Starkey Estate Manager

rc0134Top Standards
Administrative, Culinary and Housekeeping






Personal Statement:
My contribution to private service is a passion for people. One of the reasons I have stayed in the service industry for so long is that I am intrigued by all of the different personalities I have encountered. I have met some truly wonderful people throughout my years, and I have learned something from them all. In private service, I strive to be the very best manager, and would expect excellence from everyone who was in service for that particular household. There is a delicate balance between personal and professional relationships, and over the years, I have learned to maintain that balance. I am a strong person who has learned how to be gracious yet firm with all types of people from all walks of life.


In all of my years of hospitality service, I have continued to learn. I believe that attending Starkey International and receiving a certification in Household Management has furthered my pursuit of knowledge and education. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that education never stops. You learn about people, learn about subjects, learn new perspectives and learn about life. I want to push myself to improve both personally and professionally.


I have been in the Service Industry for many years and have learned some of the basic elements of Household Management prior to attending Starkey International. I am known for being responsible and doing what I say I am going to do. I consider Household Management to be my chosen career choice. I have managed property, been the sole caretaker for owners living in other cities; I know a great deal about cooking, housekeeping, maintenance and wines.


My top three standards are Administrative, Culinary and Housekeeping.


Administrative – I enjoy finding the right person for the right job and I have a very good sense about people. I like to explain what is expected of a certain job and give detailed instruction if troubles arise. I have managed properties for many years and have good experience with the use of computer programs to facilitate needs.


Culinary – My favorite standard is culinary.  My own life is busy and I like to eat really good food, so I plan. I know how to bring healthy food to work and enjoy taking care of my family’s eating needs. I am constantly trying new recipes to add to a rotating list of favorites.  The farmers market in the summer makes eating even better with fresh local ingredients.


Housekeeping – I enjoy organizing a house and figuring out the best patterns for cleaning.  Zoning a home and creating customized task sheets helps facilitate this process. I recognize clutter and my motto is “A place for everything and everything in its place.” I have experience with deep cleaning and am well versed in organic and alternative cleaning products.
Technical Skill Synopsis:

·         Successful manager of entrepreneurial property management business for 5 years

·         Processing of all financial records: A/P, A/R, tax filings

·         5+ years of managing of multiple properties for remote owners

·         Coordination of multiple calendars and appointments

·         Maintain quality list of vendors with backups

·         Identify and address problems calmly and quickly, present solutions and timelines

·         Entrusted with personal bank accounts and payments on behalf of remote owners

·         Skilled in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Outlook, QuickBooks and Rezstream

·         Speak basic Spanish



·         Hire, train, supervise and schedule on-call housekeepers for multiple properties

·         Personally performs deep cleaning, seasonal turns and organization

·         Well versed in organic and alternative cleaning products

·         Create task sheets and checklists



·         Accomplished cook – prepare most meals with freshest seasonal ingredients. Provide healthy balanced meals as well as comfort foods.

·         Formally trained sommelier; passionate about wine and food pairings

·         Weekly planning of meals according to family schedules and flavor profile

·         Create many items that are unique: flavored bitters and fruit flavored liquors for work


Clothing & Valet:

·         Oversees linen care for multiple rental properties

·         Organize clothing according to season and activity

·         Minor clothing repair



·         Experienced in event execution at fine dining restaurants

·         Provide proper table service

·         Create beautiful atmosphere for events


Grounds & Property:

·         Seasonal maintenance of properties

·         Plan and oversee seasonal plantings, grounds maintenance and improvements


Technical Skill Synopsis (continued):

·         Source, request bids, negotiate contracts and retain best maintenance vendors within a closed community

·         Perform many appliance repairs

·         Regularly deal with pest protection of all kinds


Transportation & Travel:

·         Coordinate multiple travel itineraries for arriving rental property guests

·         Provide airport chauffeur services

·         Maintenance of vehicles


Safety and Protection:

·         Perform over, under and around safety checks

·         Monitor and respond to all alarm systems: household, water CO2

·         Familiar with Smart Home technology


Personal Care:

·         High level of  experience in preparing properties for guest arrival

·         Very comfortable around children of all ages

·         Skill and understanding of pet care



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