lady raising wonderful children and helping friend,relatives
T. Brown

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Testimonial: J. Stravoscoufis

"You and your team showed me so much kindness and understanding. You also taught me skills that I use every day in every environment...you and your team were a big inspiration in my life and a force for good. I would like to thank you for all your effort and true friendship you showed me. You are a class act and I cherish my memories at Starkey all the time."

J. Stravoscoufis, Starkey Class of 2004

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