Certified Household Manager Personal

Personal Statement:

I was raised in a small, warm, loving Southern Christian home in Dickinson, Texas, a place where moral standards and discipline were strictly enforced. Singing and playing musical instruments in our family’s church every Sunday gave me an appreciation for the tenacity of the human spirit, while interacting with members of the community taught me the importance of human service. Growing up in such a close-knit community allowed me to develop a strong sense of place. I am of African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Black Foot Indian descent. My Mother and Grandmother raised our family to show dignity and respect to everyone we meet while honoring and serving them in an attitude of excellence.

My father was an Executive Chef for a private family in Manhattan, New York and my mother served as an Executive Assistant for a bank Manager in Dickinson, Texas. The gift and occupation of service hood have been passed down throughout our generations. I was always driven to aid people since the age of 11 years old, in which I eagerly cooked, cleaned, and anticipated my Mothers needs before she even asked. While attending high school at the age of 14, I sacrificed my extra-curricular activities to take care of my Grandmother, who was paralyzed on her entire right side. Other family members were astonished at the care I gave her, including feeding her, changing her soiled clothes, and changing her bedpan. I wanted my Grandmother to feel independent, as I was honored to serve her amid her disease and frailty.

While serving on Active Duty in the United States Army for 22 years, a few trainings I received included Culinary Arts, Household Care and Management, Executive Health Care and Management, Human Resources, Training and Development, Data Analysis, and Organizational Development. However, throughout my military career, I did not realize that I was strategically placed in positions lacking structure until 2004. I particularly remember one time in 2013 when I was hand-selected out of 67,000 on the Fort Sam Houston Army Base to serve as the Deputy Director. Even though this was not my initial job, I served my supervisor in gratitude.

I have served in numerous leadership positions throughout my military career. Even though these positions were rewarding and fulfilling, I wanted to serve the soldiers and civilians of the unit in a different capacity. After serving in a leadership position, in which I had 414 subordinates, I was selected to serve as an Enlisted Aid, which is the equivalent of a Household Manager in the Military. I knew that I would love every aspect of being an Enlisted Aide and decided to expand my skillset into the civilian sector by attending the prestigious Starkey International Institute for Household Management.

I am the perfect person for this position because of my previous military background, innate ability to anticipate needs, high disciplined lifestyle, and focus. I am passionate about serving others, which can be seen in my personal life. I am not married, nor do I have children. Therefore, I will give 100% in fulfilling all of my military duties and obligations. I have an Christian Southern service style that would bring warmness to any home. Even though I have many moral values that are most significant and dear to my heart, my top value is “honor”.

Honor is the center of all my core values. Unfortunately, honor is lacking in America and many other countries. If you choose to honor someone else above your wishes, regardless of a person’s political beliefs, lifestyle, religion, culture, ethnicity, then love, respect, and integrity will follow.