My Three Top Standards are:







Personal Statement:

I was born in Arkansas to a large military family so structure and discipline were a part of everyday.  As a child we moved to Dallas where I went through school and this was the start of my culinary career. With my Father and two of my Aunts being chefs, the choice to pursue a service industry job was there from the start. My Mother was a nurse so there was never a lack of work ethic in our household. I have a very strong work ethic. I am a Christian and I have been married for five years now.  With my family military experience and the military experience as an Assistant Household Manager/Chef I have developed a love for Service.

Being raised in Dallas was a wonderful experience as opposed to living in Arkansas. Being introduced to such a wider scope of individuals from different parts of the world was most adventurous and inspiring. With this growing up I feel I was raised in several parts of the world at the same time.  I consider my dearest friends my brothers and sisters. Today we are a very close family with other cultures such as Spanish, French, and Asian back grounds.

I still stay with my Madre, Olga Rivera when I am on leave from Iraq. Since the passing of my biological Mother she still has my old room ready for my wife and myself anytime we are home in Texas.

With work I was lucky to start out at an early age of 14 and by 17 was working in fine dining establishments. With this hard drive and training from European Chefs I was fortunate enough to train in classic French and Italian Cuisines which set the stage for many years of fine dining and at four and five-star hotels and restaurants.

Service as in our industry is an absolute in that when we enter the industry till the day we leave, it defines itself and is constantly just that…a service that we provide form ends of the spectrum.

For me a service is a feeling of wellbeing within the environment that I undertake each day to care for and constantly maintain for my Principal and Families. For me the ideal goal is to find a family where my service fits what they are in need of. To be able to have a happy family to take care of makes a world of difference when waking up to go to work each day and to end the day fulfilled.

Though this has not always been attainable with the years spent in the Middle East; I have believed it will come one day.Being able to procure a position as an Estate Manager, one of the most valuable assets I bring is Peace of Mind. A principal must have Peace of Mind in feeling comfortable in the decision to have the EM take care of their home. This not only is form the point of the structure itself but to the trust that the EM has the best interest of the family at the forefront at all times.

My management style is open and direct.  As the Assistant Household Manager in Bagdad, I have managed other household staff and worked as a Chef.  I am a leader and I treat others with respect. I am a no-nonsense hands-on type person and I get things done with a team approach.

My top three Service Standards are: Administrative, Culinary and Entertaining.


As part of many teams around the US and across the globe I have been able to work in many administrative areas; from opening hotels to leading teams in the Middle East of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. There is always a way to reach people in a common goal and direction.


As a highly trained Chef my Culinary Skills range from Classic American, French, and Italian, Tex-Mex, Asian as well as baking and pastry. Many years of diligent work and travel have been wonderful to undertake.


I have had many different and memorable times entertaining. From Hula-Hooping for the late Ross Perot as a gag by his POC in Dallas, Texas at a Banquet, to seeing over President Obama`s meet and great in Kabul, Afghanistan. I have had many times to remember.

 Technical Skill Synopsis:


  • Experienced in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Supervised groups ranging from two to over thirty people
  • Proven ability to effectively direct complex functions
  • Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Experience managing a private club with a budget of over 1.4 million dollars as well as the food and beverage operations of another private club
  • Excellent staff and vendor relations; works closely to accept bids and oversee the work of contractors
  • Superior customer relations skills and a very good memory for people
  • Able to maintain personnel & schedules within household directives as needed.
  • Demonstrated talent for communicating positively with clients and staff
  • Well prepared to support positive household relationships
  • Can effectively train employees in procedures
  • Able to successfully adapt skills to new responsibilities and changing needs
  • Adept at promptly identifying and resolving issues
  • Used to a very intense schedule


  • Very high attention for detail
  • Experience managing Housekeeping staff and ensuring quality control
  • Able to establish cleaning Zones and Task Sheets
  • Maintains everything in its’ place at all times
  • Enjoys working in an organized and neat environment
  • Able to coordinate daily, weekly household needs with hands on approach as needed.
  • Managed 7-10 Housekeepers


  • Has a growing passion for cooking – over 30 years
  • Exceptional track record in diverse food service operations, including Private Chef, military support, restaurants and hotels.

Technical Skills Continued:

  • Knowledge in planning menus and enhancing quality
  • Skilled at directing productive kitchen functions
  • Maintains compliance with safety and sanitation standards
  • Skilled Chef with 30+ years of fine dining, hotel and restaurant experience.
  • Responsible for all daily meals and special functions
  • Deep knowledge base of International Cuisine
  • Received commendation from U.S. Military for success in increasing food quality and variety
  • Managed ordering and inventory for several locations
  • Excellent Chef

Clothing Care:

  • Organizes closets for seasonal changes
  • Packs for both leisure and business travel
  • Able to sew and make needed repairs for clothing


  • With orchestrating many events, has an In-depth knowledge and experience with all types of event planning
  • Coordinates Russian, French, English and American Plated styles of meal service
  • Manages corporate events, special celebrations, and fund raising events
  • Maintains excellent working relationships with vendors for events: photographers, florists, specialty cakes, DJ’s and bands, and prop vendors
  • Have successfully taken care of HNW individuals, to include head of CIA/FBI as well as Vice President and President of the United States.
  • Forecasting functions on and off premises
  • Have prepared events for State, Military and Diplomatic Envoys
  • Can direct all Food and Beverage services for events

Grounds & Property:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in basic lawn care, weeding and mulching
  • Coordinate with landscaping and ground keepers weekly.



  • Can identify issues
  • Can work with vendors for maintenance repairs
  • Have an established daily and weekly punch lists as to ensuring all components within the household are fully operational.


Security & Safety:

  • Establishes and implements security procedures
  • High profile Military and diplomatic needs to ensure 100% compliance
  • Has worked with President’s and other high profile government and International guests
  • Being in the Middle East for the past years I have worked with many Military and Personal Detail Detachments ranging from movement control to firearms and hand to hand combat.
  • Envoys as needed within Scope of Work as “Secret Clearance Level” mandates

Transportation & Travel:

  • Enjoys coordinating and participating in travel
  • Coordinated daily with Protocol and State Department on movement of VIP`s as well as the Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador.


Personal Care:

  • Guest Care
    • Treats everyone as a guest and sees this as the highest level of care that a person can give to another
    • Have taken care of meetings, tea breaks, and VIP Guests that stay with us for extended periods of time.



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