A Rewarding Career in Private Service Management through Starkey International Institute

Estate ManagementWould you enjoy managing others to serve the wealthy? Consider a career in Private Service Management through Starkey International Institute.

The Starkey International Institute is celebrating its 35th year in certifying and placing qualified individuals from all walks of life as a second or third career in the profession of Household and Estate Management to manage the homes and estates of the wealthy in the United States and worldwide. These can be personally and financially gratifying positions of which most professionals are unaware or don’t have access to. Salaries in general, not including housing or benefits, range from a low of $50,000 to well over $100,000 annually depending on one’s education and experience.

Furthermore we have financial assistance if needed to help each qualified person desiring to attend our world class, comprehensive certification programs designed to prepare him or her for his or her new career. We also have an experienced placement department dedicated to assisting each Starkey Certified Private Service Management Professional in acquiring full time employment thereafter.

If you are interested in learning more about this rewarding, yet little known, vocation please contact us!


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Private Service Professionals Positioned to Succeed

We Identify Your Style of Service & Choose the Right Candidate for You!

Mary Starkey TeaPlacement assistance to New Wealth, Diplomatic, Legacy Families, Notable Personalities, Dot-Com Families, Luxury Service Hotels, and Retirement Communities are Starkey’s areas of service expertise. Our Placement services and recruitment process are outlined in our Placement Service Agreement. Starkey’s Employer-paid placement fees are based on a percentage of the first year’s taxable salary. In addition to providing educational consulting and support to identify your style of service and the right candidate for you, we also help position Private Service professionals to succeed with on-going follow-up! Contact our Placement Team, Starkey &Associates, Inc. at 303-832-5510.

Our Placement Team works with Employers to position Service Professionals for success!

Our team will work with you to establish:

  • Identification of your individualized Service Preferences and Expectations.
  • Presention of the Evaluation Tools essential in hand- picking the right Service Professionals for you.
  • Identification of Day in the Life Duties.
  • The Number of Staff, their Abilities, and appropriate Position Descriptions for you.
  • How Starkey’s Service Management System and Management Tools will systematize service delivery for you.
  • Starkey’s on-going Follow-Up after Placement to maximize success!