Top Standards





Personal Statement:

The Hensley Settlement still exists today as a tourist stop in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, where my family members first settled in 1903. I was born about 35 miles away in Harlan, Kentucky in 1964. My father was a mining engineer who ran a construction company along with his brother. My mother was a homemaker and entertainer, throwing casual barbecues and holiday parties for friends and family. Although money was occasionally tight, my parents instilled in me values of hard work, honesty and integrity that I carry with me in the way I serve.

My mother later employed a housekeeper and nanny to help around the house and with my two siblings and me. When I was 7 years old, I remember playing with matches and I set a bowl on fire. The nanny ran into the room screaming, and after she stomped the fire out, she sternly told me, “You promise me not to do it again and I won’t say a word.” She was part of the family, and I have fond memories of her.

At the height of my father’s business, he employed more than 1,000 people and was very successful. For one Christmas, the entire family—18 people—took an expensive trip to Disney World. Not too long after that vacation, my father’s company collapsed and shrunk down to five employees. My father signed over his car to me so that the IRS wouldn’t take it, and I remember counting pennies from a jar for Christmas. Even though times were tough, I never felt sad, but woke up every day with a smile on my face. It’s something I still practice.

I was 26 when I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in Florida. The cooks—in charge of feeding between 800 and 1,200 people, were all miserable and disorganized. I came in and wrote down jobs and timelines for all the cooks in the kitchen on a whiteboard, which everyone obeyed as if it was an order. It was the first time I realized my knack for creating process and order that improved the cooks’ jobs as well as the quality of the food.

During my 12 years with the Coast Guard, I held multiple roles, including inventory management of the cleaning supplies and food, for 110 people aboard the USS Lager during its eight-week tours. I also managed an inn in Kentucky, where I increased annual revenue from $250,000 to $625,000 over the course of three years.

I always bring a positive and humble attitude to the people I am serving. I listen well to my supervisors and those who report to me, and I create order and processes to get work done in the most efficient way possible. I have a Southern gracious work style, with always a sense of family. I also take notes and make lists as to not forget a single request.  I was born in the mountains and would prefer to find a position that is near to mountains.  I will serve wherever I am needed.  Thank you for the opportunity.


My top three Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping and Culinary.

Administrative: I have exceptional organizational skills in inventory control, contract negotiation, and with service vendors. I received the NAV award as the best records keeper in the U.S. Navy in 1996, which gave me the knowledge to be an expert with inventory and service contracts. I also understand how to lead a team with outstanding results. To me, tracking inventory in a home doesn’t just mean knowing the value of all items, but also their location, condition, and the cost of replacing them. Once catalogued, this information is greatly valuable in the overall operations of a home.

Housekeeping: I possess a great deal of knowledge in superior housekeeping standards in both military and civilian environments. I was responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Islamorada, Florida as the Food Service Officer. I also ran a 35,000-square-foot boutique hotel in Kentucky. I fully understand OSA and how important it is to have hazmat lists and how to store and use products properly. I will use my leadership skills to bring out the best in the staff and myself. I truly believe in teamwork. This is the primary quality I bring to each assignment.

Culinary: With 25 years of expertise in planning and executing meals coupled with a dozen diplomatic social functions abroad, I am uniquely qualified in culinary skills. I also held the position of bakeshop supervisor on board the CVC 52 Forstal. Stateside, I flawlessly implemented more than 250 executive social events within or below budget.


Technical Skill Synopsis:


  • Skilled with identifying and completing yearly projects
  • Capable of organizing files for receipts and maintenance records
  • Maintains household calendars and schedules
  • Develops and implements household rules and regulations
  • Oversees small remodeling projects
  • Specializes in inventory and logistics


  • Trains staff in proper housekeeping methods, including cleaning silver, crystal, chandeliers and china
  • Organizes staff and personal tasks
  • Evaluates the skill level of the housekeeper
  • Knowledgeable of cleaning products and their uses on various materials


  • Supervises methods of cooking and plans menus for the principal, taking into account their allergies and ages
  • Knowledgeable of shopping for organic products and healthy foods
  • Capable of storing food properly and rotating inventory
  • Creates daily menus and special event menus
  • Performs staff training regarding food safety and hygiene
  • Proficient with proper food presentation



  • Capable of flower arrangement for family events
  • Plans and executes large and small events
  • Knowledgeable of china, silver, and crystal care
  • Trained in properly greeting the guest, coat service and valet
  • Expert appetizer maker
  • Knowledgeable of mirrored, plated, buffet and other service styles
  • Capable of setting a table properly




  • Capable of changing air conditioning filters
  • Knowledgeable in bidding out vendor service or remodeling contracts in order to find the most qualified or cost-effective contractor
  • Knowledgeable of light bulbs, alarm devices and batteries in remotes
  • Checks smoke detectors and fire extinguishers


Security & Safety:

  • Experience in manning the alarm control system for the house and cars
  • Qualified for a private security license in most states
  • Provided prominent security at both the DNC and RNC national conventions


Transportation & Travel:

  • Familiar with different types of cars
  • Experienced in driving the principal’s car and transporting family members
  • Knowledgeable with communicating with private jet companies via phone


Personal Care:

  • Pet care: 20 years of experience taking care of dogs and cats, driving to the vet, providing meals and medications, and ensuring their daily exercise
  • Elder care: Capable of calling emergency care for principal and picking up medication
  • Childcare: Worked as a camp counselor for three years in charge of six young children for nine weeks at a time


Clothing and Valet:

  • Capable of developing a laundry plan
  • Capable of storing chemicals properly
  • Knowledgeable of proper ironing methods



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