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The Key

Starkey provides the key that opens doors leading to the Private Service profession and a career in Household Management; it’s where you will experience “Service as an Expertise.”
Whether you want to enter the profession as a Household Manager, Estate Manager, Private Chef or Butler, or are looking for professional Household Management staff, Starkey can make a difference in your life!


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Experience The Starkey Four-Week Advanced Household Management Certification Program at the Newly Renovated, Historic Starkey Mansion. Orient your career with a certification from Starkey International.

Where: The Starkey International Institute, Denver, Colorado

2022 Course Schedule
Advanced Household Management Program:
Full Cost $12,000 which includes tuition, housing, food, and textbooks

  • May 2 to May 27th
  • October 3- Oct 28th

The Advanced Household Management Certification Program:

  • Certifies students who successfully complete The Advanced Household Management Program.
  • Prepares students to fully manage a private home or larger estate.
  • Provides intensive training teaching the entire program at the Historic Starkey Mansion. Students will also reside at the Institute for the entire four-week Program.
  • Prepares students to be placed by Starkey International, who has placed 95% of all Available Starkey Graduates.

Teaches students to:

  • write a Service Management Plan for any size residence, club, or boutique hotel
  • set up an overall Housekeeping Plan and customize tasks
  • prepare and carry out formal and informal entertaining events
  • identify personal skills, management abilities, and style of service for service and placement purposes
  • understand and utilize the Starkey Household Management System and 11 patented Management Tools unique for Private Service.



Overview of the Starkey International Advanced Household Management Certification Program



Week 1: Service Management System
The Service Management System Program is a 40- hour, five-day curriculum offered onsite at the Starkey Institute. This program highlights The Starkey systematic process for writing and customizing a Service Management Plan for any size residence, club, or boutique hotel. It is designed for new or veteran Household and Estate Managers interested in enhancing their education by understanding how to develop and customize a Service Management Plan. This system has a U.S. Patent.

The program presents 11 Service Management Tools unique for service. The Service Management System is invaluable for identifying and tracking Principal or Guest Expectations, Day in the Life Planning, and customizing Daily Tasks and Expectations within the 10 Service Standard categories. It is the only system of its kind. The Service Management System teaches students how “to think” as a Household or Estate Manager. Principal’s Lifestyle, Environment and Service Style: The Principal’s Service Vision and other Management Tools

Week 2: Housekeeping for the Private Home
Housekeeping is to Household Management as bookkeeping is to Accounting. If you don’t know it, you can’t really supervise, manage, or train Housekeepers. It is an integral part of a Household Manager’s knowledge. Starkey International is offering a 40-hour (5-day) curriculum for Household Managers to understand what fine housekeeping means.

Week 3: Entertainment for the Private Home
In Entertainment for the Private Home, we will cover Table Settings, Table Service Styles, Champagne Service and Formal Dinner planning all from the perspective of the Emily Post tradition. If you know the traditional art, you can always alter or fine-tune to fit the requests of your Principal. Starkey will present its famous “Entertainment Event Planner” and practice Order of Service. We will also cover care of fine china, silver and crystal, basic flower arranging, proper use of candles, and menu development. We will end the course with a formal tea, and finally an actual formal dinner.

Week 4: The Relationship of Service: The Personal Statement
This program highlights the Starkey process of successful placement and teaches you how to master the best ways to present yourself to a potential employer. Included in this course are the following: how to identify the skills and strengths you are actually bringing to a potential employer; how to present yourself as a truly good fit for the position; how to determine if the position is the right fit for you; what you might expect in terms of salary range; and what steps you might expect as you move through the interview process.This program addresses the psychology of Private Service and combines understanding the true meaning of Service with creating a Service Statement that is designed to facilitate your placement process. There is a transformational aspect to this course. You will learn for yourself why you have chosen the field of Private Service. Applicants must complete an admission process to be accepted for training and certification. Applicants must complete an admission process to be accepted for training and certification.




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