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I was born in Aberdeen, WA. My father was in the United States Coast Guard and he moved our family across the country several times. When I was six we moved to our forever home in the charming southern town of Charleston, South Carolina. My mother worked full time and my father was underway on the ship the majority of the year. So, my two older sisters and I learned to take care of ourselves from a very young age. We were responsible for our own chores with little guidance including laundry, cleaning our rooms, and cooking. I was very independent as a result of these early responsibilities.

We were raised in the Catholic Church and were involved with church and community events as often as possible. We often helped at charity events, holiday volunteer events, spaghetti dinners, and wrapping presents for the less fortunate in our community. I always had fun helping at these events, and looking back, I believe this is where my Service Heart was first realized.

Realizing I wanted to be in the service industry didn't come as a surprise. Even as a child, I always did my chores and wanted to help others. I wanted to make sure that my mom didn’t have to worry or stress about housework when she got home from working long days. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time, but I knew that it made me happy to help her and to try to make her happy.

My parents divorced when I was 13 and my father moved back to Washington state. I struggled after their divorce but eventually decided to truly invest in my future and my love of helping others. I attended the College of Charleston and got my Masters degree in Education, thinking I wanted to be a school teacher.

After college, I was craving adventure and chose to deliver sailboats as a way of traveling and exploring the world around me. During one trip, I spent a great deal of time reflecting on what made me happiest, and I discovered that the open ocean and making people happy ultimately made me happy. It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to work in Private Service, and that yachting would be the perfect blend of ocean and service. I returned to the Miami area and quickly found a position onboard a yacht as a Stewardess. Over the course of three years, I advanced in positions within the yachting world and I fell in love with the art of serving others onboard yachts. It was humbling working for some of the most amazing families chartering our yachts. I could present a spotless, clean, comfortable environment and they were so all pleased. The captains and the first mates were able to take the guests to the most exotic and incredibly beautiful places around the islands. The chefs and I were able to treat the guests with the most delectable meals with world class service. Their reactions to our efforts absolutely proved to me that there is real love in this world.

Being able to present a comfortable space for others is a special gift. Taking care of others is definitely ingrained into my soul. The lessons I learned early on about taking care of those less fortunate have stayed with me and I am proud that I am able to volunteer with my local food bank and charity events. I have found that love is the common denominator throughout all cultures, and this gives me hope. I know that this world, these people, all of the lessons I’ve learned were all here to teach me to care for others. It’s all laid out and I simply need to follow my heart and it has brought me this far. I am now seeking a genuine relationship where I can be a true “go-to” person and directly impact the lives of those I serve. I want to be in a land-based position where I can develop relationships with those around me and the local community. I am seeking consistency and a position where I know I am appreciated for my efforts.

My top Service Standards are Administrative, Housekeeping, Culinary, Entertaining, and Travel & Transportation.

• Reception, screening calls, making reservations, and managing calendars
• Creating a detailed Household Management Service Delivery System using the patented Starkey Service Management System
• Managing accounts and budgets
• Record keeping and maintenance logs
• Creating and updating inventories
• Managing vendors and keeping logs
• Interviewing and hiring staff
• Tech savvy and Macintosh based
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

• Implementing a customized Housekeeping Management System including zoning and task sheets
• Natural and organic products knowledge base
• Care for fine linens and sheets
• Highly systematic organizational skills
• Detail cleaning
• Delicate cleaning of chandeliers
• Carpet cleaning including spot removal and fine rug care
• Eye for detail and “white glove” standards
• Performs hands-on cleaning, no job too big or too small
• Performs Daily Graces to bring a home back in order

• Personally enjoy cooking and baking
• Comfortable preparing breakfast and lunch
• Experience as a cook in high volume restaurants
• Room and tray service
• Menu planning including buffets and special events
• Experience working with caterers and chefs to deliver high-end meals
• Food safety and handling training
• Menu planning in conjunction with a chef, accounting for dietary restrictions and preferences
• Purchasing of perishable and non-perishable food items
• Manages inventories of all food and food service items

• Tending bar, wine and cocktail service
• Silver Service Certified
• Formal dinner planning and execution
• Table settings and formal table service including French, English, Russian, and American Plated
• Comfortable creating unique flower arrangements and working with floral warehouses
• Knowledge and care for silver, china and crystal
• Experience working with a high-end caterer to produce lavish events
• Wedding planning including timing, procurement of necessary items and working with vendors
• Hiring vendors: Rentals, lighting, staging, musicians, caterers
• Yachting entertainment
• Comfortable working with high profile guests
• Organization of staff and security during events
• Establishes amenity and gift wrapping processes
• International perspective regarding etiquette and protocol
• Cigar and Cognac service

Transportation & Travel:
• Extensive personal travel experience, both domestic and international
• Many years’ experience as Chief Stewardess onboard luxury yachts
• Private jet and airport jet pickup/drop off
• Automobile maintenance schedules
• Packing/unpacking for travel
• Itineraries, bookings, reservations, programming
• Comfortable working with yacht captains and crew

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