My Top Standards
Guest Care

Be Your Best

I’ve had a service heart ever since I was a little girl. I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and remember setting up a lemonade stand at the end of my driveway. I can remember the neighbors coming over to buy a cup for 5 cents. My parents taught my brother and I at a very young age the value of a dollar and if we wanted things, we had to earn it. They encouraged me to always do my best, work hard and treat others the way that you would like to be treated, and not to judge people or gossip.

When I was 8 years old my family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. My grandmother on my father’s side lived there and I remember cooking with her. I loved learning how to make all the southern favorites from scratch and using fresh ingredients straight from our garden and then canning vegetables and making fresh fruit jellies that we would put up every winter. I am so grateful to of come from such a loving and caring family. My grandmother would teach me about compassion for others and how to conduct myself using good manners.

I have had many different work experiences in my life, most of my positions were culinary centered, and they always involved management and people skills. I’ve also traveled domestic and international throughout the world. I have had the opportunity to observe different cultures and habits from others that have taught me to be open minded and adapt to different people’s way of life without judgement. These lessons have positioned me to be dependable, responsible, trustworthy and loyal, with a knowledgeable human being. I have also learned that respect for confidentiality regarding my employers and their family and friends is of the upmost importance.

It is my goal to provide excellent and memorable service with heart. My strong work ethic has an emphasis on quality, discipline, teamwork, professionalism, character, and integrity.

I have worked within the culinary field for the past 20+ years. I was the executive chef and owner of a very successful catering business. I also have been in the private chef industry working on super yachts and private estates. This type of work requires long hours. It is very important to keep on top of the principals, family member and guest’s favorites and more importantly food allergies and if there are any dietary needs. When this information is received menus need to be made in advance with the house manager and/or principals’ approval. Time needs to be allocated to provision the finest healthy ingredients available. I like to support the local farmers for organic produce and grass fed and cage free meats within the area if possible.

Entertaining can involve everyone within the household. Usually there is a theme or style that is needed to begin creating the event. The style of the event is key. The styles can range from formal to informal. It is important to know who and how many people will be attending. Time of day and hours the event will take place. Where will the event take place within the environment? Menus and courses are put together to be approved by the principal. Table setting need to be put into place to include linens, china, silverware, and flowers. Determining what alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be served. How many staff needed to serve during the event? If these rules are followed your event will be a huge success.

I’ve my own Catering company and my own restaurant and have managed

• Starkey Advanced Household and Management Certification
• Conscience of management style
• Responsible, dependable, honest, and trustworthy, keeping my word and always do my best
• Manage multiple staff
• Able to handle chaotic situations on my own along with the authority to master the moment
• Work in concert with the home office about budgeting, payments to vendors, petty cash on hand and potential contracts and negotiations pertaining to staff and vendors
• Record hours of all staff
• Prepare expense reports
• Record of all receipts
• Answering the telephone
• Communicate with principals to identify and ensure that their lifestyle needs and expectations are met
• Responsible for interviewing and getting quotes from multiple vendors
• Inventory of valuables, cherished items, china, silverware, wine, etc.
• Create detailed shopping list of all household essentials and keep up to par. (culinary equipment, housekeeping products and toiletries, laundry essential, maintenance supplies)
• File and organize all manuals and warranties
• Record all principal and family information. (Favorites, emergency numbers, Doctors information, prescriptions, anniversary, and birthdays)
• Keep record of family and guest visits
• Familiar with Mac and Windows, Printing, Scanning, and Faxing

• Scheduling cleaning detail of all the zones
• Restocking cleaning supplies and keep detailed inventory
• Pick up any dishes that are left around the environment
• Experienced in household cleaning and products uses
• Eye for detail and keeping everything in its proper place per principal
• Set up and managed Housekeeping duties per zones to housekeeping staff

• Culinary and Restaurant Management Degree, Scottsdale Culinary Institute (Le Cordon Bleu), Scottsdale, Arizona Associates Degree
• Certification in food safety, hygiene and sanitation
• Culinary trained chef with over 25 years’ experience within the industry, land, sea, and air (Private households, Private Super Yachts and Corporate Jets)
• Creating weekly menus to accommodate principal, family member and guests per their favorites, dietary needs, and allergies
• Inventory of all meats and seafood and other kitchen essentials
• Knowledgeable in domestic and international cuisine, auto immune, keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free.
• Enjoy working with local farmers and markets for the freshest organic ingredients, including grass fed and cage free meats
• Experienced in menu creation for large events

Clothing & Valet:
• Knowledge of fabric care, ironing, and storage
• Good closet organization
• Familiar with dry cleaning procedures
• Packing and unpacking for travel
• Knowledgeable for proper jewelry cleaning
• Familiar with high end personal care and beauty supplies
• Knowledgeable of shoe shine

• Familiar with desired service styles
• Catering experience and event planning
• Work with party planners, equipment rentals, caterers, floral designers and entertainers.
• Knowing how many staff will be needed to serve
• Sourcing entertainment needed for event
• Extensive knowledge in food service industry and how to set up cocktail parties, passed hors d oeuvres and buffet tables
• Experience in event ambiance (floral arrangements, lighting, etc.)
• Knowledgeable in floral design and arrangements
• Experience in last minute changes that can occur during events
• Bartending experience
• Knowledgeable about service style
• Setup of family and guest’s tables

Grounds & Property:
• Walk through of property daily
• Monitoring water consumption and detecting leaks
• Coordinating with landscapers
• Coordinating with pool technicians
• Inspections of lawn, flower beds and trees
• Work closely with grounds vendors
• Inspection of property security alarms
• Experience in seasonal changes of flower beds
• Knowledgeable growing seasonal herbs and vegetables

• Daily walk through of environment
• Inspecting and approving service repairs
• Doing regular inspections of environment equipment to ensure everything works properly. No Surprises!!!
• Experienced working with last minute vendors
• Landscape lighting and property lighting
• Inventory of basic household items kept on hand including batteries, lightbulbs, electrical panel fuses, etc.

Transportation & Travel:
• More than 25+ years’ experience within the travel and transportation industry
• Travel with principals to multiple homes domestic and international
• Have experience as flight attendant on private jet
• Have experience on private yacht up to 70 meters
• Experience with inflight catering
• Work closely with travel agents to ensure all travel arrangements are properly secure
• Arranging drivers and car rentals for principals and staff

Safety and Protection:
• Keep emergency supplies up to date
• Ensure inspection of fire sprinkler systems and alarms are up to date and batteries are changed yearly
• Staying with outside vendors while they work on the property
• Maintaining security systems
• Work closely with security consultants
• Understanding and keeping up to date of alarms and security systems

Personal Care:

• Over 25+ years’ experience within hospitality industry and service
• Personal shopping experience for in-flight corporate service for over 10 years
• Booking restaurants and transportation for principals and guests
• Make sure that guest preferences are met
• Onsite serving
• Booking dinner reservations and entertainment events
• Laundering and ironing clothes
• Experience in favorites profile of food and beverage

Pet Care:
• Feed pet and administer medicine if needed
• Drive to veterinarian and making sure all vaccines are up to date
• Take pet for daily walks several times of the day
• Making grooming appointments
• Travel arrangements