Starkey Household Manager/Property Manager

9-9-16-website-profile-picTop Standards:
Property & Grounds
Safety & Protection


Prefers West Coast



A recurring thread through my life’s story has been stability - long-term factors which remain constant for years. I was born into a stable family, literally a stone’s throw away from the house where I would raise my own children. I held a job at the same company as a Master Electrician for 19 years, until I decided to pursue a career Household Management.

I grew up in the typical Midwest American household. My father retired as a supervisor for an automobile company, and my mother retired as a school teacher. My parents are among my best friends, and though now separated by 850 miles, we try to see each other at least two or three times a year. My siblings - an older brother and younger sister - have both married and started families out of state. I enjoy spending time with both my siblings when our busy schedules allow it.

After I graduated from high school, I began my studies at Michigan State University. In my sophomore year, I married my high school sweetheart, Lauri. She worked as a cosmetologist while I finished my electrical degree. Over the next several years, we both continued to work, and I became certified as a Master Electrician and was employed by an industrial chemical-release manufacturer. My wife stayed home when our daughter was born. A year later, we moved into our current home, and a year and a half after that, my son was born. We have home-schooled them the whole way, both are now pursuing careers of their own. For fun, I enjoy playing hockey, and initiated a hockey club, which I oversaw and coordinated for many years. I also handled the finances of the club.

I value an environment in which honesty and hard work are appreciated. I do not like to play games with relationships, and appreciate people with whom I feel free to be mutually open and up-front. My Midwestern work ethic means that I work hard and am very focused on a task set before me; I see projects through to completion. It would be my pleasure to work with others who have a similar willingness to work - whether it be working out problems, or working to accomplish a project. I also value and strive for perfection, ensuring that my work and the work of those around me are the best they can and should be. Truthfulness and hard work are essential parts to any type of professional or personal relationship.

My top standards are: Administration, Maintenance, Property & Grounds, and Safety & Protection.

• Looks at the big picture as well as the details
• Plans ahead and follows through
• Works well as a team, whether in management or team member
• Managed accounting, church meetings, and safety team, and property and grounds.
• Very good at trouble shooting and offering solutions
• Will not allow chaos, must organize to run smooth
• Can compose and follow schedules
• Coordinates different schedules to achieve desired results
• Has experience with vendors and contractors
• Trustworthy, efficient, caring and precise
• Over 9 years’ experience managing all aspects of an estate

• As a master electrician, I have over 20 years of experience in commercial, industrial and residential electrical work
• Have installed HVAC units, including water source heat pumps, solar, and geothermal units
• Did rough and finished work, drywall, roofing, window installation, and insulation in numerous remodeling jobs as a carpenter
• Worked as an interior and exterior painter for 7 years
• Completely remodeled 2 homes every room from top to bottom including gas lines, water supply and drains
• Have extensive experience running and maintaining equipment and tools (chain saws, tractors, rototillers, edgers, kerosene heaters, snow blowers, lawnmowers, and woodworking equipment)
• Have an eye for what needs to be done
• Enjoy the process of maintaining and repairing
• Served as Building and Grounds Chairman of a gun club and actively maintained the grounds and buildings
• Confident in this field and feel it is my specialty
• Proficient with all aspects of maintaining a home, equipment and appliances.

Grounds & Property:
• 30 years’ experience with personal garden and landscaping
• Knowledgeable and competent mowing, trimming, and fertilizing lawns
• Experienced in preparing soil by de-stoning and composting
• Have weeded, transplanted, divided and cared for many annuals, perennials, bulbs, tubers, shrubs and trees
• Have an eye for texture and placement of plants in flowerbeds
• Have experience with bobcat work, bush hogging, and cutting down large trees
• Served a gun club as Property and Grounds Chairman, and took a hands-on role in maintaining the building and grounds
• Enjoy making things look neat, well-maintained, and beautiful
• Maintained all the grounds of a 117 acre estate

Safety & Protection:
• Have been trained and certified as a First Aid and CPR provider, hazardous material technician, and chemical spill responder
• Leader of a safety team for an industrial chemical corporation
• Fire brigade member trained in prevention, fire fighting, search and rescue, and incident command
• Trained in AED use
• Trained and practiced in personal protection with firearms and preventive measures
• Have checked and maintained fire and burglar alarms
• Have installed basic CCTV and Smart Home equipment
• Safety and security are very important to me and I do what it takes to make sure that those in my care are safe and secure

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