jAtkinsStarkey Estate Manager
/Elder Care

Top Standards:
Clothing & Valet



Prefers the South East

I was born in Eustis, FL and raised near Orlando. My family came from a strong spiritual upbringing in a United Methodist and Southern Baptist community. I was raised in these faiths, as well as in the Presbyterian Church. Throughout my adult life, I have moved to a more non-denominational belief system, but I still hold the same core beliefs of those religions. My grandfather was an entrepreneur and owned a well-respected business in his community. My mother was fortunate to be able to stay home to raise my sister and me, in addition to helping my father with the various businesses he owned. Among those businesses were a coin-operated laundry, where I helped with small tasks in my youth; a citrus grove that produced oranges and grapefruit; and their primary business – a liquid fertilizer plant that served as my first paying job in high school. Because of these businesses and experiences, leadership was ingrained in me from an early age, and I was fortunate to witness strong leadership qualities from all members of my family, spanning multiple generations.


When I was in Elementary School, I naturally took on the role of caring for my younger sister. I prepared her breakfast every morning, helped her select clothing, and made sure we both left on time for our daily bicycle ride to school. In the evenings, I helped my mother with dinner preparations, household chores, organizing family parties and events, and keeping our home clean and organized. I have a natural affinity for a “house beautiful” style, and take great pride in maintaining a home that is presentable to guests at all times.


Throughout high school and college, I was always drawn to part-time work that allowed me to be of service to those around me. While pursuing entry into veterinary school, I worked in two veterinary clinics, caring for sick and injured animals, and putting their owners at ease regarding their quality of care and treatment. I knew that I was meant to work in an industry that allowed me to make a difference in the lives of others. I was able to truly build upon this affinity toward service after completing my BS in Biology. Starting my career in environmental remediation sales and assisting businesses of all sizes clean up their liabilities, to my true passion resulting in a more direct means once I entered the medical sales profession working in both pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


I have always felt satisfied knowing that my work has had an effect on others, even though I was seldom recognized for doing so. Throughout my work history, I constantly had physicians and surgeons recognize the benefits of what I was selling and the high level of service I was providing them. I can remember a pediatrician pulling me aside and telling me that my product “saved the life” of a patient in his practice. The sense of satisfaction, service and pride only allowed me to confirm that I was making a positive impact in people’s lives each day.


I have developed a unique work style throughout my career that has often been described as “focused, yet flexible”. I enjoy seeing projects and tasks thorough to completion, and take great pride in meeting or exceeding expectations. I have often been commended on my ability to lead, rather than manage, and have adapted my communication style to suit the situations in which I find myself. My adaptability enables me to work well with people of all cultures and backgrounds, creating a true sense of teamwork and camaraderie.


My top three standards are: Administrative, Housekeeping, and Clothing & Valet



  • Certified Estate Manager through Starkey International
  • Able to implement the Starkey Management System, creating a Household Management Book for use by staff and Principals
  • Ability to observe, identify structure, organization and standards to work efficiently.
  • Able to lead by example and motivate staff to work toward a common goal
  • Clear, concise communication, tailored to the specific preferences of a principal, guest, staff member, or vendor
  • Working knowledge of QuickBooks, MS Office, Mac and PC equipment
  • Human Resources ability to recruit, hire, train, and discipline staff in accordance with Household expectations
  • Calendar management including personal and professional appointments, as well as scheduling staff and vendors
  • Able to identify areas of need within an environment and determine the best course of action
  • Familiar with sourcing and vetting vendors for special projects and needs



  • Completed Starkey International’s Fine Housekeeping Standards course
  • Knowledge of the Starkey Management System and related aspects needed to effectively manage the cleaning of the Environment(s).
  • Able to properly zone a house and create task sheets, including inventory and product lists, for efficient and effective cleaning
  • Understanding the tasks (re: task sheets) but also the required tools, supplies and equipment to satisfy associated tasks.
  • Possess Household Etiquette – able to schedule staff to accommodate Principal’s schedule and preferences
  • Knowledgeable in the cleaning process of high-end antiques, special surfaces, and
  • Understanding protocols of performing laundry duties and providing leadership to effectively execute these duties
  • Create and maintain inventory lists for proper products and tools to be used in the home

Clothing & Valet:

  • Experienced in packing for frequent business travel, ensuring proper care of garments in the process
  • Able to plan ahead for various weather conditions to ensure adequate amounts and types of clothing
  • Knowledgeable in the care of fine fabrics including in-home care as well as managing dry cleaners and furriers
  • Document and inventory articles of clothing sent out for repair or specialty cleaning, and manage the process from start to finish
  • Familiar with different methods of closet organization
  • Comfortable working with a laundress to assist with the laundering process in a home
  • Able to quickly and efficiently iron men’s and women’s clothing, as well as table and bed linens