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Why should I have Starkey training?

Because the world of Private Service has changed. New clients want you to be the expert, have real knowledge and bring actual management tools customized for them.

What Household Management knowledge is most important?

In the Private Service industry, there is a specialized language for and administrative knowledge essential for more sophisticated communication and interaction with your employer. These terms—including Service Plan, Service Flow, Day in the Life, 10 Service Standards, Service Matrix and more—communicate your actual knowledge and operations ability.

What is a Service Plan?

It’s a written document that sets up an overall blueprint of your employers expectations and daily operations within a home.  It takes 6 months to a year to create a fully functional service management plan

Why is this industry so difficult to get into?

Employers are not willing to pay the expected six-figure salaries or trust those with no background, experience, training or actual knowledge of Household Management. They have realized real knowledge is essential.

How does Starkey maintain such high placement statistics 95 percent with their Grads?

Starkey has a 40-year proven brand and reputation with high-net-worth employers where they have learned to trust Starkey’s education, Graduate abilities, Placement integrity, knowledge of their Graduates and expertise. Starkey only places their Graduates.

Testimonial: B. Drummond

There are no words to express how ridiculous these accusations are. This seems like an act of an individual that wants to shame and misjudge a woman that has worked hard to make her name and brand in this country, a woman that has been the aide of and for so many members of the African American community and many others from various countries myself included.

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Testimonial: J. Bates

Starkey International, is the best Estate and Household mngmt program in the country and arguably the world. As a graduate of both the standard and advanced course; as a practicing manager of a 50k sq ft primary and multiple residence operation; having a degree in hotel/restaurant mnmgt and been in military service for 24 years I feel fairly qualified to make these following statements.

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Testimonial: Johnathan RG

You are one of the most the most amazing person I had meet in my life, kind, caring compassionate, I experience this wonderful thing I have learned a lot from you is sad you are experience this situation, as a person of color make no sense for me , we love you Mary Louise Rohl Starkey
Johnathan RG

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Testimonial: T. Brown

Mary Louise Starkey has changed countless people’s lives,many colors,races,poor,rich -she has purpose and is kind helping our great military and the USA and many other nations....she is a family lady raising wonderful children and helping friend,relatives
T. Brown

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Testimonial: J. Stravoscoufis

"You and your team showed me so much kindness and understanding. You also taught me skills that I use every day in every and your team were a big inspiration in my life and a force for good. I would like to thank you for all your effort and true friendship you showed me. You are a class act and I cherish my memories at Starkey all the time."

J. Stravoscoufis, Starkey Class of 2004

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