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Top Service Standards:

Personal Care (Guest Care)




I was born in Brooklyn, New York and am a second generation Italian American. I am the oldest of three children with a younger brother and sister, and we were raised in a hard-working family with a Catholic foundation, though I no longer practice. My mother was a stay at home mom and homemaker. My father owned a Window Company that manufactured and installed Vinyl Windows. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a Long Shoreman and my grandmother worked in an Umbrella Factory. My grandfather on my father’s side was a stonemason and my grandmother was a homemaker.

I knew I was right for service at a young age when I was in grade school. When I started school, I quickly became the “teacher’s pet” and was always finding ways to assist my teachers with even the smallest task – sweeping floors, erasing the blackboard, etc. As I grew older, I realized the power of “paying it forward” and always tried to do so when possible.

Housekeeping and organizing were introduced to me at a young age through household chores as a way for us to earn an allowance. I was always very clean and neat. My mother eventually allowed me to work alongside the housekeeping service we had in our home, and I found great satisfaction in helping to keep our house clean and tidy. My eye for detail and organization began as a child. When I was in Junior High, I took it upon myself to start organizing our garage and I immediately felt relief as I cleared the clutter and made sense of the chaos. I discovered at that time that I am able to think more clearly in an organized space, and I have maintained that attitude as an adult as well. I have always been very observant - straightening crooked pictures, setting clocks that were off by 5-10 minutes, cleaning my white sneakers when they had marks on them. I also used my eye for detail when building my first home as an adult – I completely gutted and remodeled the home and had to work closely with contractors, architects, and engineers in order to make sure that my vision was executed correctly.

Throughout my life, I have been commended for my Leadership ability, as well as my tendency to be a ‘giver’ to those around me. My leadership skills were initially developed through team sports, which I competed in throughout high school. I was an avid soccer player and served as the team captain for an Olympic development team when I was 18. In this role, I consistently led by example, putting in long hours alongside my teammates for training and development. We competed against some of the top athletes in the world in our sport, and I discovered that I am not easily rattled in high intensity or high pressure situations. During an impromptu scrimmage against the USA Women’s National Team, I was commended by Mia Hamm for my leadership abilities on the field – I have never forgotten that moment and was very humbled by her acknowledgement. My giving nature has been proven time and time again from as early on as grade school. Whether it was loaning a classmate my extra tie or going above and beyond for a tenant to ensure that their event was all that it could be, I rarely think twice about giving of myself to improve the situation of another. I find deep satisfaction
in knowing that I am able to provide that level of support and assistance to others. I truly believe in the mantra “no task too great or too small” and live by it consistently.

I have always had the attitude of “just do it” when it comes to solving problems and have developed a work style that reflects this attitude as well. Even when I’m faced with a task I’ve never completed before, I tend to be excited by the challenge and enjoy learning new ways to solve problems. Honesty, respect, and hard work were instilled in me from a young age and are still the values that I believe in. I treat everyone around me with honesty and respect and I give my all in everything I do. My current goal is to find a family who appreciates these values and allows me to grow my skills in regard to managing an Estate and its staff.

My top Service Standards are: Administrative, Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Personal Care (Guest Care).

• Trained in the Starkey Service Management Model
• Hiring, termination, and training of staff
• Manages schedules, calendars, and household budgets
• Use Apple iPhone and tablets
• Proficient with Windows and Mac operating systems
• Comfortable communicating via phone, text, and email
• Performs inventory and maintains par-level stock
• Ability to multi-task
• Purchasing of Supplies including paper products, office supplies, and perishables

• Naturally Detail and System Oriented
• Experienced creating customized Task Sheets for daily, weekly and seasonal tasks
• Knowledge of cleaning equipment, products and methods
• Experienced manager and supervisor
• Effectively implement the Starkey Household Management system to include zones, task sheets, and inventory lists
• Plan and direct team members to carry out their duties
• Utilize keen eye for detail to ensure the highest level of service in regard to housekeeping and cleanliness
• Maintain housekeeping budget including labor, supplies, and equipment
• Ensure appropriate maintenance of all housekeeping equipment and tools
• Maintain inventory of tools and supplies used in housekeeping activities
• Comfortable training housekeeping staff in proper procedures and methods of cleaning

• Extensive knowledge and experience in home maintenance and repair
• Keep detailed records of warranties, routine service, and service providers
• Implement and practice preventive maintenance
• Superior knowledge of plumbing, electrical, mechanical systems, roofing, foundation repair, framing, tile work, construction materials and techniques
• Perform basic maintenance and repairs; hire vendors/contractors as needed

Personal Care:
Guest Care:
• Offer suggestions for unique attractions and things to do while visiting
• Provide transportation to and from airport and around town
• Identify preferences and communicate with other staff, as needed
• Coordinates hotels, restaurants reservations
• Coordination, setup, opening and operating of exclusive visitor accommodations

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