Starkey Administration, Faculty & Instructors

Starkey International is guided by its Founder Mrs. Mary Louise Starkey and is supported by a host of faculty, service experts, and experienced graduates. Starkey curricula classes are provided throughout the United States. Our administrative headquarters and central Institute is located in downtown Denver, Colorado. The corporate educational culture at Starkey is that of a team approach – mutually nurturing and positive support, with a commitment to continued learning.

Mrs. Mary Louise Starkey

President & Founder of Starkey International / CEO

B.S. in Community Services Development

“Service as a Relationship,” Mrs. Starkey, known as the First Lady of Service, has thirty years as CEO of Denver based Starkey International® and for professionalizing the Private Service industry. She is a dynamic and passionate educator, public speaker, and a natural storyteller. She freely shares her knowledge and mentors clients in identifying and creating “Their Vision for Service!”

Mrs. Starkey provides on-site consultations to Private Estates and Clubs, Luxury Market Hotels and Businesses, to identify their Service Visions, customize their Style of Service, and develop a Service Management Plans.

Mrs. Debra Bullock

Director of Education

C.H.H.E., Certified Household Manager

Ms. Bullock leads Starkey’s educational experience by leveraging her deep knowledge of the high-net worth lifestyle needs to Household Management and Service as an Expertise. Her consistent and gracious style is greatly loved by all.

Ms. Bullock has 33 years of service experience. Her philosophy about genuine relationships and quality has been polished over many years and has built her a wide reputation for a gracious, old guard housekeeping expertise. Her work at the world famous Brown Palace Hotel is well known by her steady commitment and her ability to be exacting in creating an organized yet luxurious experience

Mr. Xavier Medecin

Chief Operating Officer

Born in Menton, France and raised in Monaco, Mr. Medecin grew up in a family of restaurateurs. His first official position after studying hotel and restaurant management as a young man was at the service of the Royal Family, Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco. His career has spanned from working with well-known businessmen to Heads of State in Europe, China and Africa. He has served as a butler throughout the world in private villas and onboard mega yachts, has opened and trained in luxury hotels and has owned renowned restaurants in San Francisco, California. A graduate of both Starkey International and The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands, where he also taught, he comes to Starkey in charge of international development with 35 years of hospitality, education and service management knowledge paired with entrepreneurial expertise that few in the service profession can parallel.

Mr. Dale Eiden

Executive Chef and Private Service Training Instructor

Born in Evanston, Ill. to a large family, Mr. Eiden began cooking at the age of 16. He was considered the cook of the family as he took over the preparation of holiday meals for his mother, a devoted German cook. Mr. Eiden attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, graduating in 1975. He has enjoyed a long storied career in the culinary world highlighted by owning the well-known Greenbriar Restaurant for 17 years. He began sharing his deep knowledge of food and service in 2003 through teaching. Chef Eiden brings a thoughtful, science based, culinary expertise and a hands-on well-honed entertaining teaching style to Starkey International Institute and its students. His passion is motivating students to be the “best of the best”!

Mr. Jaime Negron


B.A. in Computer Sciences from Interamerican University in Puerto Rico, Arecibo

Jaime Negron was a long-time resident of New York City before moving to Colorado in 2014. Jaime, a Graduate in Computer Sciences with a minor in Advertising, as well as fluent in Spanish. Jaime brings to Starkey International over 15 years of technology experience in coding, design, Social Media, SEO skills and strong IT foundation.  Mr. Negron is bringing Starkey to the foreground of social media communication, technology and website development in the new world of Private Service.

Ms. Laura Barnes

Executive Assistant to Mrs. Starkey

C.H.H.E. Certified Household Manager®
BA Hospitality Management Johnson and
Wales University

Born in Mission Hills California, my first position was working in a historic hotel. This is when I first felt my service heart. I studied at California Culinary Academy and applied my degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management at a luxury hotel in Aspen, CO. I utilize my degree in Event and Entertainment Management to work in hotel Administration, Inventory Management, Finance reconciliation, and Guest Services. I have worked in Private Service for a number of years as a Household Manager. I excel in maintaining the highest level of luxury service relationships, organization, and in anticipating needs.

Mr. Kevin Rice

Grounds & Property Coordinator

Simpson College: Philosophy B.A. (Honors)
Psycology B.A. (Honors), University of St. Louis
Missouri: Pholosophy of Mind M.A.

Kevin Rice grew up in Kansas City and Iowa where he developed a keen interest in horticulture along with an involvement in community sustatinable agriculture. Recently, Kevin moved to Denver after finishing graduate school in St. Louis where he studied Philosophy and Cognitive Science, which he presently continues researching in studies involving the perceptual condition known as synesthesia. He joined the team at Starkey International as the gardens and grounds keeper contributing to the aesthetic and maintenance of the Starkey Mansion, Kevin applies his experience and knowledge of horticulture through a scientific lens to maintaining the landscape, hardscape, and utilities at the Starkey Mansion as well as drafting and writing out the specific logistics of grounds and property maintenance applicable to general estate management.

Ms. Bridget Darby

Mansion Operations

Starkey Institute: Certified Household Manager®
Mansion Operations
Ms. Darby was born and raised in Ireland. Prior and after arriving in USA, Ms. Darby lived and worked in England, Australia, Mexico, and Cyprus. Ms. Darby came to USA in 1985, 30. Ms. Darby only planned to spend 6 months traveling but received such a warm welcome, she just never left! Ms. Darby worked as a waitress she soon discovered what service meant. As Ms. Darby progressed in her career, her passion for service grew. Ms. Darby feels fortunate to have met Mrs. Starkey in the mid 1990’s and feels honored to has been accepted into her 25th Household Management class, Sept 1995. Ms. Darby served in homes as large as 25,000sq ft. from Denver to San Diego. She is now able to provide part-time support to the magnificent team who work tirelessly in the name of SERVICE!!

Ms. Juliet Xu

Ms. Xu has been a hospitality consultant and champion of ” The Relationship of Service” in China for many years. She began as a Starkey Graduate consulting and educating about the Starkey International Institute and our Private Service educational curriculums in the year 2000. She is passionate about bringing an understanding of service to China. For over 20 years she has focused her efforts in high-end hospitality and residential community developments for the growing wealth in China. She represents Starkey International and is a regular Starkey instructor in China. Ms. Xu is proficient in both English and Mandarin

Dr. Lloyd Lewan

Chairman and Executive Dean

   and Emeritus Member of the Board, Semester at Sea


Dr. Lewan is the author of To Be a Leader: Leadership Beyond Management, (2002) and Women in the Workplace: A Man’s Perspective (1988, 1997). He has published articles on gender, leadership and organizational structures and has served as the keynote speaker for hundreds of organizations. A former United States Marine Corps officer, Dr. Lewan earned his doctorate from Oklahoma State University. In 2003, he received two honorary doctorates: a Doctor of Humane letters from Chapman University and a Doctor of Laws from the University of Denver College of Law. Dr. Lewan currently supports the Starkey International Institute curriculum with his dynamic leadership education