Top Three Standards:






I was born in Newton Kansas, a small Midwest town to a 22-year-old single father. We lived in Kansas till I was 4 years old then we moved to South Florida, so my father could enter the restaurant industry. I spent most of my childhood in restaurants helping him with anything I could. As an only child, with a young entrepreneur father, I became very self-motivated and developed a very high work ethic. Every Sunday, church was a must at my home; we attended local Baptist churches instilling deep morals for doing what is right. When my father and I were not at the restaurants, I would cook for him, clean or organize our home. Growing up the way I did my service heart appeared well before I even realized it.

When I was 14, my father married, and I gained an instant mother, brother and sister. The marriage gave me the family I never had; though I loved them; it taught me patience. I am a dedicated, loyal, detailed orientated individual making my career choice in service as my ideal match. My service style is modern and technology-driven. The perfect position for me would be a personal assistant and or a household manager for a busy household.  

My top three service standards are Administrative, Housekeeping and Culinary.


  • Top level administrative support as a Personal/Executive Assistant
  • Expert MS Office computer applications as well as Quicken and more
  • Management of employees, staff training, policies, procedures and payroll¬†
  • General Knowledge of Spanish


  • Able to zone a home and create customized task sheets
  • Hands-on supervision of housekeeping staff
  • Development of standards and product use


  • Good family style cook who can provide healthy balanced meals with fresh ingredients
  • Grew up with father who was an entrepreneur in the restaurant business