My top standards are

Clothing & Valet

My name is Stuart Lockridge. I was born and raised for the early part of my life in Madison, Indiana. I have two brothers. My older brother is a computer technician at the University of Wisconsin. My younger brother is the Assistant Food and Beverage manager at the Hotel DuPont in Willington DE. I am married to a wonderful woman. She is a photographer.  We have two grown children. My oldest in the night manager at the Target Distribution Facility in New York and my youngest is a recent graduate with honors at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  During my high school years, I worked in a Marriott. That’s where I knew I was born to be in service. I worked as a dishwasher until given the chance to work as a cook. I worked there and at a Bed and Breakfast until I joined the Navy.

I joined the Navy to learn more about cooking. I learned very quickly what I wanted to do, and that was work for Admirals. I really enjoyed seeing how happy I could make people, just by the type of music played during a meal, to the type of flowers on the table, as well as the food itself. During my time in the Navy, I worked for 30 Admirals and numerous civilian leaders.

Recently as a separated Navy veteran I attained the rank of Senior Chief.  I have years of experience leading and managing teams and working with Senior Military leadership as my superiors, I seek to continue use of these gifts.  I am an excellent motivator and leader of private service staff.  I am self-motivated and a hands-on hardworking professional.  I actively seek additional responsibilities and can quickly and efficiently resolve problems. I have over 25 years as an Enlisted Aide serving Admirals in their homes.  I was seen as a Senior Enlisted Leader with experience managing homes and facilities, on-going daily operations, logistics, setting up management systems, training, and developing team members. I’m eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and with excellent organizational skills.   I also have international experience in Europe with a clear understanding of U.S. and foreign nation Protocol and event planning. I am motivated to learn, grow and excel.

I am looking for a principal who communicates well and allows me to use all my skills to help make their life easier.  My communication style is direct or texting works.  I am outgoing, yet humble as to my accomplishments.  I love working out and jogging.  I am seeking the right personality where I can make a difference in their life.