Top Standards






I am a third generation culinary artist, my Father and my Grandfather are both Chefs’, my mother is a Pastry Chef. I began working for my father in his restaurants at age 13 doing everything from washing dishes and sweeping floors, to serving at tables and of course cooking.  My father taught exact cleanliness and my mother shared her creativity with me.  Growing up and working in my family’s restaurant and bakery, I had the good fortune of learning first hand from my parents the importance of being respectful, honest and generous to others.  Later, I too attended culinary school and I consider the culinary world to be my path in life.


Over the years my morals have not changed.  I am friendly, outgoing, and most important, a caring person.  I believe that I can directly relate my fate of having two loving daughters to my stable and constant upbringing.  These values carry over from my personal life to my professional life.  Creativity, excellence, self-respect and loyalty are some of the values I find the most significant in my career.  I am highly organized, a hard worker, and a team player.  I remain calm in high pressure situations and am able to prevail and get the job done.  I believe a kitchen cannot run smoothly and creativity cannot flow without these attributes.


My top Service Standard is Culinary.  I chose the culinary arts not only due to my strong influences growing up, but because of the creative outlet making food allows me.  My style of food is making beautifully presented, tasty fare.  From five-star to casual, from home cooking to grilling out, I enjoy seeing people satisfied after eating my creations.  This gives me great pleasure and motivates me to continue producing the food I so enjoy making.  My second Service Standard is Entertaining.  I love to utilize my entertaining abilities in flower arranging and the use of nature in creating the perfect arrangement, table settings, linens, and crystal.  I enjoy creating just the right culinary menu, discussing it with my Principal, and finally doing menu cards with the family’s family crest at the top.  I currently am responsible for 2-3 events per week, both large and small, and often with high profile guests.  I also am adept at mixology; I track favorites in recipes, preferred drinks and more. My third Service Standard is Administrative.  I am computer literate, excellent with people, and have experience with the management of vendors and contractors.  In my current position, I have been taking on more estate management responsibilities. This is an area that I enjoy and would like to focus my career more on household management. I am friendly, easy going, giving, comfortable to be around, and always willing to help.


I am seeking a new position in a private home as a manager/chef.  I have learned I can make a difference in the lives of those I serve. I am free to travel as requested to other homes.  My two children are a great joy to me and support me fully.  I am 46 years of age, a lover of the outdoors, and I love to fish. I currently live in Fairfax, Va. but am renting and will re-locate as needed.

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