Certified Estate Manager/Elder Companion

Top Standards:
Personal Care (Elder Care).






Will go anywhere for the right position

Personal Statement:
I was born in Garfield Heights, Ohio, a small suburb outside of Cleveland.  My mother was Catholic in her religious beliefs and my father was raised Lutheran, but not practicing.  My sister and I attended church regularly as children because my mother wanted to raise us with a spiritual belief or a ‘Higher Power’, something greater then ourselves. The parenting we received allowed  us to then explore our own choices in spirituality.

My father was an electrician by trade.  He had a 30 plus year career working for the Electrical Power Company in Cleveland.  He started out as a union lineman and worked his way into management. My mother was a caring and devoted housewife.  She stayed home to raise my sister and me.  She was always active in our PTA and had hobbies of her own of tennis, swimming and golf. Mom also was a swimming instructor for summer camps.  Soon after my sister and I started middle school, my mother began to work in retail clothing.  She truly enjoyed her part-time job and the independence it afforded her.  I was fortunate to be raised by a very loving family, including grandparents, who lived just around the block from our home.  My parents and grandparents were all blue-collar, working class people who instilled in me a true midwestern work ethic – work until the job is done, and do your absolute best.

Sunday’s after church, my sister and I would walk to my grandmother’s for Sunday dinner that we would help prepare.  Holidays were great fun and my grandmother was an excellent cook and baker.  I always helped with the meals and baking, and was responsible for setting the dining room table with her lace tablecloths and best china.  I also helped my grandfather in his garden and yard.  He always had an impeccably manicured lawn and a great garden along with fruit trees on the property.

When I was in junior high school, I started babysitting.  These were primarily weekend and summer positions.  I continued to babysit even when I got my first ‘real job’ as a waitress.  I have always been a hard worker and able to find jobs that I truly enjoy, and they have all revolved around service.

I married my high school sweetheart, and together we purchased our first home. The house was a 75-year-old Tudor-style home, which we gutted and completely remodeled into a beautiful living space.  I loved the feeling of accomplishment from organizing our projects, setting deadlines and doing the work. In this process, I developed a better understanding of quality within many aspects of my life.

In 1985 I made the decision to become a registered nurse after working as a printer for 4 years.  I attended the best nursing school in Ohio at the time, Kent State University.  I was asked to become part of the International Honor Society for Nurses.  This truly was an honor and a very humbling experience for me.

In my nursing career, I worked cardiac ICU, post heart transplant patient care, Quality Management and as a Home care coordinator.  My nursing experience allowed me the opportunity to work in medical sales and service (I sold pacemakers).  I truly loved this career of 15+ years.  The travel, places I lived in our country, the moves I have made to be working with different companies were great experiences.  I especially enjoyed all the corporate entertaining.

I used to plan dinners with doctors and staff.  I would have keynote speakers fly in to present products and procedures. Other events included trips to Aspen and Banff Canada, golf outings, etc.  I also utilized strong administrative skills, including heavy calendar management and correspondence.  I am comfortable in a variety of environments and can seamlessly transition from an office to a private home or medical setting depending on what the situation demands.

I am very hard working and believe in the mantra, “Live the life you love, and love the life you live.”  I have loved all of my career paths as they have brought me to this place in life where I know I’m meant to be… the private service industry.  I know my service heart developed when I was very young, along with my passion for truly caring for and about people.  My ability to take care of others and provide a service to meet their needs is a skill in which I take great pride.

For me, communication is the key to any successful relationship.  I am direct in my communication style and appreciate the same in return.  I also believe in asking questions in order to fully understand the scope of the request so I can meet or exceed expectations.

* My top Service Standards are Administrative, Culinary, Entertaining, and Personal Care (Elder Care).

Administrative – My administrative skills developed when I worked in nursing and the health care industry.  I would manage and delegate staff including everyone’s time in the operating room, sales calls, and patient device follow-ups.  I was also responsible for ‘After Market Research Studies’ that required hospital administrative meetings and collaboration including physicians and patient authorization.  I organized new product launch dinners, including guest physician speakers.  I organized all of their accommodations including travel, airport pick-ups, hotels, etc.  I accompanied physicians to different cities for professional corporate outings and served as their go-to person for all administrative needs while conducting business.

Culinary – I have always had a passion for cooking and exploring new cuisines.  As a child, I used to help my mother and grandmother in the kitchen for family events and holidays.  My interest in cooking led me to try new cuisines and learn how to recreate dishes in my own home.  I have utilized food and my culinary skill to manage my health and wellness throughout the years and recently completed raw/vegan-cooking courses to further develop my talents.  I am comfortable following recipes and enjoy cooking healthy dishes, full of flavor and unique ingredients.

Entertaining - I believe that entertaining comes naturally to me.  I have fond memories of hosting small dinner parties and for friends and family soon after I got married.  I loved the prep of the menu, planning the shopping lists and making my task sheets for everything to be done right up to the hour of my event.  I soon became interested in flatware patterns, china, wine glasses for each type of wine, flowers, music, and caterers.  Reading and educating myself about different entertainment styles became a hobby.  I also liked to go camping with friends and plan a gourmet menu and cook at the campsite.  I loved the interaction with all of my guests and bringing people together.  When I was married, our second home had a small gourmet kitchen. I had a commercial stove and appliances with all high-end fixtures.  It was a great place for me to relax and have fun.  My corporate entertaining experience also influenced my ability to plan unique and special events for guests in both formal and informal settings.

Personal Care (Elder Care) – I decided to go to nursing school in 1985.  I started my nursing career at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) in Cleveland, Ohio.  I worked as a staff nurse on a Post Open Heart surgical floor.  I worked exclusively with cardiac surgical patients and heart transplant recipients from all over the world.  After leaving cardiac nursing, I moved into patient coordination roles for homecare and quality management.

After nearly 10 years with the Cleveland Clinic I started my career as a clinical specialist in the medical device industry.  I was taking care of patients who had pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators.  My job consisted of being with the physician in the operating room, supporting my products at implantation of the device and device follow-up.  I truly enjoyed the patient/physician interaction and checking their devices and communicating to them all information they requested.  I also loved all my relationships with my physicians and the trust we had between us. In addition, I always like meeting new people, talking and listening to them. My entire life and careers have been dedicated to caring and providing service for people.

Technical Skill Synopsis:


· Create a Service Vision based on the knowledge and information about the Principal(s)
· Manage schedules and calendars
· Familiar with PC and MAC operating systems
·  Comfortable with MS Office
· Trained in the patented Starkey Service Management model
· Staff Training and Management
·  Management of after market Research Studies (medical)
· Perform household inventories and maintain stocking lists
· Prepare daily work schedules for staff and vendors


· Capable of zoning a home for cleaning and creating task sheets
· Identifies tasks and services to be done an initiates work to be performed
· Knowledgeable of specific cleaning products and their appropriate use

· Able to plan menus for daily meals and special events
·  Comfortable creating simple meals with everyday pantry items
·  Skilled in raw & vegan food preparation
·  Contact caterers for corporate and personal events
·  Inventory kitchen and pantry
·  Capable of paring food and wine
·  Experienced home cook
·  Comfortable cooking a wide variety of “family favorites” based on family, traditional recipes
· Able to grill, roast, and sauté meats and vegetables

Clothing & Valet:
· Organize closets for clothing, linens, and specialty items
·  Seasonal management and rotation of wardrobe
·Packing and unpacking for travel
· Ironing of clothing and linens
· Everyday laundry

· Experience in purchasing fine wines and spirits
· Experience in planning corporate outings
· Management of correspondence for corporate events
· Prepare menus with restaurants for entertaining at their establishment
· Knowledgeable in floral arrangements
· Creating desired ambiance in the home based on a Principal’s standards


Grounds & Property:

· Seasonal plantings
· Knowledgeable in maintenance of outdoor structures (pool house & barn)
· Knowledge of horticulture and personal interest in gardening
· Experience managing & working with gardeners
· Experience managing in ground salt water swimming pool
· Experience managing grass tennis court (including sprinkler system)
· Seasonal upkeep of pool house (outdoor kitchen, bath and shower)

· Experienced in property maintenance
·  Experienced with vendor use
· Knowledgeable in warranties, manuals and specifications
· Maintain accountability of who came on & off the property

Transportation & Travel:
· Managing vehicle maintenance schedules, insurance, registration and licenses
· Coordinate various modes of transportation for principals, their family and guests
· Organizing travel wardrobes
· Experienced in international travel including flights, hotels, and ground transportation

Safety and Protection:
· Knowledge in monitoring alarm systems
·  Knowledge in implementing a fire safety and evacuation plan
· Perform safety checks of residence and surrounding property as needed

Personal Care:
Child Care:
· Babysitting experience
· Trained in infant CPR

Pet Care:
· Daily care including walking feeding, exercise, and providing attention & love
· Manage vendors including veterinarian, groomer, trainer, and specialty care
·  Overall care of domestic pets, including overnight pet sitting
· Track and maintain all records including medical and pedigree

Guest Care:
·  Able to create customized itineraries and profiles for guests
·  Provide transportation services
·  Overall creation of guest profiles including favorites, allergies, and preferences
· Comfortable providing suggestions for local area attractions and entertainment

Elder Care:
· Hands on experience in caring for chronically ill people (cancers, dementia, cardiac, transplant patients)
· Physician/patient advocate
· Comfortable assisting with all ‘Activities of Daily Living’ (hygiene)
· Comfortable with end of life concerns & managing hospice
· Maintained detailed logs & calendars of progression of illness, daily functions and general behavior
· Provided chauffeur services for more active persons
· Shared life experiences with relatives and acquaintances
· Hands on nursing experience for 4 years

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