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Adopted at a young age, I was raised by a German family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  My father was an engineering technician for the city of Milwaukee, and my mother was a wife and homemaker. I was the second child, with a brother two years older than me. My family was Lutheran and I started my education at Mount Calvary Lutheran School.

I knew that I had a service heart at a very young age. I first started earning money by helping my aunt with entertaining. Aunt Eleanore loved to entertain her friends and family in a formal manner. I started by helping her with putting out the linen tablecloth and setting the table.  Serving dishes, clearing the table, hand washing the crystal and china were also part of my duties. I remember being so small that I needed to stand on a stool to do the dishes at the kitchen sink.

Growing up, I enjoyed keeping my bedroom clean and helping my mother with ironing and cleaning the house. Polishing shoes and cleaning silver and brass at home helped when I joined ROTC in college and later enlisted in the Army as a Military Policewoman. I took pride in my uniform and even earned some money doing tailoring and sewing for my fellow soldiers. My home maintenance skills increased and remodeling became my hobby.

Working as a Certified Household Manager in New Jersey for an Italian and Jewish family, I learned to cook Italian and Jewish dishes. Honoring both cultures was not only insightful, but a true delight and I enjoyed making a positive impact on the family and making their lives easier.

My re-certification as a Household Manager has brought my skills to a high level of sophistication and depth. I am well positioned to take full advantage of my natural capabilities as a superb organizer and systematic manager. In addition, my experience as an internal auditor has taught me to be keenly aware of my environment and to take immediate action to correct problems or potential concerns.

The decision to move my dying mother into my home in 2012 was life-altering. I eventually quit working in order to provide her with 24/7 care. I’m thankful I had time with her and to give her appropriate and loving care, but I’m ready to take what I learned and jump back into private service.

Truth and honesty are extremely important to me. I live my life according to the guiding principles of Christianity, I’m conservative in my beliefs and I possess a strong work ethic. A natural problem solver, I prefer to stay busy and desire a full, multi-dimensional day. I am divorced, and my goal is to work in private service anywhere in the world for as long as I am able.


Administration: I have undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Art, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and certification in Project Management. I am familiar with PCs, the Microsoft Office suite and the patented Starkey Management Model. I have experience managing staff, including schedules, calendars and household budgets.


Culinary: I am a trained household level cook comfortable with creating simple meals with everyday pantry items. I can read any recipe and I enjoy preparing comfort foods as well as vegetarian, diabetic and other specialty diets. I like a very clean kitchen and I enjoy cooking certain ethnic cuisines and I am also able to take care of shopping, inventory, and food storage.


Entertaining: I am able to follow Emily Post’s standards of etiquette, and I’m able to coordinate and execute formal and informal entertaining events, care for crystal, china and silver, and create floral arrangements. I have experience with the care and use of fine table linens. I am interested in wine, the marriage of food and wine and Wine Cellars. I enjoy gift wrapping and appreciate a gift wrapping center and system. I am able to create a desired ambiance in the home based on a Principal’s standards.


Safety and Protection: As a U.S. Army Military Policewoman, I am very aware of my environment and what happens around me. I understand what is right and wrong and take immediate action to correct problems and concerns. I am capable of operating home security systems and security for personal and residential security.


Technical Skill Synopsis:


  • Undergraduate degree in Business Administration
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration
  • Certification in Project Management
  • Familiar with PCs, the Microsoft Office suite and Starkey HQ Software
  • Trained in the patented Starkey Management Model
  • Capable of performing payroll duties and other HR tasks
  • Knowledgeable of QuickBooks and other higher-end accounting programs
  • Experience managing staff, including the Zoning of the home, creation of daily and weekly Housekeeping Schedules and Task Sheets, maintenance of Household calendars and Household budgets


  • Capable of Zoning a home for cleaning and creating daily Task Sheets
  • Experienced in hands-on management of a part-time housekeeping staff
  • Knowledgeable in the care of high-end antiques, artwork, and other collectibles
  • Knowledgeable of specific cleaning and laundry products and their appropriate use


  • Trained household level cook comfortable with creating simple meals with everyday pantry items
  • Familiar with comfort foods, vegetarian, diabetic and other specialty diets
  • Experienced in cooking and learning ethnic cuisines
  • Certified Level 1 Sommelier capable of pairing food and wine
  • Able to do shopping, inventory management, and food cost control by preparing, canning and freezing

Clothing and Valet:

  • Able to launder, iron, and steam high-end and custom tailored clothing
  • Knowledgeable in wardrobe care including specialty fabrics, shoes and leather goods
  • Capable of sewing buttons and performing minor clothing repairs
  • Able to rotate clothing for seasonal storage
  • Trained and experienced in organizing closets and packing for both international and domestic business and leisure travel


  • Able to plan and execute formal and informal Entertaining events, including buffets and receptions, for up to 200 guests
  • Knowledgeable in the care of fine crystal, china and silver
  • Created floral arrangements for multiple Entertaining events
  • Experience with the care and use of fine table linens
  • Trained in Wine Cellar Management and hold a certification as a Level 1 Sommelier with knowledge of the pairing of food and wine

Grounds & Property:

  • Management of a property with six formally landscaped acres employing a crew of five landscape vendors
  • Knowledgeable with horticulture, flora and fauna, having designed and cared for the formal landscape of my half-acre personal residence
  • Knowledgeable with care of plants in diverse climates


  • Able to maintain warranties, manuals and specifications
  • Experienced in sourcing, managing and supervision of up to 13 vendors for a property of 7,500 square feet, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, swimming pool and spa equipment
  • Capable of performing inspection and maintenance on HVAC, plumbing, electrical and swimming pool and spa equipment systems
  • Experienced with conducting construction and remodeling projects, including the creation of additional bedrooms and bathrooms

Safety and Protection:

  • Defensive driver with clean driving record
  • Trained to Military standards in patrolling and securing the residence and perimeter of the property emphasizing constant alertness to changes in the environment
  • Served as a U.S. Army Military Policewoman for three years
  • Certified in First Aid and CPR

Transportation & Travel:

  • Coordinates vehicle maintenance schedule, insurance, registration and licensure for 12 vehicles including collectible cars
  • Experienced world traveler including more than 12 countries in Australia, Europe and Africa
  • Clean driving record
  • Experienced in providing daily chauffeur service for the children of my Principal

Personal Care:

Child Care:

  • Experienced caring for children ages two and 6 years old
  • Natural affinity and life experience in raising two step-sons
  • Trained and experienced in providing personal protection for my Principal’s two children

Elder Care:

  • Trained in emergency procedure, infection control, safety and fall prevention
  • Comfortable with assisting with hygiene and basic daily functions
  • Natural affinity and communication style with the elderly
  • Life experience with relatives and friends including the care of my mother following major surgery
  • Capable of preparing special dietary needs and comfort foods and providing mobility support
  • Provide positive encouraging atmosphere for mental health

Pet Care:

  • Knowledge and experience in daily care, grooming, nutritional support and veterinary care of dogs including Border Collies, Staffordshire Terrier and Labrador Retrievers
  • Familiar with the mitigation of human allergic sensitivity to dogs
  • Provide special diet, transportation and clothing for pets

Guest Care:

  • Experienced in caring for frequent high level house guests
  • Familiar with Guest Management Profiles, identification of favorites, special service, amenity needs and concierge duties
  • Able to provide special dietary needs and comfort foods, including weight management regimes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol care


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