Certified Household Manager


Personal Statement:

I was born in Amman, Jordan, and grew up in a large family. My parents worked very hard to raise us through hard times, but their patience, hard work, and discipline allowed them to succeed in their family life. They taught us all that if we want something in life, we would have to work hard to earn it. So, I remember most of my childhood was going to our farm and working on it. When I turned 13, my dad started to talk to me as a mature young man by giving me the opportunity to make decisions, lessons from his experiences in life, how to treat and deal with adults, and what to expect out of life when I grew up. As we lived under our parents’ roof, we were all taught to be respectful to others, honest, straightforward, and loyal. I must say they invested a lot of time teaching manners and ethics. Our house was always full of relatives and guests who came to visit us. So we had to socialize and entertain our guests and serve food and beverages to them. They also taught us how to be hospitable warm and welcoming to our guests and the people who knocked at our door. All this hard work paid off when all my parents started to see their children graduating from colleges and now with great jobs and all married to beautiful families

 As for my role, I went to a military high school where I learned more discipline and team loyalty as a young man. Upon graduation from high school, my parents helped me to get a college scholarship to either become an airline pilot or go to the United States and attend college. I chose to come to the US at the age of seventeen. I attended the Language Institute at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C to improve my English. After a year, I was accepted to Daytona Beach Community College where I finished my two-year diploma in Hospitality. I decided to continue my education and was accepted to Florida International University which is known for its hospitality program being third in the world. Two years later, I received my BA in Hospitality Management. While in college, I got my first job working as a dishwasher to earn extra money. I also started to build up the technical skills and education needed to be successful in the hospitality field. I was well-recognized by the upper management at Marriott for my hard work which put me on their management career path program. They had me work just everywhere in the hotel which was a great experience to this day. I have worked with them for about 7 years and after that, I was recruited to open a multi-sport food and beverage club called Dune Club Amman-Jordan. This was my first large opening experience where I set up the food and beverage standards manual and policies for nine F&B outlets. After a successful opening of Dunes Club, and the opportunity of Planet Hollywood needing a GM and Area Assists Leader. We opened Planet Hollywood Amman, Sharm Al Sheik, Egypt, and Beirut, Lebanon. In 2001, I decided to go back into hotel operations, so I accepted a position as the Food and Beverage Outlets Manager at the Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Island. A couple of years later, I was called by the Fairmont Human Resource Regional VP-Middle East and Africa offering me to re-join the Fairmont Hotels and Resort in the capacity of Food and

Beverage Director for the Fairmont Tower Cairo-Egypt. After five years of Fairmont experiences. I decided to take my knowledge and experience to a different level of service and that’s “Royal Service”. That’s where my true     Roya service began as I started my role as Deputy Director of Hospitality for King Abdullah of Jordan and the royal palaces and continued service for 10 exciting and tough years. I also must say during those years I was blessed with learning every day and developing operations when it comes to royals, head of state visits, protocols, airport welcome, accommodations, entertainment, reception, dinner arrangement, and many private programs. I describe myself as very hands-on employee.  My style as a leader is to work hard and smart, utilize the people whom I manage well, and look for ways to improve the daily tasks and project implementation. My people skills include being fair to all employees, but disciplined. I am a self-driven individual and have the capability to think outside of the box and master the moment. I have been described as formal yet friendly, professional, polished, detail-oriented, service-centered, international in style, and humble. Moving to my last employment, I was recruited to work as GM of Royal Service, for the Private Royal Affairs of Saudi Arabia. During the past three years, I was able to work on so many improvement projects but the main big one was to a replacement, and upgrade the food and beverage operation for more than 17 palaces across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These projects wear replace most of the China, service equipment, uniform, table linen, buffet equipment, staff training, and uniform, and recruit additional 175 staff members. The results were amazing and satisfactory to the principal.

My top standards are AdministrativeHousekeepingCulinary, and Entertainment.

Administrative: My passion for administration came when I was a young kid; I always felt like taking the lead for a group of kids at the time. Nowadays, my strength has increased because of my work experiences where I learned how to communicate, supervise and delegate duties, conduct professional meetings, maintain daily tracking of tasks, negotiate with vendors, hire and counsel staff, keep clear records of all expenses and approve invoices, handle petty cash, and set up standards and policies for staff to follow. I have the ability to plan ahead for future events and projects, keep good records of inventories and purchases and handle multi-tasks. All these can be easily transferred to household management allowing Principals to be more comfortable and not have to deal with operational daily tasks. 





Personal Statement Continued:

Housekeeping: I always like to live and be around places where everything is just beautiful and clean. My five-star hotel experience has increased my knowledge in the housekeeping area where I learned how to be hands-on with the housekeeping team, coordinate the daily, weekly, and details cleaning tasks, how set high standards expected from the housekeepers, strong knowledge of what areas need to be cleaned on a rotation base like zoning the home. I have a deep appreciation for collectibles, fine china, and crystal.  I am experienced in spot-checking assigned tasks and cleaning programs and have knowledge of how to handle housekeeping stock items and inventories.  

Culinary: I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen since I was a little child when I used to sit next to my mother and watch her cook for us as a family. This passion continues to this day. I received culinary training at university and the places I worked such as Capital Grille, La Roaches School, Marriott, and Fairmont hotels. I have been in the food and beverage industry for 25 years and still enjoy it. I have planned and managed events from 20-to 5000 guests. I have planned events from royal weddings, large banquet events, and state dinners for heads of state. I am knowledgeable about food quality purchases and have the ability to produce high-end menus and recipes for any event theme. I am well-trained in Food Safety and Hygiene (HACCP) and can work with Principal’s flavor profiles to constantly exceed their expectations. I am also very knowledgeable about international cuisines.  

Entertaining: I came from a family where we had guests in our home at all times. I consider myself an outgoing person who always enjoys meeting new people from all over the world; I also majored in Hospitality Management at Florida International University- Miami, Florida. At the university, I learned all the technical skills needed to be successful in planning events. Forty percent of my current work is planning and entertainment events for the royal family from heads of state visits, entertaining his majesty’s private guests at the guest palace, coordinating large private events with party planners, equipment rental, caterers, floral designers, entertainers, training staff of the different serving styles

(French, Silver, Russian) and the ability to order, organize, and inventory housewares, fine China, silver flatware, service ware, crystal stemware & table linens.