History and Philosophy

Mary Louise Starkey began Starkey & Associates, Inc. in January 1981, offering housekeeping and placement services. In November 1989, Mary Starkey created Starkey International Institute for Household Management in response to marketplace requests for trained and skilled professionals. Since its first class offering in January of 1990, the Institute has benefited from the presence of old-world European and American Butlers, experienced service professionals, and Household and Estate Managers from the United States and abroad.

The Starkey Curriculum teaches Private Service expertise and an organizational structure which supports the management of complex homes and lifestyles. The curriculum is creative, interactive and transformational in style. A conceptual and hands-on education, the Starkey Curriculum teaches the Household Manager to identify and attend to the specific needs or Service Standards of the Principal and household.

Starkey International History and PhilosophyThe Private Service Management profession in America has been growing rapidly. Over the years, Starkey has produced mature, seasoned veterans who are continuing to set the standards in Private Service, as does Starkey’s work in helping new clientele identify their needs.

The success of the Starkey International Institute for Household Management is based on the commitment to redefine the time-honored service profession in terms of the modern, upscale American service and quality-of-life expectations.


Starkey Offers On-Site Customized Service Training for Your Staff

Starkey Private TrainingCustomized Service Management Education and Training Offered in Your Home!

Starkey International® focuses on Service as an Expertise with Education, Placement, Publications, and for Service Management!


Starkey Identifies your Service Vision and provides On-site Customized Training for your Service Staff.





  • Our Graduates are all over the world
  • We provide HQ Service Management Software

Let Starkey International®…

  • Help Establish your Service Vision and Service Training Goals
  • Develop a Management Plan or Blueprint of your Vision of Service for your home and family with Staffing Needs
  • Customize, Zone & create Task Sheets for Daily and Seasonal Duties, both for the Residence and Outside Property
  • Customize our Recruitment and Placement to fit your Unique Needs
  • Educate your staff in Fine Housekeeping Techniques, Clothing and Linen Care, Entertaining, Nanny Management, and more! (more…)

Students Seeking to Attend Starkey International

Starkey CertifiedStarkey International’s hallmark curricula are The Certified Household Management Program and the Certified  Estate Management Program.

These essential Private Service Management offerings provide actual training in our state-of-the-art Starkey Service Management System. This unique Service Model is especially designed for the Private Service Professional. In addition, these unique programs provide practical learning in Daily Graces, management techniques and technology, Housekeeping and Maintenance, identifying Flavor Profiles and Menu Planning, Principal and Household Staff Interaction, Formal Entertaining, Etiquette, Protocol, Safety, Security, CPR, First Aid, and more.

Each of the Institute’s instructors possesses the experience and knowledge necessary to train students effectively. Programs are evaluated regularly to address the needs of an evolving service profession. Our “Restoring the Art” Conference presents an annual industry-wide international Private Service Management event. Additionally, expert seminars are provided throughout the year.

Starkey International’s essential Eight-week Certified Household Management Program and the Four-week Certified Manager’s Program provide Household Service Management Certification. The distinction between the programs is that the Certified Manager’s Program is a high-bred and accelerated educational experience and expects students to be well-versed in service and technical skills. This four-week program is focused on Service Management and does not teach culinary skills. These students must be service professionals ready for an intensified program that demands after-hour study.


Certified Curricula and Customized Private Education for Service

Offering our Comprehensive Certified Household Management, and Certified Service Management Programs; Military Enlisted Aide Program, Wine and Sommelier Courses; Housekeeping, Clothing and Valet Program, Service Etiquette, Identifying Service Expectations, and Luxury Products Programs for Butlers, Concierge, and Senior Service; and our StarkeyHQ© Service Management & Software Program.

Private Service education has grown as the high-net-worth community has identified itself, particularly in the last 10 years. Terms and titles vary greatly according to location, environment, backgrounds and country.  However, all Private Services focus on “Service as an Expertise” with an emphasis on the provider being able to identify, prioritize, and satisfy unique service expectations, and service styles. With this in mind, Starkey’s hallmark curriculum all contain our patented and state-of-the-art Starkey Service Management System© especially designed for the Private Service Profession. Starkey International® offers Curricula for: