Certified Estate Manager

Top 4 Service Standards: Administration, Maintenance, Property Grounds

Will go anywhere for the right position

Growing up in Oklahoma, the eldest of five, to a family of service hearts, it was only natural that I pursue a career in private service. My parents owned a hospitality business, as have most of my family on both sides. Both grandparents owned their own restaurant and worked well into their 90’s to ensure that the restaurants maintained a quality name and service was paramount to the customers.

While working with my parents and grandparents, I gained the knowledge of running a business. By working during the summers as a ranch hand on local ranches, I gained a good work ethic from many I consider my mentors. Early in my life, I learned to take care of others and be of service to my fellow man. This is what led me to military service, where I have served my fellow Americans for 20 years. Retiring in 2007.

The military has been an invaluable tool in my learning process. It has afforded me many opportunities in both personal growth and a career path in private service after I retired. The military provided me with leadership experience, knowledge of the food service field, and a vast background in everything from residential electrical, computers, and office protocol.

My Top 4 Standards are Administration, Maintenance, Property and Grounds, and Culinary. My administration experience includes being familiar with keeping personnel records, work schedules, records on property and vehicle maintenance, developing manuals for new homes along with strong leadership abilities. In addition, I have experience in travel arrangements & itineraries, credit card reconciliation, budgets, dining facility monies, and wine cataloging/tracking. My vast knowledge working with many contractors and subcontractors on new home developments and remodels along with maintenance and repair of most electrical, plumbing and carpentry issues, familiar with Crestron and Lutron Smart Home Systems reflects my various strengths in maintenance. In addition, my knowledge with outdoor water features (i.e. pools, spas, landscape watering systems, fountains, etc.), lawn care and grounds has shown property and grounds to be another of my top standards. I have an eye for detail and enjoy repair of any and all kind of property and/or equipment found on estates. I am trained as a classical French chef and pastry chef, holding 42 competition medals for cooking and being on the food network in a pastry competition makes culinary one of my many strengths as well.

I have been told that I have a great sense of humor and an infectious smile. This has helped me to maintain my composure in many stressful and high pressure situations. I believe what I can bring to any Principal is a wealth of experience, loyalty and a true service heart. I have lived my life by a simple Viking proverb: “A life without discipline is a life without honor.” I will forever be a disciplined service heart to honor our field.

• Maintains meticulous accounting of all household expenses and budgets
• Excellent computer abilities; skilled in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook
• Basic abilities in Quicken , employee time sheet and payroll
• Basic abilities with ADP payroll software
• Credit card reconciliation, private banking, and file management

• Trained, talented and experienced professional Chef skilled in Pastry and Baking Arts
• Winner of over 40 medals in American Culinary Federation competitions
• Equally comfortable planning gourmet meals for 2 or high-quality buffets for 1,000
• Experienced in both dining facilities and private homes
• Gifted in formal & informal dining
• Knowledgeable in a variety of specialty and restricted diets
• Provide training/supervision of Private Chefs; prepare meals 2 to 3 times per week

Clothing Care:
• Familiar with caring for gentlemen’s wardrobes and rotation system
• Experienced in shoe and leather care

• Coordinated events for high profile Heads of State and visiting dignitaries
• Experienced in producing memorable events for 4 to 1,000 guests
• Familiar with formal service and various international cultural considerations
• Produced up to 2 events per week, w/consistent average of 2-3 major events per month
• Familiar with organic cooking and many dietary restrictions

• 20 years of diligent housekeeping, upholding stringent military standards
• Passionate about keeping order and cleanliness throughout the home
• Experienced in the care of large fine china collections, silver, fine art and antiques

Grounds & Property:
• Provided hands-on care for landscaping and grounds for up to 3 acres
• Familiar with the care of fountains and other water features
• Experience in hurricane and storm preparedness

Home Interiors & Maintenance:
• Familiar with electrical, plumbing and HVAC operations and maintenance demands
• Provides hands on repair to save cost

Security & Safety:
• Possesses government Top Secret Security Clearance
• Extensive training in Safety and Personal Security measures throughout Army career
• Experienced with Home Security systems, including closed-circuit cameras, IR, advanced alarms and dedicated security telephone lines
• Familiar with Crestron and Lutron Smart Home Systems
• Trained in CPR, First Aid and various advanced Life Saving techniques

Transportation & Travel:
• Experienced Steward on Yachts (1.e. 182’, 55’, and 50’) and private aircraft
• Prepared meals/dinners and served for parties of up to 30 guests
• Familiar with the care of high end vehicles to include maintenance records
o 34 vehicles ranging from Bentley’s to bulldozers
o Farm equipment, Motorcycles, and Snow Mobiles
• Coordinated travel via airlines, private jets, helicopters, ships and ground vehicles
• Highly adept at international travel considerations
• Provided pack and unpack services
• Chauffeured principals during extended trips

Personal Care:
• Comfortable with children of all ages
• Served in homes with special needs children and adults
• Able to assist Elders with medications
• Cared for up to 20 house Guests; able to assist visitors with their special needs or requests with Concierge Services
• Knowledgeable in the care of a wide variety of Pets; able to assist with training, medications or special care