My Top Standards



Personal Statement:

I was born on April 13, 1963 in Greene, New York, 50 miles south of Syracuse. I am the middle son to a family of three children. My parents are German, English and Polish and are the essence of a strong work ethic. Raised Catholic and conservative Republican, my most valued beliefs are to “Do what you say you’re going to do and finish the job.” It was ingrained in me. My parents owned a machine shop making parts for NASA and defense industry contractors and therefore paid very close to the details with an exacting eye. My family is still very close; we always worked as a team to accomplish any task. My brother and sister still operate the machine shop in the family tradition.

Growing up, my mother was a task master at home. She taught us how to set the table and serve in an Emily Post style. Cooking came as well but I preferred my own style and during home economics classes in high school, I decided to go to the Culinary Institute of America and become a professional chef. It was the correct decision for me as now I have been cooking for the last 30 years. While I am also a natural with machines, I love the creative process of cooking and making people happy.

My personality leans toward being an introvert, and I really love serving others. I make lists to ensure that proper steps are always carried out. I have a service heart and adhere to the Five Buddhist Hindrances, a Templar Code of being ethical, keeping one’s honor, and always taking the high road. I love to grow and learn.

My work style is always honest and straightforward in order to not waste time getting tasks accomplished. I take care to do the job correctly and keep everyone’s interests in mind. As a servant leader, I am forgiving as I have learned that is a sign of strength to do so. I also see humor in all places and take advantage of it whenever possible.

I now live in Florida near Palm Beach, but have spent the last many years aboard large yachts serving multiple peoples. I have a longtime girlfriend and a growing teenage daughter who lives with her mother. I have owned and managed my own restaurant and learned the value of location in surviving clientele. I need to be in a busy environment in my everyday work life, and I expect to be hands -on. I like to please people and be a creative problem solver.

I have a mid-western Household Management style where I can directly make a difference in the life of another. I have served on board yachts as well as on land as a Household Manager /Chef.  As long as I am able to return to Florida approximately six months a year, I will serve anywhere that I am requested.

My top four Service Standards are Culinary, Administrative, Housekeeping and Maintenance. I discovered my passions and talents for these Service Standards in many different ways.

Culinary—When I was a young boy, my mother would receive McCall’s cooking cards in the mail. These recipe weekly cards allowed me to spend time with my mother. She taught me the joy and basics of cooking. It was nice to complete these meals and have our family enjoy them and give us praise for our tasty dishes. This introduction to cooking at home led me to taking home economics cooking classes in high school. After high school, I went to work in various restaurants and these experiences led me to culinary school. I attended Culinary Institute of America and received my degree. The blend of my passion and education background continues to able me to use my culinary skills in a private household.

Administrative—Growing up, my family had a machining business for the aerospace industry where we all worked. Being involved in a family business provided me the knowledge, skills, and experiences to see and understand the operational and administrative requirements of a successful business. These experiences are threaded throughout my life and career, especially working in various culinary environments and a private household. This service standard is a foundation to being successful and understanding the needs of the operations and executing management skills effectively. Running a private household takes the same skill set as running a business.

Housekeeping—I discovered my housekeeping service standard as a child growing up. Each family member was responsible for different aspects of maintaining the household. These chores were daily duties that were intertwined in my daily life. I started my professional culinary life in restaurants, yachting, household service, and as a restaurateur with each requiring strong skills that are part of housekeeping service standards. My mother also required exacting cleaning while growing up.

Maintenance—Having grown up in a machining business, I learned at an early age the mechanics of machines from my father and how to repair everything from my bicycle to replacing the motor in my first car. Later in my life, I became involved in the classic car hobby in which I restored two vehicles: a 1963 Ford truck and a 1966 Ford convertible. Working on yachts I repaired my own galley equipment and assisted the engineer in the engine room with various repairs. As a Household Manager, I put these skills to work by formulating preventive repair schedules and working with vendors to ensure that repairs and or replacements are carried out correctly.

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