Top Standards:

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Personal Statement:
The genuine care and comfort of my employer will always be my highest mission. I pledge to provide the finest personal service for my employer who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined level of attentiveness.

Even very young in my life, I became the go to concierge for my family. My father was the Executive Vice President of AT&T while my mother was an exceptional homemaker. I remember our household as affluent, yet down-to-earth and full of love. I learned the proper social graces, but I was also allowed to raise chickens at our home.

I have always been drawn to the service industry. While obtaining my bachelor’s in business administration I Resort Management from the University of Hawaii, I received scholarships from the Dean’s National Restaurant Association, the Travel Industry Management International and the Hilton International. Following graduation, I went on to accept a Corporate Management Trainee position through the Hyatt Hotels. This is where I gained not only my understanding of proper housekeeping and how to manage a staff, but also developed a real eye for cleanliness and hospitality that lasts with me through today. I then attended Starkey International and was immediately hired by the legendary, Mr. Bob Hope and I stayed with him until he ultimately required nursing care.

My top three service standards are Entertaining, Housekeeping and Administration.

Entertaining Standards: When it comes to organizing household events, I thrive on pulling together a truly memorable occasion. It doesn’t matter what size of the event, from a few for an intimate dinner to a gala with A-List entertainers for several hundred. Thanks to my formal training and experience in the hospitality industry, I think in terms of meeting necessary details and planning timelines. I have learned how world-class entertaining is conducted. Holidays, birthdays and golf tournaments were true affairs. I handled every detail, from polishing the silver to receiving the guests.

Housekeeping Standards: This is still one of my biggest passions. No matter what my title or position, I have always noticed the fine details that others may miss. I believe in evaluating my staff to assess their knowledge and then developing training and support to raise their abilities to my high standards and those of my employers.

Administrative Standards; I have managed extremely large and complex estates, as well as handling the turnkey operations for both private homes and aspiring 5-Star hotels. I excel at setting up systems and service standards. Managing vendors and creating schedules for maintenance, grounds care and vehicle care is second nature. I can handle the Accounting; Human Resources and Policy Development that make an estate run smoothly.

My style of service will enliven the senses, instill well-being, and attempt to anticipate and fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of my employer. The standard of service in my employer’s household will be upheld for their family, friends, and business associates.

Technical Skill Synopsis:
• Extensive experience with multiple properties and large, complex estates, some in excess of 65,000 square feet on 120 acres.
• Detail-oriented, focused and direct; specializing in establishing management systems and organization
• Extremely skilled in setting household standards and hiring, training and supervising staff members to meet expectations
• In charge of the household inventory: fine art, wine, libraries and vehicles collection
• Assisted with Starkey International Site Visits, drafting reports to address service requirements and recommended procedures

• Formally trained housekeeping manager from world-recognized 4- and 5-Star hotels
• Able to hire, train and supervise housekeepers
• Establishes proper cleaning procedures; recognizes how to identify necessary staff requirements for any size residence up to 40,000 sf
• Hired by some of the best estates and hotels to establish cleaning standards

• Talented in creating menus for everyday meals
• Experience with preparing and serving a variety of meals with a focus on nutrition
• Very conscious of safe food handling and sanitation techniques
• Capable of hiring and managing a full-time chef in the home

Clothing Care:
• Provided personal valet service for world-recognized entertainer
• Experience managing gentleman’s closet; pack/unpack services
• Skilled in closet organization and ongoing inventory considerations
• Personally, responsible for maintaining Principals’ professional image

• Planned, organized and supervised extensive entertaining calendars
• Managed all aspects of the events
• Events range from dinner parties to galas with over 350 guest and A-List performers
• Manage all details for the events, including budget, locations, menu selection, catering companies, entertainment and various vendors and
additional staff
• Skilled with invitations, seating charts and printed menus

Grounds & Property:
• Oversight of estates with 100+ acres
• Management of private island’s grounds, including beaches, marina, hiking trails and other features
• Maintenance of private golf course, outdoor pools
• Proper care of European gardens, marble statuary and fountains

Home Interiors & Maintenance:
• Expert in vendor management and contract negotiations
• Completion of construction and renovation punch lists
• Prepares residences for habitation post-construction
• Coordination of interior designers, including by remote locations
• Supervision of estates with 150,000+ sf of interior space
• Oversight of homes of up to 65,000 sf
• Open/ closing of vacation homes and estates
• Addresses maintenance concerns of extreme conditions: beachfront, cold weather

Security & Safety:
• Adult First Aid and CPR Certified
• Managed safety for A-List celebrity

Transportation & Travel:
• Comprehensive travel planner and concierge, both international and domestic
• Travel with high-profile principal to locations around the world
• Maintenance, registration and storage of extensive rare vehicle collections
• Experienced chauffeur
• Secure travel contracts and in-flight service on Gulf Stream private jets
• Professionally trained customer service airline agent

Personal Care:
• Served as personal care provider for aging gentleman
• Provides world-class, 5-Star guest care, including concierge services and coordinating ground transportation
• Excellent with children and pets

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