Starkey International on the History Channel with the Sklar Twins!

Mary Starkey and the Sklar twinsAll of us at Starkey are thrilled to share with you that we had the opportunity to play with the well-known comedy team of Randy and Jason Sklar.  Learning Service made fun as we bantered back and forth our service perspective. Our feature, produced by Left/Right TV is part of a special Sklar Twins series and is called “United Stats of America.” It will air on The History Channel in February.  The Sklar Twins are most intelligent and humorous; the show features a Colorado gold mine, the Denver Mint, the Frugal Millionaire, and Starkey International.  It has a witty but serious undertone about learning what service is, and looking at the US and our attachments to money.  They discovered what we already know; Graduates of Starkey are “in the house but not of the house!”   Catch the Sklar Twins by visiting the following link.


Starkey International will appear on United Stats of America on June 12th for the episode “Money Talks”

United Stats of America

Starkey’s Unique Employer Clientele

Starkey's Unique ClienteleStarkey International has always led the way in leading edge Service Management Education and Placement.  Starkey seeks those who desire the highest of standards in Service Delivery.  Every school seeks a particular Style of Client for placement of their Graduates.  Starkey has nourished their clientele, who are considered to be the overall high net worth community, for over 30 years.  These employers typically have assets of $200 million or more.  Their unique expectations continue to exceed those abilities of candidates who have not been educated in Private Service.  Starkey’s clientele want the best of the best and are willing to pay well for high quality candidates.  To learn more about the High Net Worth, read Richistan by Robert Frank, Senior Writer for The Wall Street Journal.