Starkey International Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the benefit once trained as it pertains to placement?

Starkey focuses on placing our Graduates when they graduate and throughout our career. We know our Graduates very well through the variety of our on-going career counseling, our Personal Statement process that identifies service styles, motivation, morals, ethics, their technical skills, and “what matters most” to them. In addition, we give each Graduate a battery of professional evaluations while they are in training. Each of these tools helps us to really match make correctly the first time. The result of these educational and career supports that are in our curriculum, often we never get our Graduates back for replacement later, as they are still with their original employers. We know our process works helping the Graduate know what employer, location, and style of position is really right for them!

After being placed, how can education support me?

Our educational program in addition to preparing you for the industry with technical skills, vendor and product resources, publications and software, we teach a service management system that you can immediately utilized to identify, prioritize, and carry out your employers service expectations. We teach you how to put together and customize a service plan that is unique to your employer. Really be on their agenda! We have patented this process and after 15 years of fine tuning and utilized both in the civilian and military environments, it works! Even greater, it teaches you how to think from a service perspective. It presents a language unique and user friendly for specifically for sophisticated service delivery. It’s the gift of education that goes on forever! Additionally, we present the luxury products necessary for you to know about in your position. These product representatives connect you with their counterparts in other parts of the US and abroad. It’s all about a network. Further, your fellow classmates, our amazing instructors and product representatives provide to you a later support system to connect and confer with for questions and support.

I am an Employer and I need help in Finding and Managing the right Household Staff. How do I learn about my Individual Service Standards and the Private Service Profession?

Starkey International provides full Placement and Consulting Services to you. We provide On-Site Visits to Employers homes to help them articulate their Chosen Lifestyle and determine their Individual Service Expectations. Starkey provides and customizes a Service Management Plan for Employers to fully understand what they are seeking. In addition, we have published Setting Household Standards specifically for our Employers to help them learn what they prefer and what to expect from a trained professional. This publication is one-of-a-kind and is made available to all Starkey Employers as a part of our Retainer and Placement process. In addition, Starkey provides consulting to assist in the specialized Placement process and to help Employers select exactly the right professional, level of skill, and service style to meet their individual service needs.

As an Employer, how do I determine the Level of Skill and the Type of Personality that is right for my Home?

Starkey International’s Private Placement Team works closely with our team of Educators who utilize sophisticated evaluation tools during each Certification program to accurately assess our Graduates’ abilities. We take this information and match the most appropriate Graduate with our Principals seeking a specific Certified Graduate. These Evaluation Tools identify each Graduate’s Service Abilities in Ten Technical Skill Categories, their Individual Service Styles, their Values, Morals, Backgrounds and Ethics, and finally each of their Personal Goals in Private Service. Full Security Checks are completed prior to admission to the Institute. We have developed for our Employers similar questioners that identify their Service Visions, Service Standards in the Ten Categories, and other Client Information outlining specific needs.

I manage a Home, have good Technical and Managerial Skills and have been very successful - why do I need training?

For over twenty-five years, Starkey International has been in a “think tank” mode to systematize and enhance the needs of the Household Management profession, while developing, clarifying, and mirroring what is necessary to succeed in Private Service. Starkey has developed and patented a sophisticated Service Management System specifically for Private Service to both Identify and Manage Service Expectations essential to setting up a service management plan.

It is also most important that everyone stay connected as the profession continues to evolve. Without right-of-entry or Educational Certification into the profession, the industry remains wide open for anyone to attach the term Household Manager, Butler, or Personal Assistant to their name, weakening the role and value of the profession.

Private Service has finally become a recognized career path and requires all within it to be appropriately educated in a Service Code of Ethics, Professional Terminology, Management Skills, and the Management of Service Expectations for the industry to succeed. Those who work within the profession must continue to be recognized and well paid and to do this we need:

A mutually recognized set of terms
A Universal and Defined System for identifying Individual Service Expectations
All working Household Managers must have real Management Tools to be able to Set Up and Customize A Service Delivery System.

Why are the Starkey Household Management and Personal Assistant trainings superior to all other household training opportunities?

As most Private-Household Training Programs are domestically centered on home economics and focused on technical cleaning and maintenance skills, Starkey International has taken the private-service profession to the Highest Level of Professional available today. These Standards of Professionalism have included:
Our Household Management Educators serve as mentors and leaders within the profession offering our Patented Service Management Tools, State of the Art Resources within the Luxury Product Market, and Private Service Evaluation Tools that position our Graduates to know themselves, to understand their level of ability, and what they are worth in the Private Service Profession.

Our students learn the Household Management terminology, understand the Service Code of Ethics and receive our unique Household Management publications including The Original Guide to Private Service Management, (The Household Management Bible); Mrs. Starkey’s Setting Service Standards (for all Starkey Employers); The Nanny Manager, and The Alchemy of Cooking for Personal Chefs.

Our Entertaining, Wine and Cooking Curriculum are unparalleled in teaching the Art of the Formal Table and Mirrored Service while identifying food preferences, the Pairing of Food and Wine, Health and Nutrition Goals and other Private Service needs within individual homes.

Our Human Resources and Personal Dynamics training are surpassed by none. The Relationship of Service has become our focus, as we understand that all successful service begins with Knowing Ourselves, our Service Attitudes and understanding Appropriate Service Relationships. Starkey meets both the Service Employer’s and the Professional Employee’s relationship needs.

What value-added service does Starkey International offer compared to other schools?

Over the last twenty-seven years, Starkey International has created the modern-day, Private Service Profession. Visionary Mrs. Starkey is hailed by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as leading the Profession through quality education, by understanding the needs of the marketplace, and by publishing Household Management industry books and software for both employers and professionals.

Starkey has also brought the entire Profession together through our yearly International Restoring the Art Conference where we offer on-going continuing education opportunities to everyone within the profession, including those in Personal Service, Private Employers, Hoteliers, and Hospitality and Residential Service Companies. These educational seminars help professionals keep up with the rapidly growing and changing marketplace, as well as hone their Private Service Skills.

Does Starkey International guarantee placement for Certified Starkey Graduates and Veteran Professionals?

Service employment is very personalized and match-making efforts have become highly technical as personalities, values, varied Technical Skills, experience, location, personal family needs and many other individualized employment factors are considered. No school can ethically guarantee placement. However, Starkey International understands that highly trained professionals will guarantee the future of Private Service. Starkey, therefore, does guarantee our best efforts in working with our Graduates to develop their ”Personal Statement and Service Style,” which is essential in identifying the appropriate position; and to educating them about the Luxury Market, their specific needs, and how to Succeed in Private Service.

Starkey has been placing household personnel for over twenty-seven years. We have established creditability with the High Net-Worth Employer. They know that we don’t just recruit an employee from one home to place in another—we have developed a high-bred Private-Service Education to bring about new Standards of quality Service in the Household and Hospitality Profession.

Starkey has maintained a seasoned Placement team that provides our patented process for selective matching of our Certified Graduates and our High Net-Worth Employers in the U.S., Canada, and Abroad.

How is Starkey International’s Service Education superior to the service training in Europe?

Most European training is centered on the aristocratic British Butler. Our American culture does not support a “servant mentality.” In the last twenty-five years, the United States has provided the majority of Household Management employment situations. We have become a highly prosperous nation of CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Public Personalities, and what is now called “the Luxury Market” of all nationalities. According to the Wall Street Journal’s new publication, “Richistan,” by Robert Frank, there are 9 Million Millionaires and 1 Million Billionaires in the Luxury Market.

What is the Household Management or Butler career track, and what are current national and international salaries?

National and International trendsetters and publications continue to articulate that we are in a service-era crisis. Many more employment opportunities for trained service professionals exist than there are Professionals available. This fact continues to “increase salaries and employment benefits.” See Placement Terms and Definitions for information on Private Service salaries—which continue to be twenty percent higher in the United States than elsewhere in the world.

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