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In our 41 years of Household Management education and placement, we have become experts in placing our Graduates with the right employer.

We have integrated our patented Service Management System in our placement process for both employers and our Graduates. This process enables graduates to identify their perfect position, and for Employers to know their precise needs. It’s called our Personal Statement process and it is offered in our Relationship of Service program.

This has made our graduates savvy about what they bring to a potential employer, and what will make them happy in a position for the long-term.

Employers, ask us about our available positions. 

Starkey is now recruiting for the following positions:

Position Title: Household Manager
Location: North Carolina & Florida

Details: Very busy family, 4 young children, 11,000 sq ft primary home with additional farm in NC and condo in Florida seek a highly organized Household Manage
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Position Title: Estate Manager
Location: Hilton Head South Carolina

Details: Busy young couple seeks a very smart Starkey Grad, detailed, highly seasoned with business mind, mechanically experienced
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Position Title: Household Manager/Cook
Location: D.C.

Details: Household Manager-Cook/ DC Very busy family seeks Starkey Grad with top standards I. Culinary, Administration and Housekeeping. Work with and support
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Principal 2035
Position Title: Estate Management
Location: Syracuse NY

Details: Busy couple seeks the support of a true Starkey trained Estate Manager for large compound and home, guest home and more
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