I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and I’m the fourth of six children. I have two older brothers, older sister and a younger brother and sister. I was raised in a Roman Catholic Church and a military family where following the rules, discipline, and order was the norm. I grew up in the Lower Ninth ward, in New Orleans Louisiana. I’ve lived in several places, but I truly enjoyed living in, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Unfortunately, my neighborhood I grew up in was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. My mother was a stay at home mom until my parents divorced. Being thrust into a single parent environment; along with my siblings my mother taught us to cook and clean. I learned to be well organized at a very young age. It was then when I realized that I had a Service Heart. I learned there was a place for everything and everything has a place. In 1980, I began my cooking experience in the New Orleans, French Quarter cooking with some of the finest chefs in the region.


In the year of 1983, I joined the U.S. Army Reserves and relocated to Huntsville, Texas and began to work for Texas department of Criminal Justice as a Correctional Officer in the Food Service Department for thirteen years.  I then joined the Active Army in the year of 1997and retired 2016. My continued service for 33 years to the military was highlighted as I was chosen as an Enlisted Aide to serve Generals in their homes. In the year of 1986 I married a young lady from Huntsville, Texas and we began a family. I today I have three children, two daughters and a son. My family and my spiritual well-being are important to me. I have instilled the rules, discipline, and order in my family just like it was instilled in my brothers, sisters and I. It is important to me that my kids understand that service is what we are here for. The best feeling is in giving service. I think everyone has a Service Heart and may not know the strength of having one. Just to have a heart is a blessing in its self, but to have a giving heart and know it, is the ultimate feeling in the world.


I am a very adaptable individual and can work in a variety of situations with ease. Relationship styles that I possess allow for me to interact and perform as needed with Principals that are highly structured, professional, direct, and value long-term employees. I fully understand that flexibility is a must because my duties may be dependent upon overall service needs. I like a business-centered or family-centered environment, where boundaries are set in professionalism. High work ethics with a no-nonsense approach is the key to being a successful Household Manager; it gives the staff true directions of the management character of their Principal.   I would like my staff and/or vendors, to perceive me as a true professional. Through my example they too can accomplish anything they put their mind to. I would put an emphasis on growing and nurturing the current team and as a team we will pride ourselves on always meeting high standards, safety and being confidential and discrete about the Principal and the family.


My top four standards are Administrative, Entertainment, Housekeeping, and Culinary. Administrative because I was raised in a structured home and that’s where I received my natural aptitude of order.  Housekeeping keeps me going, I like things clean and organized. My environment must always be ready for the camera at all times. I have an eye for detail and it was honed during my experience in the U.S. Army, in Food Service and supporting my Generals. Culinary and Entertainment is the ones I mostly enjoy because it is the formal service that everyone takes with them the greatest experience that the art will provide.  Being raised on Southern Style cooking, it became my forte; and I share as much as I can, with guests. I will bring experience, my exceptional high standards, flawless attention to detail, and loyalty to my peers and employer. Which are attributed to my military experience as a Household Manager/Chef.



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