Mrs. Starkey:
The training I received at Starkey International has been the centerpiece of the course I took to become a Household Manager. Just the classes on defining my role alone in private service took what I had done for 20 years and gave me wings to cross from a nanny to household manager, this is not easily done.

When the time was right I used everything I was taught at Starkey International, located and interviewed for not only a House Manager position but the right one. The person that interviewed me was so impressed on what I shared about what I had learned through training she went out and bought two books by Mrs. Starkey. The first time I interviewed for the House Manager position I did not get it, three years latter I interviewed again and was hired, it is about the right position at the right time. I have been at my position for over a year and it is, in my opinion the best job in Houston. My employers have never had a trained household manager before and now that they are experiencing it they could not be more pleased.

What I learned is that with solid training and a wiliness to change and do what it takes, the right position in service can be so fulfilling

Thank you Mrs. Starkey

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