Estate Manager/Personal Chef

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Available for short terms Private Chef positions anywhere

I was born in Newark, New Jersey.  All the men in my family were hard working; my grandfathers who were a barber and a dairy farmer and my father, a V.P. in industrial real estate and machinery sales.   The women in my family (mother and grandmothers) were child rearing housewives, working was of no interest.   I picked up on my father’s work ethic early in life and always envisioned myself destined for a career.  I started working while in high school and never stopped.  I was raised in the Jewish faith and this is where my Service Heart began.

I grew up in the metropolitan, suburban town of Maplewood, an hour from New York City that was to become my home and college town.  Having experienced the divorce of my parents, I learned at an early age to fend for myself as they were somewhat pre-occupied with their newly single lives.  I cooked for my siblings, did my own laundry, inspired myself to be well educated, cared for our dog and became a responsible, nurturing family member.   My mother’s good friend was a foodie and I wanted to be one too.  Cheese and bread for dinner, rare beef, the end of Cantonese and the onslaught of Szechuan and Hunan, Northern Italian, not pizza and spaghetti, it was all so exciting.  Asian and Italian were just the beginning—regional Mexican became an obsession.  I was privileged to take a course with the amazingly accomplished Diane Kennedy, the queen of fine authentic Mexican.  My curiosity has led me to taste and recreate the flavors of many foreign lands and it still persists.

Starting my adult life at N.Y.U., studying Speech Pathology/Audiology I intended to teach the deaf.  The curriculum wasn’t all that interesting to me and one visit to the Culinary Institute of America was it.  As I awaited an entry date, I became Marlo Thomas’ personal assistant and learned a lot about celebrity lifestyles as well as New York City.  That was a great distraction as I anticipated first day at the most celebrated school of its kind.  I arrived, the spark, the “ah-ha” moment, I was in heaven.  I ultimately achieved the Francis L. Roth Award for Most Outstanding Student in my class of 72 students.  After graduation from the C.I.A., I took off for Chicago and ended up the Pastry Chef at the Ritz Carlton, Water Tower.  Then I went on to a famous Nouvelle Cuisine restaurant, Le Perroquet.  I came back east after     2 ½ years in the Windy City and got interested in the gourmet/catering business which was a new concept at the time.  I became a “teacher” while running my gourmet shop with sister and brother (for 23 years), having to oversee every item sold.  Everything needed to be consistent and up to my standards.  I enjoyed long term relationships with my employees, suppliers and patrons.   The untimely death of my brother, 50, left me a homeowner with 3 large dogs, a drastic lifestyle change for me.  I learned quickly, how to install gardens, make household improvements, and manage maintenance and vendors.  I became an entertainer, held all family gatherings and continue to carry on my brothers wish to “be the peaceful center” where all could come and expect great food and a warm, fun atmosphere.

All these experiences have helped to expand my “service heart”, a way of life for me.   My culinary range is vast and it’s my pleasure and my calling to share that with discriminating clientele.  My entertaining skills are tried and true, with decades of experience and accolades and eventually working for selected customers as private chef.  It turns out to be a great opportunity to use all I’ve learned: classical French, Italian, Mediterranean, Cajun and Creole, traditional Holiday foods, extremely wide variety of pastries, cookies and baked goods.  I have run 3 businesses and a house and find many similar administrative requirements for that of running and organizing an estate, staff, expenses and especially an estate kitchen.

My top Service Standards are Administrative, Culinary, and Entertaining.


  • Work within Budgets and Fiscal Management
  • Solicit desires of the Principals and implement
  • Develop and enforce a Household management system
  • Communicate with The Family office
  • Keep track of collectibles and inventory them
  • Manage Vendors, Contracts and Resources
  • Staff Training, Supervision and Management
  • Develop Service Relationships
  • Manage multiple properties
  • Create Day in the Life schedules
  • Manage all correspondence
  • Purchasing luxury items and products


  • Design Menus
  • Prepare meals and serve, most ethnic cuisines
  • Comfortable creating simple meals with everyday items
  • Shop for specialty and everyday foods
  • Cater events including menu, décor, and ambiance
  • Set up a workable flow and equip kitchen
  • Diligent about cleaning and sanitizing kitchens and food prep areas
  • Inventory kitchen and proper storage
  • Manage a kitchen
  • Paring food and wine or alcoholic drinks
  • Very familiar with kosher, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, low-carb, Atkins diets


  • Execute events from start to finish using the Ballet of Service
  • Design menus to incorporate the Principal’s theme or vision
  • Provide service at the table in Russian, English, American Plated, and French styles
  • Choose flowers arrangements
  • Manage event correspondence including invitations and RSVP’s
  • Create a desired ambiance
  • Source and book venues
  • Hire and train staff
  • Prepare event budgets and reconcile expenses after events


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